The Philippines Presidential polls: Political battle escalates 3 weeks ahead of polls | English News

The Philippines is to choose President Rodrigo Duterte’s successor three weeks from now. The citizens of the country will cast its votes on May 9th.

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Comment (23)

  1. BBM votes according to mass survey and reliable sources he is leading not parallel to Leni Robredo.. BBM got 58- 65% votes while Leni Robredo only got 21%votes.

  2. Stop saying "son of the late dictator". Ferdinand Marcos was the only president who cared for the poor. He even stabilized PAO si that people that cannot afford lawyers can defend them selves through public lawyers

  3. Leni Robredo is the most hated candidate out of all of them. That's why the votes have been going to Marcos.

  4. Democratic win please and move to Western friendship if U cleverly…?until now the government only llook for there on incomes.

  5. Wion, correction he is not the son of dictator. Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos is the best president and soon BBM is the next President..

  6. Wion channel stopped saying the son of dictator
    You can't find that in world book of Guinness now
    Please have some respect❤️The late president Marcos did a lot of hospitals,schools,bridges,roads,state universities low tuitions for college I'm one of the students,barangays,high rise buildings for poor people,free lands and you can do research..

  7. I stand for Marcos they are victim of unjustice past history is wrong there is a conspiracy behind it and an influential country afraid of Marcos strengthening the military defense of the country afraid that they will lost control of the philippines

  8. Dictator? Are you fucking kidding me?!? Why every news media have to alway add “dictator” word to BBM’s name.

  9. WION you forget to talk about the surveys lol… that almost 60% would likely to vote for Marcos while only 22 % for leni 3rd to that is 9%.. why is that? … More Filipinos now are awaken that all alligations to Marcoses are LIE'S. 30 years of liberal party power(leni) is more currupt.

  10. Im already 40yrs old i ask my mother ,neighbors , my relatives regarding d former president marcos all of them say he is d best president ever have in d history of phil. Now tell me is he a dictators???? Damn by saying he is a dictators !!!

  11. "Former Dictator" does not apply i mean it doesn't make sense in the minds of the real filipinos nowadays. I am a real filipino and admire the "former dictator" as you speak. His former government is way better than any administration after him besides duterte. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 you might catch a cold when your narrative is always "former dictator" y'know.

  12. Never again to dilawsn/pinklawan presidential candidates 2022 The dilawan/pinklawan got their chance already in ruling our country philippines for more thsn thirty (30) years n sad to say

  13. I dont like you said dictator son.he's father is the best President of the Philippines like President Duterte and Next President of the Philippines Bong Bong Marcos.✌️❤️👊💚🇵🇭


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