The Philippines Presidential elections: Marcos junior leads in opinion polls | World English News

The Philippines is all set to choose President Rodrigo Duterte’s successor, the country will cast its vote on May 9. Ahead of elections, Marcos junior leads in opinion polls.

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Comment (22)

  1. Former President Ferdinand Marcos was not a dictator. He was elected thrice by the people. He was one of the president including Duterte that can't be puppet by USA goverment.

  2. long time dictator?
    what a bullsh*t…
    stop saying dictator if you do not know the real story of the Philippines….

  3. Leave politics to the man who have a breeding on it! and it was bbm and sarah has a breeding of a politician,

  4. It is time for the Philippines to unite againts endeavors, Lets Go Uniteam!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Unity to prevent covid 19 lets Go!

  5. Glory to God. Love Marcos loyalist. Don't say dictador you don't know the history of our country. Aquino is a dictador ,corrupt, marami drugs at criminals.

  6. I am for good governance with proven excellence in track record. And that is Leni Robredo. She is running for President not because she will gain personally. I have researched in detail about her and I am convinced that she will serve with pure heart for the Filipinos. Pink heart 💖 for you guys so that you will be enlightened this coming election.

  7. the disinformation in the comment section breaks my heart, is this what our country has really become? is this what our heroes died for? 🙁
    our country will NEVER get better if this is how most people see things…

  8. Could you please stop mentioning "dictator" or son of dictator!!!! A dictator will not call for an election!!!!

  9. are we ready to call it criminalections ?
    in a society where politicians cater for 1 to 2 % of the society the unproportional rich part , and the scape goats don t live in that part

  10. Mga BBMAT SARA Dapat talaga Tanggalin si Jimenez sa COMELEC Dahil yan ang LEADER ng mga Pandaraya jn..may mga kasabyat pa yan sa ibat ibang Bansa,..kaya dapat Obserbahin nyo ang bawat may Eleksyon sa ibang Bansa..Lumaban sila ng Parehas para malaman kung sino talaga ang napupusuan ng mga Pilipino..

  11. Hindi na dapat maulit pa ang Pandaraya ni Leni last 2016, ngayon kakain na siya ng PUTIK, sa eleksyon..hehe

  12. Bbm winning it all from start to finish…even getting stronger in the homestretch… there are already tsunami of supports from all sides of the political spectrum


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