The origin of life on Earth: Life may not have originated on our planet | World English News | WION

According to a new discovery, the life on Earth may not have originated on our planet. Watch this report to know more.

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Comment (28)

  1. this is stupid, it’s all created specifically for the life on the planet, intricate designs that work perfectly for the physical existence in each region of existence. these frauds, make up all kind of BS and say what ever. drawing conclusions don’t mean anything. they have killed over say the fact of the world being square, until is proven round, then they find another BS it claim as fact.

  2. In the beginning God…Genesis 1. People resist the truth because if they accept it they become accountable to God. One Creator and one Designer who is holy and righteous.

  3. Ooh chemicals found aah… I thought DNA was found – like your scrolling text..

    Is different chemicals found in different meteor or same meteor….
    For getting funded these scientist keep twisting same tale

  4. Jesus Christ (God of heaven) did not originated here on earth but He exist God has no beginning and no ending.

  5. if life exist in other places other than this planet earth, scientists must find dna or rna or fossils in meteoroids that fall on other planets not only which fall on planet earth…

  6. We believe that we did not need life from outer space to start us off. Of course, if they are able to show us how this dna works and what it produces, I might change my mind.

  7. Who knows if extremely advance civilization divert a meteorite full of this building blocks of life to young earth to simulate their existence!

  8. "Panspermia" has been a theory for a longtime coming now and finally has some hard evidence to back it up. Tbh, I believed in the theory because its totally possible for situations like that can occur. I wouldn't be surprised if that meteor came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter! I have a strong suspicion of this asteroid belt being a former planetary body or two. Possibly a planet and a moon? No one will know for sure until we can study and research the material to get some answers.

  9. Having listened to the narrative of life, I personally do not feel convincing and come to a final conclusive view. There have been multiple contractor findings. Though, human has come up with unprecedented advanced scientific inventions. However, sciences have not reached absolute certainty.

  10. Landed in the US, Canada and Australia?
    I knew those rodents were aliens hellbent to destroy civilization!
    Look to what they have done to Ukraine…
    I assume the British Poodles must be some sort of faulty mutation that did not evolve properly!

  11. That means there is a possibility of life on other planets. I wouldn’t be surprised if those microbes originated from another planet that once held life but was destroyed from its closest star going super nova resulting in the microbes being carried away in the remains of that planet.

  12. A fascinating discovery but what practical effect can it have? Even a spaceship traveling a million miles an hour would take tens of thousands of years to reach Alpha Centauri, the next-nearest star. And it's doubtful any colonization of the Moon or Mars could be cost-effective. So essentially we're marooned here on tiny planet Earth. Welcome to the human condition.

  13. WION is killing the reason I subscribed, which was because they seemed honest. But clickbait like this will get you “unsubscribed” quick. There’s a difference between “Components of DNA Found On Meteorites” versus “DNA found on meteorites”. Get it together!


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