The Pacific power struggle: US officials land in Solomon Islands | International News | WION

A senior US delegation has arrived in the Solomon Islands today. The United States intends to express its concern over China’s intentions in the pacific islands.

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Comment (22)

  1. Corruption of Pacific Island leaders is just par for the course. Fiji, Vanuatu and many others are in the same boat, even in the State of Victoria in Australia the Socialist Dan Andrews government was under the influence of the Chinese until our Federal Government put a stop to it last year.

  2. Be careful Solomon Islands, if you are getting too close to China, AUKUS might launch their own special military operation to ensure that you remain neutral.

  3. Australia says that the Russians are evil people as they don’t allow Ukraine (just at their border) to join their enemy – NATO, as their government wishes. But I am too stupid to understand this complicated world, as the same government (and their master – USA) are doing everything they can to stop an independent country (located 3000km away) to choose allies as they please!? It looks like lately we suddenly live in various parallel universes with no connections between, and logic and reason and common sense do not operate anymore.

  4. Scott Morrison’s foreign policy failure , Indonesia is waken up have joined the security with China and also other South Pacific nation together .

  5. Imagine USA and Australia complaining. I thought they just said Russia have no right to talk abt sphere of influence? why is Australia talking abt sphere of influence? so Australia is worried abt China next to its door step in Solomon Island, while at the same time arming Ukriane. terrible hypocrisy.

  6. China should also make a pact with Mexico and Canada. Afterall its the same as Ukraine joining Nato and the world should support it.

  7. When China has an agreement with the Solomor Islands 1000 miles from Oz the sky falls in, but apparently it's OK for Ukraine to join NATO

  8. Did the US and will the US apologise for using the South Pacific as nuclear arms testing grounds 40 years ago (leaving hundreds of thousands of the islanders with cancer and other live-long and live-threatening diseases and caused thousands to suffer and resulted in premature deaths) and pledge not to do so again? China will NEVER be so heartless. Solomons need someone strong enough to face off the US and Australia. That will be China. Hats off to Solomons for your courage. China will protect you, I am sure. For the US and the Australians, it's all good political shows. When you need to see these same people, they would already have been voted out of office and washed off their thirty
    hands, even if they are still alive. Chinese will keep to their pledges with their lives.


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