“The occult and hidden knowledge” days of noah movies are case studies

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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. THANK YOU, so NOW I understand how these companies come up with these names. D(ee)-WAVE, huh…wow. I just used to think it stood for only "demon," wave. Lovecraft, was an evil guy. I could never watch films associated with his books/stories. Him, along with Cern, D-WAVE, etc. all demonic.

  2. The AI thing is not just hatred against “all humans” but against US the ORIGINAL HUMAN KIND. The devil is bent on creating a creation that would be better than us whom the most high have made. Wow 😯 If it ain’t white people it’s then robots🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. I would love to save this but I can't find a link to download it. Can you put it on another platform of yours that is a bit more secure so I can do that. From what I have seen so far this video is FIYA!

  4. " remember the occult is also about sacrifice to the dead to it's master of the underworld aka sacrificial lamb ops covert narcissism agenda so to speak when it comes to viruses ppl of color will be advertisd as America's most wanted

  5. Sandra Bullock is a not what it is pretending to be. Check his wonderfully protruding adam's apple and how he began his career opening for drag queens.That's what the movie Miss Congeniality was all about. Does that provoke anyone's thoughts?

  6. 16:12 The phrase "so that the world became altered" resonates heavily with the advancement of technology today. Technology transforms the way Humans interact with the World TMH created for us. Even attempting to alter the fabric of why and how of the way we exist visa vie Genomics and the altering of DNA. The scriptures are the truth TMH declare the end from the beginning. All praises for bringing this edification of the word.

  7. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and we are responsible for every word that comes out of our mouths. This make being an actor or an actress the most dangerous work a person can have in the Matrix! APTTMHYAH!

  8. TCA, I re-watched, Revenge of the Fallen. I found it interesting that in the Megatron "resurrection" scene under water, the one practicing witchcraft, they called him DOCTOR. I also found it interesting that when the fallen leader connected to the defense satellite, the connections looked just like fiber optics. These people who are running things, the wicked. Knowing that they know our books better than we do. They are so power hungry and want to rule over and oppress so bad they will die for it. I mean their body AND soul will die for it. Do they not realize that the very beings with whom they are confederate against us, who have taught them all of these wicked things, are going to be let loose by OUR FATHER to destroy them?

    Jubilees 15:30-32
    For Ishmael and his sons and his brothers and Esau, YAHU’AH did not cause to approach HIM, and HE chose them not because they are the children of Abraham, because HE knew them, 👉🏿but HE chose Israel to be HIS people.
    👉🏿And HE sanctified it, and gathered it from amongst all the children of men; for there are many nations and many peoples, and all are HIS, and 👉🏿over all hath He placed spirits in authority to lead them astray from Him.👉🏿But over Israel HE did not appoint any angel or spirit, 👉🏿for HE alone is their ruler, 👉🏿and HE will preserve them 👉🏿and require them at the hand of HIS angels and HIS spirits, and at the hand of all HIS powers in order 👉🏿that HE may preserve them and bless them, and 👉🏿that they may be HIS and HE may be theirs from henceforth for ever.

  10. Apocalypse Armageddon genesis genocide mass suicides Hiroshima Nagasaki kamikaze Taliban isis remember that, know you got hurricane sumame far from the monsoon rain the earth shakes followed by earth quirk thunder stracks volcano erupts dark cloud take form black acidic rain starts to fall now you got death standing at you door (COD-19) with toxic polluted fume soon to be consumed by many … old skool poem JLR
    Talking about movies check out 1984 and animal farm animation movie

  11. According to a study, there's a short window in which people focus & full attention is open to learn before the mind begins to wander off.

    Some of you YouTubers who put out information to inform or cause people to think would be wise to shorten, even eliminate, unnecessary rambling to quickly get into subject matter to avoid losing people's attention before even getting to your point.

    Just some constructive criticism.

  12. It wasn't wealth & having no need for anything that made the people to foolishly tell God to depart from them, though I'm sure such comfort fooled them into thinking they didn't need God. Sin, simply having a desire to do things God doesn't allow, that is what causes fools to not want God because where God is His law & order is & that gets in the way of flesh doing all it wants to do to please the flesh.

  13. "We wanted to work with the Fallen."
    @TCA, if you go back and re-read, Obadiah where it says that Edom sets his nest amongst the Stars. Don't just assume it's talking about the flag. On a deeper level, stars are the sons of The Most High. And Esau wishes to come to the table of the Fallen. It's in ALL their sci-fi shows/movies/novels. There is always a "Council of Elder Worlds/Beings" to "teach" or to punish humanity: The Day The Earth Stood Still, Transformers, Star Trek/Vulcans, Asgard/Ancients/Stargate SG-1, Asgardians/Marvel, "Babylon" 5….I could go on, but I think you get the point.
    They have been setting their nest of operations amongst the Stars, the Fallen sons of The Most High YAH.
    The Scriptures tells us more than we realise.

  14. So this puppet in the glasses is literally selling satan to us and saying we will be slaves with NO freedom. There is an illusion that we are free. America: free to do as thout will as long as your not worshipping YAHUAH.

  15. Lol i had to dig in the crates to get my fix since i was in class for this ams session and when i came back to listen they deleted todays study in the US😖 dod i add it to bitchute or somewhere else?


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