The REAL Reason Europe Took Over the World

How Europe Stole the World, Part 2
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The modern corporation was invented as a way to fuel imperialism. In Part 2 of our series on European imperialism we explore how Europe created private empires to help spread dominance and resource extraction across the globe.

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  1. Assuming that all this are taught in your schooling (Western Hemisphere), we should remember our past and prosper together now.
    If our Dark past is not taught to us (Along with the good part of history), we will not appreciate where we are going.
    Educate yourself if your Schools are not doing for you.
    ✌ ✌ Peace ✌ ✌ Jai Hind!

  2. I always found it somewhat touching that Queen Isabella of Spain, who was the reason Columbus ever came to America…though she had the audacity to declare Native Americans her subjects…. then went to her deathbed refusing to allow them to be slaves or even to be abused, since she considered them her citizens. Says this in "A Plea for Isabella", Lucas Barron:

    "Isabella insisted that the Indians be counted as her “vassals” and potential Christians, not as the Portuguese had classed the Africans. When the first shipment of enslaved Taínos arrived in Spain, she upbraided Columbus for defying her command to treat them well and ordered the captives freed and returned home. Few of them made it. As reports came back to her of Columbus’s continued abuses of both natives and colonists, Isabella had him arrested, brought back to Spain in chains for investigation, and definitively stripped of his governorship."

    But it doesn't stop there:
    "On her deathbed, Isabella dictated a codicil to her will, enjoining her heirs “that they not consent or allow that the Indians […] receive any injury in their persons or effects, but I command that they be well and justly treated. And if they have received any injury, that you should remedy it.”

    Sadly Californians still toppled her statue in 2020 from their state legislature, since it also had Columbus. "A Beaux-Arts showpiece by the American master Larkin Goldsmith Mead entitled Columbus’ Last Appeal to Queen Isabella. It depict(ed) three figures, Columbus, Queen Isabella and an attentive young page, at a moment of singular consequence for world history (when she approved the first voyage to America)."
    Eh well. Maybe its a fitting confused ending for a statue of a woman who demanded confused mercy for millions.

  3. I’m very thankful that Abraham Lincolns GOP party in the north brought an end to slavery and defeat of the Democratic Party in the south. That’s also the truth.

  4. As someone who disagrees with much of woke ideology, you did a fantastic job of balancing pros, cons, nuances, atrocities, and connections. Often my problem with woke and CRT-esque views is simply overemphasis on suffering to the point of excluding benefits, nuances, etc. You did not fall prey to that at all.

  5. hey man i really like your videos great topics, great way of explaining it. Really well done. Your video about the gas crisis with Russia was great. Could you make a video on environmental destruction and climate change?

  6. You won't believe how uninformed the western people (and japanese) about these topics. Indonesians learn this from as early as third grade. I doubt their curriculum include how their ancestors enslaves and destroy culture around the world (oh and also they created two of the biggest war on earth). I mean thanks for the modernity and tech you guys bring to the world, but also f*ck you..

  7. As a Malaysian, we were colonised by the Portuguese then Dutch then English then occupied by the Japanese then back to English again. What I like is your explanation on the reasons and the company perspective in the early 16th century. Thats something not talked about much. We fell to the Portuguese in 1511 and it would take us another 446 years before wee were independent. Imagine that time frame…

  8. For what it's worth, I've attempted to convert the document shown at 7:40 to modern day Dutch to the best of my knowledge. Being a Flemish Dutch speaker (i.e. I'm from northern Belgium), I have a native level proficiency in the modern equivalent language that this document was written in. That being said, my translation is incomplete. Another native speaker may be able to continue upon my work here. Either way, it is most certainly what the video describes it to be – a legal document confirming the purchase of an object that can be registered in corporate accounting.
    Below is my conversion.

    Wij ondergeschreven vanwege de Kamer der Oost-Indische Company tot Amsterdam, bekennen bij deze ontvangen te hebben van E. [naam] de som van [bedrag] en dat voor de rest van [onbekend] daarmede de voornoemde [naam] in voornoemde Company geregistreerd staat te [berideren?] op het Grootboek van de voornoemde Kamer [folio?] [332] zijnde hiermede de voorgeschreven [onbekend] daarmede de voornoemde [onbekend] in voornoemde Company voor de eerste tienjarige Rekeningen participeert, ten vollen opgebracht en betaald: En de voorts geannuleerde en de tenietgedaan alle de [Recipiffen?], over de betalingen op de gemelde partij gedaan, voor dezen gegeven. Actum den [datum?]

    Edit: typo. Another note on the word [berideren]: this may be "neer te schrijven", "neergeschreven te hebben", or similar wording.

  9. The video was really well made, but the arguments you made for why colonialism happened aren’t all that accurate. It’s more likely that white supremacy/ideals of european superiority, the push for christian conversion, and large scale capitalism became prevalent because of imperialism, not the other way around. Pre-colonialism, most cultures considered themselves superior to others and believed the rest of the world savages in need of civilizing. This was true in India, China, etc. and there’s text evidence to support this. And a desire to spread one’s religion to “enlighten” others isn’t unique to Christianity. Islam, for example, spread much the same way for most of humanity. Finally, capitalism, while employed in its own special way in the European trade companies, also isn’t unique. Trading clans and organizations were common across the world well before the Europeans. (Take Indian trade guilds, whose influence often extended across continents and who often held armies and political power rivaling kings.) European colonialism helped bring the European variance of ideals of cultural superiority, religion, and capitalism to the forefront and diminished other cultures’ versions of the same things, but these characteristics by no means caused colonialism; they were amplified by it. Colonialism was more caused by other factors: geography, tribalism, economics, and characteristics the old world had that weren’t necessarily there in the new world. (Also necessary to consider, and this is a big one, is pure dumb luck.)

  10. What is happening today in the world 🌍 is a tug war between Europe and their descendants trying to stay in control, and the west trying to regain their former control over their land people economies resources etc. Europe is not fighting Russia, but the developing world that has been dehumanised. You have to hear Eastern media and compare it to Western media to get the picture. It was never about morality or rights, but economy and control. And Europe will fail, it cannot defeat the world 🌍 unless it blows it up


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