The Most High’s Pattern for your life! Where is his dwelling place?

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  1. Hello Watchman Yahu, I would like to get baptized in the name of Yahuah. What are the steps that I need to take in order to get baptized??

  2. This msg was definitely a needed blessing to me on THIS DAY. I thank Our Heavenly Father for you and your Family! Shalom 💖

  3. Shalom Rabbi and Teacher, I not too long ago stumbled on your videos. When you or one of your daughters get a chance, may you please write the words to your song, I Thank Yah for this day. Shalom

  4. "With stammering lips I will speak to these people.. and they still would not hear" What a Word! Haleluyah. Thank you for the Word! Shabath Shalom.

  5. Great class but i would like to say not every body goes out like unruly animals on the street every one and group is different I just watched a street teaching this morning and the girl was so touched by the word she took off her Halloween costume and threw it away and her graven image of the cross off and threw it in the sewer so yes no matter what his sheep will hear his voice everyone has a different part to play in this body and it all works together for good of Yahs will 🙌🏽 be blessed and thank you for this video great word!

  6. please pray that if it is yahs will the most high will send me a young and strong and healthy girl i can marry and have 2 sons and 2 daughters with if it is yahs will for me and my own life if it is yahs will for me and my life and according to yahs will for me and my life…thank you

  7. i would like to marry a young and strong and heallthy girl and have 2 sons and 2 daughters but i decided that i will leave it all in yahs hands

  8. please pray that yah will make his will known to me so that i can pray yah that yah will do his will for me and his will for me

  9. i cant do the will of yah unless i know yahs will for me .the only way i can do yahs will is yah has to tell me his will for me and my life

  10. That song is nice… I needed that, do you guys have that song recorded somewhere on a disc or digital download that's something I can use to prep up my mornings.. Thanks for sharing. Praise Yah!

  11. Had to come back this this lesson realizing it not my will no matter how good it may seem. It's about doing YAH's will only. Be anxious for nothing. Reading the 1s book of Adam an Eve, also called the conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan ch 4 in the cave of treasures. What I notice is how many Adam and Eve cried the Most High would not change the 5 and a half days he set after banishing them out of the Garden. It's always his way even in his mercy. I been trying to figure out what can I do. Die to self.


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