The Nano Robots Inside You

Inside of you, at all times, there are trillions of natural nano robots walking around, taking out the trash, and packaging strands of DNA. Below the calm, ordered exterior of a living organism lies a complex collection of molecular machines working together to create something greater than themselves. Physicist and author of “Life’s Ratchet” Peter Hoffmann shows us the tiny city beneath the surface.

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Original program date: May 30, 2013

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  1. And they now have genetically modified spinach to send emails via nano carbon tubuels when it's ready to harvest. Almost all naturally occurring plants and animals are almost extinct. If you took the jab or the abomination that causes desolation then you are swarming with nanotechnology in your brain and organs. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, Lord of Lord's and King of Kings! Just say no to gene therapy.

  2. all of you idiots in the comment section are freaking out thinking that the government is going to overtake your life and your loved ones with these "nano bots"… good god everyone. go spend 10 minutes and look up how our cells operate. all he showed was the construction of a molecular filament, he showed us a motor protein transporting a vesicle across a cell, and he showed us how proteins are made from our RNA that leaves the nucleus. dont live in this massive fear… go on YouTube and learn how a cell works, then come back to this video and you will just see animations of what you simply just learned. there is nothing to fear here…there are no such things such as nano bots. I probably should've shortened this comment so all of you people can read this rather than skip over it but seriously, educate yourself rather than living a life in fear


  4. Covid-19 does not exist certificate of vaccination ID does existing fluids and Colts we've already have do this is a ruse folks and a brilliant one they get people so brainwashed they think there's something new scary and deadly floating around there is it at all do not take the chemical job it's not a vaccine there is no vaccine that's just a medical term make it sound professional there chemicals there's not natural in any of them ever and pharmaceutical drugs why would you take them you are stupid if you take any chemical job or a pharmaceutical drug I don't care what it is

  5. These people are idiots they got all these schooling certificates but they are ignorant of the fact that Jesus Christ is our creator, we were fearfully and wonderfully made it's more than miraculous it's Insanity how awesome it is on a nanoscale that you cannot see until we have enough technology to even begin to see what was really going on Darwin didn't know squat he said a simple cell there is no simple cell it's a freaking machine is a factory in the DNA and everything transcription and recording and repairing and moving things around are in that one cell and we got billions of them in our body the machines that do what they do inside our bodies even in a fallen cursed world even when some destroy they're body with drugs and crappy food and so on, it still works because we have an immune system and because God made the body so awesome. I can't even imagine what it was like at the beginning how awesome it was and it's going to be awesome again for those who are on his side so for those like this guy he said I got to choose my words right, i have to choose my words right, I thought he was going to say something about God he said the word miraculous buddy it's more than that he didn't say God he did say Jesus Christ because they're Wicked people and they don't want to let God in the door, they don't want to dwell on that that we're all going to be judged. Folks we were judged once with the flood and we're going to be judged with fire the last time and it's all coming soon to a city near you and we're right in the middle of a spiritual battle right now that is unwinding in front all of us with a fake pandemic and the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the planet and all the dumbeddown brain washed sheep watching their scrying mirror and listening to the government and all their satanic agencies are duped brainwashed to a point where they're ineffective as a human being and cannot see after a year what is happening right in front of them if you know the Bible and you know what's really going on then you know this is Bible prophecy unfolding folks know doubt about it. Everyone's going to see it, everyone's going to deal with it who remain alive as this is unfolding right now when it happens there's no getting out of this you can wish it away or you can try to hide you can't change the truth it's coming folks and I know it is because Jesus christ said so and I know he's the Creator if you want so you can follow man's Wisdom I'll follow the Creator that made everything in His Holy Bible our instruction book is just that to instruct us of everything that we need to know before leaving this Earth. Bible ( basic instructions before leaving Earth) if you think we came about the way these satanic puppets indoctrinated You to try to get you not to believe in Jesus Christ cuz that's what this is all about everything on the planet is to minimize twist, confuse and push Jesus Christ the Creator the one true Living God out the door, well you're going to get the shock of all eternity once you find out the truth, it's always been the truth, his word is always been there it's a prophesized history of the stream of time from the beginning of creation to what's going on now and what's coming soon to you and I. Jesus Christ bless all.

