The Mercies of David, Forgiveness and Love

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  1. Watchman: I really need your help, in proving, to the world, with (5) five or more scriptures that GOD actually loves women, as well as men or even just loves women. Watchman: Mercy may be given because of love, but not necessarily so. So don't include mercy scriptures. Now, please prove to me that GOD loves women? Ok?

  2. Shabbat Shalom..I really have to tell u that the quality of the audio is not that great….I was really trying to listen to the lesson..but it breaks up often. If you should happen to rerecord it, can you put in the title that it was re-recorded so that we can differentiate. I really would like to listen to this lesson but it's hard for me to follow as it keeps breaking up Todah and YAH bless

  3. Great word it feels good knowing how merciful the Most High YAH can be, Our Elohiym of the living in the name of Yahusha HaMaShiach. HalleluYAH. Shabbat Shalom Watchman

  4. I really needed that word brother! thank you for sharing that word Yah placed in your heart brother. Shabbat Shalom.

  5. Sure mercies of David!! Thank Yah! We could all be dead but He has kept us. Thank you Father Yah!!!

  6. TodahYah!! Thank you Watchman Yahu for this message, May AbbaYah bless you abundantly!! HalleluYah!!

  7. Shalom Watchman, 😊Great teaching!!! Always a treat to learn from you & Sister🌹🌹 Deborah… Thank you So much!


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