The Return of the Nephilim: Modern Day Giants, Giant Babies – The Book of Enoch Manifested

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  1. I'm pretty tall but when I was told about some of the people a few generations prior I would be short hahaha We live in an age of information, back then it was memory and book, such things hold no truth to us now.

  2. I think he might have the tumor that grows next to the growth hormone gland, its very dangerous if left untreated, his little heart has to work for a body that is 2-3 times bigger then it should be.

  3. I could not hardly see the video/pictures. There is more emphasis on the border design of the video. 😔👎

  4. Welp! that cry would be haunting me tonight! as i sleep peacefully and i heard this cry gettin' Loud. I tried to get up i would Just probably see him in under my bed 🤣🤣🤣👀

  5. The second clip is literally an old Japanese movie not real footage idk if any of this is real maybe that was just a regular baby with a lil mama

  6. The baby probably started out normal sized at birth but over the next few days weeks and months started to dramatically increase in size. That would explain the head stretch marks.

  7. Look at Yao Ming and all these other guys who are talll. Basketball players seem to have Giant dna from the fallen ones as well. What about Shaq, Hakeem, Kareem and many others????

  8. there is a difference between the giants now that is caused by a growth near the glad and t he giants of long ago…they were born from giants made by giants and have now weakness like the giant people of today

  9. This baby is huge, could be from the mom being diabetic IDK. but what I do know is he has untreated hydrocephalus. Im all for mythical creatures of the bible, but common now.

  10. He looks like he was born with a very rare gigantic disorder I believe it he looks like his in pain as well
    It is said that like those in the day of Noah we'll see everything wow just imagine this is only the beginning we'll see 🤗

  11. Goliath was over 9 ft tall.
    He was 9'9".
    Imagine somebody or someone who is tall as Goliath like over 9 ft tall like 9'7" or 9'9" or short of 10 ft
    How would you guy's react if somebody's as tall as Goliath like way taller than Robert Wadlow?
    And how much that person weigh if he was like the same height as Goliath like 9'9"?

  12. This giants are soft whiteout strength .no like the real one think mister Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger like 16 feet tall or. Mike Tyson a 24 feet tall

  13. Along I appreciate all work and effort put into this video , it’s difficult to see even on a larger screen it’s blurry and the creepy horror movie music doesn’t help either 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️


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