  6. No vaccine no nasty little robots , if you want to be connected literally to the Internet beast system so you can be manipulated and controlled then rhats your choice
    Real life and eternal life is found in Jesus Christ alone .

  7. But Gill Bates husband Man Linda said this technology doesn't exist in 2020, must have succumbed to the same fate as the tech to get to the moon;-) I guess it's a good thing we just landed on Mars, maybe someone there can help us!!!

  8. Can I get a like by anyone who realises this video is NOT about nano bots; it's about our natural biology.

    I do not agree with the current covid vaccine, but let's not see creepy shadows on every video we watch with a confusing title.

    We still have the power of our own minds to utilise so let's do that?!

  9. The human body is far more complex than the feeble minded man can fathom. Gods word is encoded in everything even the materials used to create nano bots, so a great sin has occurred and again because if the hush hush whoosh satanic ones keeping deadly secrets in this Earth filled with demonic people

  10. I am going g to protect my family members first and foremost and now a great curse will come upon these fools bent on vaccination a curse that is well deserved one that all the tech in the world your best doctors will never help you with. This curse will be all encompassing made of every illness side effects and ailment your false promises of healing has promised your not even legitimately trying to heal people just keeping them sick to get your moron heathens. So you think you are privileged now your sight will cause others not to want to be anywhere near you, you will have not flies seeking to feed on your sores.
    my alphabetical living word chromosome alphabet the Pisces helix strand the cells of the body will kill the nano bots in my family first termini the living crap out of them permantly then the Entire Eerth will give off a frequency that will kill the living crap out of nano bots every where then the wicked will begin to attracted by all sorts of flesh eating bugs flies that feast on wounds your bodies will be totally diseased ridden.

  11. To all of you who think that these are man made technology, this is a video of what happens in your cells and what your organelles that you were born with do. None of these things are actually machines or robots. This has nothing to do with man-made technology; this is all naturally occurring things happening! It's mostly showing the process of translation with the ribosomes that creates proteins. You are born with ribosomes which are not robots.

  12. You people are ripe for quacks and easily fall for misinformation and pseudoscientific nonsense. All I’m seeing are a bunch of scientifically illiterate people who’ve abandoned all critical thinking.

  13. They'll hoodwink us all by saying it's for easier ways to track the v*rus. They'll make it mandatory and call you crazy if you try and reject it. The biosensors is now just a conspiracy theory but within 2 years they'll make it common knowledge that the biosensors are needed to "keep us all safe" when in fact it's a highly sophisticated spy system.

  14. Wow you guys really let the conspiracy nuts lose with that title, disappointing. Even more disappointing that people can't see that this video is describing natural processes happening in our body. "Nano-bots" is just an analogy.

  15. 7 years later is the queston on how soon they are going to inplant nano robots into your body answerd. In 2021 you just have to give your arm on the vaccination lie. This is what the nazi's created in the concentration camps, devoloping a new human race. We are all living today in a open concentration camp.

  16. Then in secret, without our knowledge or consent, evildoers have tampered with our bodies and attempted to replace God's glory (His creation) with robots who have no souls left to rejoin our Beloved Master but with our minds and hearts pleading for release. Did I get that right? You poor stupid fools! Had you researched further, you would have known that He has given us the unalienable right to break any bonds or restraints on us or God's glory. We have the power to do such as will be thought by you inordinately miraculous, and we will do those things for each other in the power of the name of Jesus Christ. Prove me wrong, Satan. We shall see your dismissal! From a ninth-generation great-granddaughter of President John Adams. 😃

  17. 2021 then why arent they "fixing" my scrapes and scratches? or re-growing my teeth? or taking out the tooth the asshat dentist broke off and is starting to rot under the gum?


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