Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Mr and Mrs TCA and Set Apart Living and all the music y'all produce is Holy Spirit fire🔥 You are the millennial Truth Historian all praises to TMH for using you to research, teach, and bring forth Yah's Truth!!!

  2. Timestamp 37:00 – "The hair was symbolic, but The Most High gave him his strength…."
    TCA, I'm like you, I watch films and see how Hollyweird imitates The Most High.
    When you said that, it put me in mind of all those "Hero Journey" films, and how "he had the power with him all along."
    A more recent one stuck out and that was Thor Ragnarok. His sister Hela (🤔) destroyed his hammer. In the end, his father, I think in vision, told him that the hammer was there to help him focus the power that he already had….🤔🤨
    Now, although Hollyweird convolute the issue by the power being the individual's rather than from the original source, The Most High, it is more or less the same.
    He didn't need the garments anymore than Samson needed his hair…or a lion. Lol….that lion still gonna bite you even if you take away his mane. It is simply the symbol of that strength. But with Samson it was more, it was a symbol of his obedience to The Most High, his covenant with Him, much like keeping His laws. It won't save you, but it will show you your sins and areas of improvement through the blood of Yahawashi HaMashiach and show the world who you belong to, and more importantly, it is your external expression of love for our Redeemer…
    "If you love Me keep My commandments."

  3. Timestamp: 45:12
    He cursed his son.
    I watched a study that Dante did, where gave another perspective. His son that had done whatever, might not have been Ham. Son is used as an expression which covers Son, Grandson, Great Grandson and even nephew (which instead may be said the Son of my Sister or Brother).
    Just like we are Sons and Daughters of Yashara'l generations and generations, but we are of the bloodline.
    Or, I see the SDA church as a daughter, although they like to say that they are not the daughters, rather a movement sprung forth in order to seek out Truth…🤔🤭😂😂😂 Nonetheless, I would say that she is also a daughter, as she is the granddaughter of Catholicism. Does she not have similar traits and mannerisms as only a relative would…???🤔🤔🤔

    I wanted to add to this; Ham may have been covering up what Canaan actually did…🤔 As only a father would, and therefore take on the blame, even tho Canaan was cursed.
    Or….Ham did the dirt and as a punishment, Canaan was cursed as a punishment to Ham, much like we were for the evils of our Fathers when they broke the covenant time and time and time again…and then some.
    But….why not punish ALL of his sons 🤔 Although Judah went into captivity, ALL of Yashara'l suffered and are still suffering to this day.
    Yeah….I ask a lot of questions too…lol 😊

  4. You know… something just occurred to me. We call people who are envious, covetous and filled with jealousy "RED EYE!" But, the Europeans call it "GREEN EYED" or "GREEN WITH ENVY!" 🤔
    Judah's colour is Green……🤔🤔🤔🤔💚
    And Esau was red and hairy….🤔🤔🤔🤔❤️
    Just a thought to ponder on…..🤔🤔🤔

  5. This lesson was excellent. It helped out a lot of questions I have been researching regarding Ham. Thank you for the truth TCA. Yah truly is using you… I will have to listen to this more than once because it is so rich and jam packed with information.

  6. I watched a video by Truthunvielled777 about 17 ancient maps where most the cities, rivers of the bible were found in Africa. Africa is really the only land that fulfilled Joel 3:2.
    Then, there is also a video by the Revisionists explaining the borders of YAHsharal which accordingly with the Scriptures are from Mizraim to Cush.
    What is your opinion about that? Because the actual Jerusalém doesn't even fit Psalm 125:2.
    And Israel is the size of New Jersey, just the land of YAHUdah would almost be bigger than the whole land.
    On the video of the maps, Chris said that the UN had 7 or 8 other places that were taken in consideration to become the state of Israel.

    Thank you so much for your work. I learn a lot.

  7. Noe was also called Ianus is there a possible connection with Janus/Ianus the Roman god of New Beginnings? Not saying Noe was a god, but the same way Nimrod was idolized and "godified" by the people, is there a connection with Noe/Ianus, and the Roman god?

  8. Moses in Bantu means Massa and Massa means water and his Hebrew name in Hebrew is written like this:

    Masha (ain't no O and E in his name) however it could also be Musha but I highly doubt it

    Funny thing is that Ephraimites couldn't say "Shibbolet" they instead said "Sibbolet" Judges 12:6.

  9. And I see why people don't descern when you show them these things they get puffed up like nebganezas dream he didn't get it,🤭and I wanna say thank you brother may the Most High YAHUAH of Host grant you many more for we are all being taught to revere Him and love others love love how can one say he love YAHUAH but hating on his brother that he sees

  10. @26:23 I’ve tried to tell my family this … after service they’ll think whoo pastor is so deep … but pastor is a cheat he’s getting it from somewhere and like TCA said will tell you not to read the somewhere!!!

  11. OF COURSE the Israelites are MIXED. We where not an obedient people. Hence our curses. Our ancestors where the worst. Also. It never says HAM was a gentile. It states “and these are isle of Gentiles.” That never included HAM.

  12. Sadly a lot of people are in camp doctrine. Hams sons are the forefathers of the Ethiopians, Sudanese, some Arabs, and some white canaanites, and native Americans. To post images of only dark skin people as ham is a big disservice because ham married heavily Among Israel and Japheth. So we can’t be colorist and say Israel is a light brown and ham is dark brown. To know who ham is, you’ll know their traditions, the star gazers, the tall and slim from mixing with nephilim blood, the ones that cut their flesh and are more hunters than farmers. Let’s not beat up ham when most of our forefathers married Sudanese looking black women. You know the lupita type, and let’s stop idolizing Japhethic culture because in the ends it’s cannan and edom that will face Yahs wrath.

  13. The only thing I don't get with the shades of skin tone identifying the sons is that when I see pictures of the first slaves they where very dark in skin complexion the lightening seems to have happened through admixture all over the world alot of women where raped but still had children with their husbands after and raised these children as one and so on


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