The Race to Map the Ocean

We may actually have detailed maps of the ocean by 2030! #shorts

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Comment (11)

  1. No , I've actually heard that NASA stopped exploring water (ocean) because they found something so bizzare that they're now exploring the ocean to get us out of the Earth Asap , I saw a tiktok about this lol , feels kinda cap

  2. Oooh now I see the content strategy:
    Monday – present a problem about mapping the ocean and plant a seed "if only someone was mapping the ocean!"

    Tuesday – Follow-up video responding to comments to generate discussion

    Wednesday – Oh, we're mapping the ocean with these foundations.

    Cool cool.

  3. That's bullshit, Google earth erased ocean floor around 2009, there were many interesting structures and pyramids off some coasts and considering that sea level risen 120 meters since last ice age, it's obvious they're hiding something interesting


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