The Mystery of the Man of Sin and the Image of the Beast May Offend Some

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Comment (34)

  1. Aslaam , apart from muslims who have nothing to do with images , painting , drawings of living creatures and do NOT bow to them.

  2. The truth is the rock of offense…….. He is the rock that the master builders rejected. If you should fall on this rock you should be broken, but if this rock fall on you you should be crushed the powder (Yeshua Hamashiach) Hallelujah.

  3. Looks like white washing to me and family we all no they were of burnt bass in color meaning skin color Shalom Family .

  4. So if I were to have a poster of say, videogame theme characters hanging on my wall, and as long as I'm not trying to look like I'm worshiping it or whatever but I'd have it hanging on my wall because it's cool looking. Is that still wrong?

  5. It also says that the image of the beast is the man of sin aka a man that had the wound by a sword and did live! So we know that he will be a man claiming to be God. So that he sits in the temple of God, as if he is God. aka the human body, a man killed by a sword and did live. You will find your answer. God is uncorruptible.

  6. Hello Achyam, I am here with you guys and love all of your content. I do have a question though as I kept reading the chapter about Lamech and once Mathusala ran to Enoch asking questions about this child… Enoch responded and told him these the child is born in truth. (Which means he is the offspring of Lamech) He said this child and his 3 sons will survive a calamity…. then he said name this son Noah….. Please read below. So according to this chapter, Noah was white?????? Am I missing something here? Please help. Text is below, He mentions Noah in verse 16.

    1. After a time, my son Mathusala took a wife for his son Lamech.

    2. She became pregnant by him, and brought forth a child, the flesh of which was as white as snow, and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun; the whole house abounded with light.

    3. And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife, opening also his mouth, he spoke to the Lord of righteousness. Then Lamech his father was afraid of him; and flying away came to his own father Mathusala, and said, I have begotten a son, unlike to other children. He is not human; but, resembling the offspring of the angels of heaven, is of a different nature from ours, being altogether unlike to us.

    4. His eyes are bright as the rays of the sun; his countenance glorious, and he looks not as if he belonged to me, but to the angels.

    5. I am afraid, lest something miraculous should take place on earth in his days.

    6. And now, my father, let me entreat and request you to go to our progenitor Enoch, and to learn from him the truth; for his residence is with the angels.

    7. When Mathusala heard the words of his son, he came to me at the extremities of the earth; for he had been informed that I was there: and he cried out.

    8. I heard his voice, and went to him saying, Behold, I am here, my son; since thou art come to me.

    9. He answered and said, On account of a great event have I come to thee; and on account of a sight difficult to be comprehended have I approached thee.

    10. And now, my father, hear me; for to my son Lamech a child has been born, who resembles not him; and whose nature is not like the nature of man. His colour is whiter than snow; he is redder than the rose; the hair of his head is whiter than white wool; his eyes are like the rays of the sun; and when he opened them he illuminated the whole house.

    11. When also he was taken from the hand of the midwife, he opened his mouth, and blessed the Lord of heaven.

    12. His father Lamech feared, and fled to me, believing not that the child belonged to him, but that he resembled the angels of heaven. And behold I am come to thee, that thou mightest point out to me the truth.

    Then I, Enoch, answered and said, The Lord will effect a new thing upon the earth. This have

    I explained, and seen in a vision. I have shown thee that in the generations of Jared my father, those who were from heaven disregarded the word of the Lord. Behold they committed crimes; laid aside their class, and intermingled with women. With them also they transgressed; married with them, and begot children.

    14. A great destruction therefore shall come upon all the earth; a deluge, a great destruction, shall take place in one year.

    15. This child which is born to you shall survive on the earth, and his three sons shall be saved with him. When all mankind who are on earth shall die, he shall be safe.

    16. And his posterity shall beget on the earth giants, not spiritual, but carnal. Upon the earth shall a great punishment be inflicted, and it shall be washed from all corruption. Now therefore inform thy son Lamech, that he who is born is his child in truth; and he shall call his name Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor. He and his children shall be saved from the corruption which shall take place in the world; from all the sin and from all the iniquity which shall be consummated on earth in his days. Afterwards shall greater impiety take place than that which had been before consummated on the earth; for I am acquainted with holy mysteries, which the Lord himself has discovered and explained to me; and which I have read in the tablets of heaven.


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