The Rapture Explained, Pre-tribulation Post-tribulation caught-up

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  1. All praises to the most High Yah for bringing an insightful understanding of the "caught up" meaning in the scriptures. Now I can see it  more clearly and also the first fruit breakdown….keep bringing this truth.  Those words still ring in my ears "WE MUST ALWAYS BE READY"

  2. I really have been learning a lot from your teaching, since Yahuwah opened my eyes and ears I reach out to you as a brother wanting to link up with your bible study, this is all new to me and every thing that I ever known has been a lie, shocking. Here's my email address

  3. Thank you, y'all, I understand now, I know this video about tribulation, are we in the 7 year tribulation?, I am really learning from y'all, I just think Yah for y'all and truth, thanks again

  4. Are you saying that satan will literally go into heaven, in the sky, and chase some people who went into "heaven" beyond the clouds in the "sky", before the so-called great tribulation ????

    The "wilderness" is where, in the sky???

    And if so, do you also believe that the great tribulation in Matthew 24 is future? 

  5. Honest Question. What about Psalm 91? The secret place of the Most High where his Angels will protect us (the worthy) for 3 1/2 years. Who is this being saved from the great tribulation.  Ref: Rev 12:6, 14, 17. This is the escape. The place is located at Dan 11:41-43 the only place that escapes out of the beast hand. What I understand is that we go here before great trib then all get changed dead and alive at end of trib at the same time just as scripture say.

  6. Shalom!…I have been watching a lot of your videos and they have really been a blessing to me. I have a question regarding the book of Matthew 7:14 and the book of Revelations 7:9. Matthew says it is a strait and narrow path to eternal life and few shall find it and when I read revelations it says there are people there that no man can count. This scripture has left me puzzled. Can you explain? I really would appreciate your take on this. Thank you

  7. Shalom, I would like to know if you can explain how knowing that you are a true Hebrew is significant in these last days? I've done the research and I do agree with you, however I'm not sure how it all plays out during the days ahead. Are we the first ones to be caught up? Also, how does the four blood moons affect the true Hebrews?


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