The Problem with USB-C

I have a love-hate relationship with USB-C cables. #shorts

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Johnny Harris is a 2-time Emmy winning filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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Comment (32)

  1. Note: if all companies would actually label what their cables can do on the cable itself that would go a long way. The standardized labels exist, they're just not being used.

  2. The USB consortium apparently is going to label USB-C cables from now on by their speed

    Their managment of the naming schemes has been a disaster so hopefully this stays

  3. All previous cables did the same though. And companies adding their own proprietary tech seems like it should be the company’s fault, not the techs…

  4. what a bad take, just buy the one that you need? you still had to do that with current situation…?! At least you can just switch the cable and not buy a whole * phone to upgrade LMFAO

  5. Like playstation putting usb at the front and not the back. I mean everyone loves looking at untidy cables Wtaf.

  6. When fast charging on your phone doesn't work because the device recognises the cable is not from the same manufacturer ◉⁠‿⁠◉

  7. Those aren't complaints about USB-C, those are complains about USB. USB-C is just the type of CONNECTOR for the USB cable, the actual USB protocols being complained about have nothing to do with the actual physical plug.

  8. Johnny I love you but I’m gonna be that pedantic guy. Data speed is measured in Mega BITs per second. Not megabytes. And a bit is 1/8 of a byte

  9. That's like complaining about electrical cable, you need specific thicknesses for certain things and that's standard. The problem is the consumers, people are too lazy to look for the right thing they need and instead take the cheapest option often resulting in poor results. So don't blame the industry, blame the incapable public

  10. You surprise me Johnny, from someone who goes to such lengths to get to the bottom of independant facts but here you mix up cables with connectors along with a very shallow analyzis. If i didn't know you better i'd say you got payed from Apple to post this clip πŸ˜‰

  11. The fit of the port is the only thing that's standardized pretty much, function and utility are something else entirely. That's why I tend to deal with first party accessories only. Can't stand having extra wire I don't need for devices I don't use

  12. I don't understand… What's your point? If you want one usbc cable fits all then buy the most expensive one with all the features that can be used everywhere and your problem is… Solved? Am I being dumb to think so?

  13. I think the idea was or should have been (idk) to have a universal charging and data transfer port rather than a universal cable. It's just no one device has ever been able to support everything that each of this many versions of universal cable does. I don't even know if it is possible to make devices support every feature, or just maybe these cable companies won't profit from having devices support them. I mean, so many types of charging speeds, PD, QuickCharge, VOOC, SuperDart, TurboPower, apparently USB IF (?), etc., and no charging port that supports all the cables that can fit into it? Every phone company has its own name for charging. It's not like they will all come to an agreement in choosing the one superior charging style for all their devices. It's an example, but not unreasonable.

  14. Hi Mr, Harris
    I hope you read this comment.
    Please be the voice of Iranian People, people of Iran are Protesting and getting killed by asking for Basic human rights!

    At least 185 people – including 19 children – have been killed in Iran amid protests that have continued for weeks over the death of a young woman in police custody,
    Mahsa Amini died in hospital on 16 September three days after she was arrested for wearing β€œinappropriate Hijab”.


  15. Chinese cable manufacturers produce purpose-specific cables, with parts of the cable removed or modified.
    I'm having the same problem. We need an additional law mandating tech specs, otherwise a cable sold with a razor or e-cigarette will never transfer video…

  16. Honestly it’s pretty much your job to understand and comprehend differences in cabels.
    Moreover out of all people, someone like you should understand why these differences exist


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