The Most High Wants you to lose your mind!

Philippians 2:1-11 Let this mind

Mind chains photo

Matthew 11:28-30 My yolk is easy

Luke 9:23-24 …If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily
The enemy of your soul is your flesh…Romans 7:23 …law in my members, warring against the law of my mind
battlefield mind photo
2 Cor 10:5….bringing into captivity every thought
Isaiah 55:7-9…For my thoughts are not your thoughts
Phil 3:14 ….I press toward the mark
Meditation- Very Important!!!

Religious Meditation Photo…
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Scripture meditation photo
Nature meditation video

David’s psalms
Meditation Psalms Photo
Meditate Psalms Photo

The word “WORD” is 67 times in the book of Psalms

37 times in Psalms 119…. READ SOME

Romans 8:5-8 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
Book of Enoch 90: 5nor be associated with double-minded men:

Ephesians 4:22 be renewed in the spirit of your mind

2 Cor 4:16-17 inward man is renewed day by day.

Romans 12:2 …renewing of your mind
Refreshed Spiritually…..Isaiah 28:9-12

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  1. Shalom, shalom Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah , Once again I'd like to attempt to a help too you both by sharing the truth in regards too word replacement theology, that effected the Set apart Scriptures and it's purest form and made them unclean. Such as the words faith,glory, and grace are ALL known too be pagan goddess deities!!! I will tell you this is TRUTH, because I researched it for myself. I know that sister Deborah responded once before to my comment in regard too this topic!! in which the reply that I was given is the reason why you all continues to use these words is because the people that your'e teaching isn't aware of this knowledge, But I have to say that don't you both believe that it's more of a benefit for them too know this Truth? then to continue to call on the name of these pagan goddesses… As well as yourselves!!! Know this for certain that it is my sincere desire to be a helper too the Assembly of Yahuah with whatever knowledge that's revealed to me by His Ruach. Here's the youtube channel I was lead to and received this very valuable and relevant information ( Eliyahu channel he's a good teacher on the etymology of words!!! )FYI, these are clean wording's: Emunah or simple trust, confidence belief, instead of faith, Favour instead of grace and Esteem instead of glory:)

  2. halleluyah I praise the the Father Yah. for this lesson. and I been praying for a day of prayer. I love you all. hug you children I love them ! Appreciate them.

  3. Excellent word
    Question: Where can I find a copy of The Bible with all of the books from the Apocrypha in it? I tried a Google search but their 1611 King James Apocrypha is missing many books still such as the book of Enoch, The secrets of Enoch, and many others because the original King James contained eighty books!!!

  4. Shalom! My husband and I are a newlywed Hebrew couple, both of the tribe of Judah and I would love to see you  do a video on marriage and what what it looked like during Yah's time. Thank you! Shalom!

  5. Watchman reports I am messaging you to inquire about the necklace you have on in this video. I would truly like to purchase the exact same one you are wearing in this video; if you would let me know where. I would greatly appreciate it… Thank you in advance!!

  6. Greeting,
    I wanted to know if you will speak about Enoch and the calendar regarding following the Feast Days and Sabbaths correctly. My understanding is the Enoch Calendar being 364 days, while the Julius-Gregorian calendar is 365 and 366 days every 4 years. If Enoch said a complete year 364 days, how does that apply with keeping the Sabbaths on correct day and not "Saturday"? We know Saturn is associated with the satanic cults and purposely distorted time itself that causes Yah's people fall in err. Thank you

  7. HALLELUYAH!! thank you sis Deborayah & bro. yahu. The ruach is moving I have been fighting this battle for years and you have just confirmed what the MOST HIGH GOD was trying to tell me but my mind was soo crowed with foolery and negativity. Thank you so very much for the confirmation. HALLELUYAH!!! Keep me in your prayers. I L.O.V.E Y.O.U! 🙂

  8. BlackEducation TV, after our conversation Sis, which I always enjoy, I felt the Ruach giving me comfort and then going back over the video it gave me conformation of a lot of things I was feeling and thinking[meditation,prayer,exc.] Thanks be to YAH for you and Watchman and Family. Lvu Guys  Shalom

  9. I watch the baptism you conducted i think is was in 2014. I cried all the way through it. I need to be baptized too.i am from Indiana and if there is 1 knowing the truth i do not know who or where.i am desperate for HIS Ruwach.if you know anyone or anywhere in my state who is filled with the Ruwach and able to baptize please tell me. I am desparate.or, if you will be conducting another baptism please let me know. I am not trying to attach myself with your family.just wanting to follow through with the will of THE MOST HIGH FATHER YAH.shalom

  10. You people are country and slow as molasses! Yah created all of us in Its likeness and image! And Yah's love for us is unconditional! And because Yah created us, Yah knows our hearts and why we are the way that we are!! Therefore, Yah loves us in spite of ourselves, which is why Yah loves us even when we sin! That's where the love the sinner, but hate the sin comes from!!

  11. thank you for this lesson my family think im loosing my mind because im believing in YAH i was for 26years growing up with my christiany family im half black half white my father is black (JUDAH) so do i my mother is white (netherlands) now im wachting your videos and study the bible things are change ing around me you can say i have a big battle against me now! but i dont give up is just WOKE UP! keep doing YAH'S work my brothers and sisters shalom

  12. There's a situation which hasn't left my mind since I first heard of it. I think it was because the person involved was made to feel undeserved of YAH'S love and protection. A child was molested in their home by a relative. She never learned how to forgive the all knowing, all powerful, all loving God, for permitting this and other horrors from happening to her – instead of preventing them, or killing the persons off for doing them. Now, they're long dead, and this woman lives with the guilt that she must not have been worthy of God's love, because He did nothing to the guilty, and let them live long, pretenseous lives, as she suffered.

  13. Satan weapon is your flesh as your weakness Satan know the truth Satan use your flesh to Spiritual blind the World anything related to Yahuah He will blind you not to see it

  14. Satan use the carnal mind as a weapon Satan want you to see by sight and only see the World views, and problems, riches, power what can you be in the World

  15. They say I have schizophrenia because I am seen as, not the normal type of person cause of my belief and encounters with Yah the most High… Seriously, this is why the most High Yah has said that the wicked world do not receive that which is holy.

  16. Shalom ,my sister and brother. I mediate with this video. HALLELYAH!! This video help to set my ruach free and help me to truly understand somethings that was difficult. I thank The MOST HIGH for the both of you. Blessing to you and your entire family. SHALAWOM!:)

  17. NEW covanent and Old Covanent
    Old ( Blood) Animal blood the Washing of Sin but Animal blood is no good but Yah use "clean animals" not unclean Animals to wash away sins but was ineffective
    New( Blood ) Yahushua HaMashiach Blood Washing of Sin Sin Ended through the blood of Yahushua the Blood of Elohim was the key to wash men sins away for Good

  18. I was watching one of your resent video's and I hard you sister Deborah say that you all aren't vegan's or vegetarians and I was wondering if I may ask? How do you all eat your meat's and prepare them differently from purchasing the meat's from the markets?


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