The Philippines Presidential polls on May 9: Ex-Dictator's son leads in opinion polls | English News

The Philippines is all set to choose President Rodrigo Duterte’s successor, the country will cast its vote on May 9. Ahead of elections, Ex-Dictator’s son leads in opinion polls.

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Comment (24)

  1. You are wrong…the Philippine's political maturity issue is due to the immature politcal party system w/c shoukd be blamed on theAQUINOs…restore the two ( 2) system stead of the muliparty system..

  2. HOPW WION will notbeacting as the CNN w/c is too biased for theLIBERAL- DEMOCRATIC party of the AQUINO'S cum the WEST…

  3. all of this foreign media refers marcos sr. as a dictator but they do not mention what he had done in the past.. during marcos era, the philippines is the second richest country in asia next to japan.. and since he step down from power philippines is shit.. marcos is a genius.. you didnt mention that part.. he has done good things and build structures that even all the past president combined cannot do… thanks to the power of the internet never have to deal with the ignorance as our elders did in the past.. to my fellow filipinos today, in our era, information is free.. and ignorance is a choice..

  4. according to bbm he would make rice 20 pesos per kilo wirhout mebtioning how and many moron velieve him

  5. Filipinos never learned from the past traumatic experience!!! It’s like bringing Satan back to the throne 😂 😂 😂 political dynasties are corrupt evils!!! and conspirators!!! dangerous and toxic!!!! bringing down the country still in 3rd world and among the poorest people in the world….

  6. Marcos has 60+ percent…. And the vice president is nowhere near with less than 20 percent… Your reporting might look misleading….

  7. One mistake of Ferdinand Marcos did is he make philippines as tiger of southeast that is why all selfish people envy him and making story that he was a dictetor, well God give us a good leader philippines will be better again.

  8. Wion feeds by comunist personalities thats why your news are views stupid. becoz of that unsub is prepared

  9. Please madam/sir don't use dictator in adding name of Ferdinand Marcos . Filipinoes knows will that he is not. So please stop using that kind of word.

  10. Before you start concluding any statement try to come here and interview Filipino people! Respect us .

  11. I don't know where you got your source but it's very biased, conclusived reporting. I respect Wion for reporting on critical matters esp in Asia and ASEAN that few mainstream media covers. However for this report, I totally disagree with your viewpoint from the beginning. Were you even here in the Philippines during Pres. Marcos administration to validate his dictatorship? You're using western media sources as basis for your facts. Come to the Philippines and see for yourself before you make your conclusion.

  12. Survey in the Philippines is rigged .favor for corrupt families ..puppet of China👹👹👹👹👹👹

  13. After Pres. Marcos Sr. helps 100 plus countries bank all over the world by his gold, now they are calling him a "DICTATOR"


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