The Problem With Most Religions – Christianity

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  1. I really never understood why Israel wanted to be like "them" those Kings was clearly wicked. Why would we want that?

  2. A lot of people say the true belief and way is Relationship rather than Religion.

    Problem is, I don't see how this is true. It isn't one or the other. YHUH wants personal relationship sure, no doubt, but he also wants us to obey his Torah….that's still religion, following a certain way and practice, prohibitions and appointed times/moedim etc.

    "Going against your religious box," the cognitave dissonance etc. You are no different by rejecting what goes against your views, you're still in a box here n there.

    I agree with most the vid though. I left the church early due to false teachings and them trying to twist things then getting arsey with me or ignoring points I'd show them.

    Consider myself a Netzari Israelite now instead, not that I'm perfect, but I try to walk straight.

  3. I listen to you all the time and I believe everything that you say is the truth I just got to listen to you and I love what you had said about the Box

  4. Everything I've learned, I've learned from The B Man/Yasharahla like you Elder. Including Scripture = B Men/Yasharahla. I remember how angry & violated I felt when I learned The Truth about jesus christ & christianty. I refuse to deal with anyone who uses that name or anyone that's tied to these religions. Worshipping the dead, practicing witchcraft & voo doo. Those who Don't believe in Yahusha HaMashiach.

    We/I are not of this world & neither is our Saviour, Yahusha HaMashiach.

    John 17. Shalum Elders & Todah.

  5. How's is SDA false religion? When they go against the Cathloic Church? Is it solely about the name? Or something else. Im in search of truth.

  6. Love the 'in the box' metaphor and how it was eventually juxtaposed with a coffin…about right for those who never get out of 'the box'.

  7. You know it takes a very long time to develop yourself out of the bible. A very long time. You cant blame people for making these religions.

  8. Religion is similar to an idol. Your own beliefs, worship, and religious faith. You put the idol before the creator. This was the downfall with the garden of Eden.

  9. See even though they've tried to hide to real name the real name still pops up once in the Bible in the book of psalms. They cant hide it no matter how hard they try

  10. The Catholic Church has stayed the same lmbo. It has been existing since Jesus's death. Jesus made it Himself. Who do you think created the Bible and put it together?

  11. " All the believers were together and had everything in common.
    They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need." – Acts 2:44-45

    Hebrew Israelites are so full of themselves when it comes to show to denominational christians that they were lead astray.
    But you guys are way behind Anabaptists and Twelve Tribes.

    Have fun:

    In Christ. πŸ˜‡

  12. Broad is the road that leads to destruction, many be that go on that broad road..
    Narrow is the road that leads to Life everlasting, few be that find the narrow road..

  13. The churches in this country are not there to push you toward the MOST HIGH , but to push you away . They hinder your learning , they are not there for you , they are there for the money , they are being payed to keep you dumb in religion , step out of these churches and build your relationship with Yah . Be Blessed .

  14. I thank Yah he rescued my from my slumber and now I seek Him with the guidance of Ruach… Am no longer part of the Babylon system.

  15. Hello, recently I was watching a video from iuic and I heard the elder Nathaniel say that Jesus birth wasn't an immaculate conception…is that what you believe also?

  16. The KJV begins leading man to follow the Sun. KJV left out the sun was creates the 4th day. In the begining Yah said Let there be light and he divided the light from darkness and called the light good. The first Light is Yahuwah who spoke himself into Light! Hallelujah HalleluYaH Yahuwah Elohiym is our first light first love The Most High Elohiym!

  17. So most of you so called Religious people no where you are going if you don't change and repent and another thing you can not bundle all your sins into one and ask forgiveness for ALL your sins.

  18. I remember asking my Christian pastor why we study a version of the Bible (KJV). He simply said that we’re not to question God. After several years of attending this church we left because as my father said we were still receiving milk when we needed meat. So your reference to milk vs. meat really hit home. Thank you my brother. APTTMH!


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