The Masters & Controllers of Humanity in Labyrinth: A Reincarnation Soul Prison on Crater Earth

Humanity and its Controllers have operated in recurring cycles of Red and Blue, separated by EMPCOE change overs, ever since the Archon Parasite first invaded the original Earth realm, aka Terra—a once sacred Living Library containing creation codes (DNA) & lifeforms of all types from across Cosmos. To understand the soul energy confinement system or “Ra” technology these parasitic beings have implemented on Earth & other realms within their larger network or “solar system”—aka Soul-Lure system—you need only watch and decipher the codes within Labyrinth (1986).

Here are the slides as PDF download for easier reading (large file, 318 MB):

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The devious agendas of humanity’s current Masters & Controllers are vast, from trans-humanism and human iClouds to vaccines and DNA alteration, topped with 5G upgrades and viral population control, Blue Beam “alien invasions”, & NASA/SpaceX’s ridiculous actors—they all revolve around one thing: preparing human subjects and the realm for the next EMPCOE change over, aka the Great Reset, aka aka the Plasma Apocalypse.

It is my wish that we, humanity, reclaim our divine rights as sovereign beings on earth and overthrow this dark parasitic consciousness which wants infect and invert everything that is good and light in all of creation, the Greater Cosmos. May we refute all their agendas and let go of all fear, false programming, contracts, agreements, and “karmic debt” that kept our souls bound and disempowered within their prison system.

Mother Earth needs us now more than ever to wake up from this persistent & recurring amnesia that has dimmed our true light and spiritual potential for eons. Let us reclaim what is rightfully ours so that together we can rebuild what was once sacred.

May we all in time be liberated from the confines of…Labyrinth.

Thanks for watching.

Special thanks to JayDreamerZ and the good vibe tribe–thank you Jay for all your positivity and knowledge shared about the plasma apocalypse and our lost history. Your work was a major influence in getting me interested in decoding movies last fall.

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  1. This was incredible. Thank you for putting this together. It totally lines up with so many things I have been researching and finding, but I didn’t understand how all the pieces worked together and I finally understand it. It’s so true what you said about once you know the codes, you can no longer be deceived. I’m so grateful and wishing you the best.

  2. Well done.

    So you said Earth and our soul lure system was originally just a place for souls to incarnate but ultimately was terraformed by parasites who use technology to parasite off our energy?

    So this duality of red and blue is based on their technology? The Garden of Eden was pre-parasites?

    Do we all have to climb over the arctic wall to escape or can our souls escape after death without having to get to the 33rd latitude?

    So many questions… I’m new to this.


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