The Most High’s Commandments are not a Request, but a Requirement

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  1. The most High’s Commandments are not a request, but a requirement:

    1. John 10:9-10
    2. Before the Torah and the commandments was given. 400 years prior Yah said to keep his commandments.
    3. Genesis 26:5; Yah commandments and statues was in his voice (Spoken word of Yah).
    4. You need a certain heart to hear Yah’s voice: Matthew 11:15
    5. John 10:27 sheep will hear my voice
    6. Abraham had a righteous relationship with Yah Romans 4:3).
    7. The law was given because of sin. Everybody didn’t have a relationship with Yah like Abraham.
    8. Yah established law and Torah to show them who they’re. Now that my law shows that you’re a liar and a fornicator; now I got a better way. I will be to you (Jeremiah 30:22).
    9. Isaiah 41:8
    10. James 2:23
    11. John 15:12-14
    12. Deuteronomy 28:1
    13. John 10:26-28; 1-5
    14. Jeremiah 13:1-15 ( What Yah said about Judah).
    15. 2 John 6:6
    16. 1 John 5:2-3
    17. 1 John 3:22-24
    18. 1 John 2:3-5
    19. Revelation 2:7
    20. James 4:17
    21. James 1:22
    22. Romans 12:1-2

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  3. Shalom,

    With delegated authority, submitted under Zion Music Ministry Assembly whose head and malakim is Grand Abba Moreh El Yahudah Chanok – who is submitted under the True Good Shepherd YAHUSHA HaMashiach, whose Father is The Good Father YAHUAH ALAHIM TSEBAOTH,

    Please hear the Word and command of YAH, as His 144,000 government reign has begun to be birthed and established, specifically the Prince of Yahudah, whom all orders (assemblies) of Yahudah will be under. Meaning, YAHUAH being an Alahim of Order, has called all assemblies to get with Grand Abba Moreh El Yahudah Chanok, as his son is the Prince of Yahudah, to come together, fast and pray and seek YAH together. As we are ONE body, ONE Ruach, YAHUAH commands we fall in rank as His Goverment body is being birthed, HALALUYAH!

  4. One reporter said: "It was Not GOD'S "Suggestions", Given to Moses but
    GOD'S Commandments: "These are the Commands YAH Gave Moses at
    Mount Sinai FOR the Israelites." Leviticus 27:34, Leviticus 26:46,
    Deuteronomy 4:5 "Moses went up to GOD, YAH Called to him From the
    mountain and Said, “This is what you are to Say to the 'Descendants' of
    Jacob and what you are to Tell the people of Israel: "You yourselves
    have Seen what I Did to Egypt, How I Carried you on eagles’ wings and
    Brought you to MYSELF." Exodus 19:3-5

    This is LOVE, that we Walk According to HIS Commandments. This is

    the Commandment, just as you have Heard From the Beginning, you

    Should WALK in it. 2 John 1:6

    This will be Written for a LATER generation and a people who have
    Not Yet Been Created WILL Praise YAH. Psalm 102:18
    "Remember How I LOVE your Laws & Commandments, Show your love
    for me by keeping me safe. The Entirety of YOUR Word is Truth, ALL
    YOUR Righteous Judgments Endure FOREVER." Psalm 119:159,160;
    Psalm 119:97, 1 John 5:3

  5. @WatchmenReports and Tribe of Yahudah, Yahuah has heard our prayers and cries like in the days of Goshen and has begun manifesting His word which he has spoken through our forefathers, the prophets and the shalakym.

    The reign of Mashiach Yahusha is here, the turning of the captivity is near, The first Prince Captain of the 144,000 has been birth. Arise Yahudah and Seek the will of the Good Father Yahuah.

  6. Greta job as always family. I aspire to be like you two and to have a family as such. All praise to YAHUAH!


    Shalom, I am sharing this word with you under the delegated authority of Zion Music Ministry Assembly whose malakiym is Grand Abba Moreh El Yahudah Chanok who is submitted under Yahusha HaMashiach, under Yahuah. I am sharing out of obedience of the command from Yahuah through His Ruach HaQodesh.

    The Good Father Yahuah is calling for all the tribes of Yasharal, beginning with Yahudah to fall in line, to get in formation under Yahusha HaMashiach! His government reign, the 144,000 is being risen up NOW in this season! Open your eyes and esteem Yahuah for the great signs and wonders that He is doing in the earth!


    The Prince Of Yahudah has been born. The government reign of YAHUSHA Ha’Mashiach is being established in the earth. We as the tribe of Yahudah must submit under this order under YAHUSHA Ha’Mashiach in order to be received by our King. Perceive the Times, and receive the restoration He, Our Good Father is giving unto us. HalaluYAH! Shalom!

  9. Brother @Watchman Reports the movie Pilgrim’s Progress is an awesome encouragement. Rewatching with my youngest brother who loves it as well. Shalom

  10. Reminds me of Yahuah told Samuel to go tell Eli that his sons are judged for His disobedience…not obeying His laws.

  11. I'm noticing in the comments that people are coming in to defame the teaching. If you feel the teaching is wrong, you should flee, and not give your time to what you consider to be against the Almighty. Talk to the Father, and tell on them. Our God can and will set matters straight…but you are trying to convict them with judgment which you have not.

  12. Thank you for spending my Sabbath with me on this lesson. I love listening to others and spending time with them sharing knowledge about Yahusha. I pray for blessings for us all and our families.

  13. Tha Old God Is Dead😏


    = Revelation 13:15, King James's Version🤗

    Food For Thought, Wisdom & Peace😎


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