The Negative Effects Of STATINS On BRAIN Health

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Comment (13)

  1. Probably would be helpful to put quotes around “Statin.” Fist I thought you mean “satins drugs” haha. Technically not wrong but anyways great vid

  2. Yep first time my cholesterol was up a little the doctor wanted to prescribe staton drugs ,thank God i had already read about them and refused to take them.
    Alzheimers is on the rise..used to be if your parent had Alzheimer's you had a chance of getting it.
    Now its anyone and everyone cause of these drugs..GO NATURAL AND FIX YOUR DIET…

  3. Excellent information and all praises to Abba Yah for your ministry! Your supplements are very effective! My family will be getting more! HalleluYah! Thank YAH for his servants tireless efforts to spread pertinent information! Watchman and wife are awesome! Yah bless, family.

  4. What a blessing this is…someone inquired of me just today about statins! The Most High truly works in mysterious ways!! Thank you, Minister, for this important information…blessings~

  5. Thanks so much for sharing, my mum has been hooked to this type of drug. But after these facts i think I'm gonna make her throw it out d window and go natural.


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