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  1. AS EX-ADVENTIST AS WELL.. KNOW THIS TOPIC AD-NASUEA.. AFTER AWAKENING TO YAH'S TRUTH. I NOW DO SUNDOWN TO SUNDOWN; AS IN E'ER LANGUAGE SHABBAT IS SATURDAY FOR SURE! IJS: American English: Saturday. Arabic: السَّبْت , Brazilian Portuguese: sábado, Chinese: 星期六,Croatian: subota, Czech: sobota,Danish: lørdag,Dutch: zaterdag, European Spanish: sábado, Finnish: lauantai, French: samedi, German: Samstag, Greek: Σάββατο, Italian: sabato. Japanese: 土曜日, Korean: 토요일, Norwegian: lørdag, Polish: sobota, European Portuguese: sábado, Romanian: sâmbătă, Russian: суббота, Latin American Spanish: sábado, Swedish: lördag, Thai: วันเสาร์,Turkish: Cumartesi, Ukrainian: субота & Vietnamese: Thứ bảy trong tuần. JUST SAYIN' MAYB IT'LL HELP SOMEONE. SHALOM, 1-love. Sis Margo-Kansas City

  2. At evening, when the sun had set, they brought to Him all who were sick and those who were demon-possessed.
    Mark 1:32

    Why wait till evening on the Sabbath if it was still the same day?

  3. In a 24hr period there is both a night and day.
    Day is when the sun has risen night is when the sun has set. It's up to us to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Men were intended to work during the day, and sleep intended for the night.
    I thought it was simple.

  4. If Day begins with Night then that means "Day" and "Night" begin at the same time. With that said what exactly is TMH referring to in Genesis 1:4 and 1:18 when He separated light from darkness and what exactly is verse 16 talking about with the 2 great lights???

    "Elohim saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness."

    "18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And Elohim saw that it was good."

    "Elohim made two great lights– the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars."

  5. Friday evening sabbath stressed me cz I'd rush off work to make Friday supper, sat breakfast and lunch and the time was never enough… sat morning to sun morning sabbath truly gives time to prepare and get into sabbath relaxed. I appreciate this teaching. I'm going to pray about to hear what His RUACH says about this. But I feel like phew for now….. much appreciated tca! Shalom.

  6. Shalum fam. Belief in the sunrise Sabbath is the road towards denying Yahusha's death. This belief in the sunrise day started by Pharisees, the likes of those who penned the later books Enoch and Jubilees who added to Torah. To understand why the day started in evening you have to be in the ruach ha qdush, and get understanding about the Levitical Priesthood. In the Priesthood in the Ceremonial law you were always made clean at evening. Why? This foreshadowed the death of Yahusha, and Him going into the grave. On the tree, He destroyed the works of the devil, sin and death. We are made clean in Him by the washing of His blood and water. The day starts in the evening, because the sun is a sign, that sign is a parable of it going past the horizon and disappearing. This us known concept, even why people got into sun worship because they took it literally, that the sun resurrected in the morning. People will know very well that the Priesthood cuts off things at evening, and some of the feast plainly say from EVENING to EVENING! Yet for the sake of their traditions they ignore that as it was just an exemption! YAHUAH is not an author of confusion.

  7. Exodus chapter 16 shows that the 7th day Sabbath was from morning to morning (sunrise to sunrise) as was the other 6 days of the week (Genesis chapter 1). 📖 🙏🏾 🙏 💙

  8. So the 12 hrs in the day (working day) refers to 6am to 6pm. The preparation part (of the same day) was from 6pm to 6am aka sunrise or day break. hmm… makes sense but why would they twist it to 00:00 hrs

  9. The days of the week were Created and intended by GOD to be from morning to morning (sunrise to sunrise). This order has been tampered with by the enemy (Daniel 7:25). In Genesis chapter 1 it shows that JESUS Created during the daytime starting at morning. Then there was evening (sundown), the night time between evening and morning, and then there was morning (sunrise), the completion of that day and the beginning of the next day, where JESUS commenced to his next day period of Creation, etc. etc. until the 7th day of the Creation week. 📖 🙏🏾 🙏 💙

  10. Shalom, All praises to The Most High. I thank Yahawah for this clarification. I too came out of the church of the 7th Day Adventist. The church was doing things differently than what I saw in the scriptures about The Shabbat. This podcast was an eye opener. I am comforted by this lesson. HalleluYah

  11. Between esau and Jacob.. Only esau's features were discribed. Same thing with Noah. These guys stood out from amongst the rest. That's why it was such a big deal. It's the same for when the day begins. He only instructed for the day of atonement to start the night of the 9th(I forgot why). If it was already common knowledge that the days start at sundown, He wouldn't have had to point that out.

  12. Can someone please explain this passage in the “Wars of the Jews” by Flavious Josephus?

    where one of the priests stood of course, and gave a signal beforehand, with a trumpet (19) at the beginning of every seventh day, in the evening twilight, as also at the evening when that day was finished, as giving notice to the people when they were to leave off work, and when they were to go to work again.

  13. I rewatched. With the devil doing the complete opposite of TMH in mind, 3am is the witching hour, knowing HaMashiac died at 3pm. It does make sense that the day would begin on the exact opposite of the day the devil wants us to observe the new day, which is midnight. But, correct me if I’m wrong, the old books did say the Jews observed a day from sundown to sundown. Even when they say the first hour (being 6am) could signify proof it’s the beginning of the day, we know the HaMashiach acknowledges 12 hours in a day, meaning He was talking about the 12 hours in the daylight, which doesn’t prove anything because it could still go either way (counting 12 hours in the day, 12 hours in the night). But if it IS the beginning of a new day, it would explain the 2400 time. So that not only is the new day observed invertedly (midnight instead of 6am) but also the counting of time is also inverted (6 hours earlier). This is one to really pray about.

    Awesome photo of the GREAT Blessed SUN, Light of Life, Created by the DIVINE HOLY Heavenly Family, ALPHA & OMEGA, FIRST & LAST, BEGINNING & THE END.
    I give thanks and praises to the MOST HIGH,ever since I was a child, they came and showed me their TRUE SELF, I have never dreamt or had visions of a so call white GOD or so call white Angels or so call white Messiah, the post every where in the churches.
    Yeshua and the whole host of the DIVINE Heavens are all brown and dark skin IMMORTALS, THE HIGHEST DIVINE SACRED LIGHT.
    The reason why we are in so much chaos, Hell on the Universe, prayers NOT ANSWERED, they have been living in a LIE, worshiping a FALSE Creator, Disrespecting the TRUE Messiah.
    Keep up the Great Work,thoughts Camera Action. Heavens Rising.

  15. All I can say is, Flavius Josephus and Books on the Spanish Inquisition show our forefathers kept the Sabbath Friday Sunset to Saturday sunset. When I read for myself in the writings of Josephus, that was enough confirmation for me because he lived closer to the time of Christ and the apostles. So he'd know better I think.🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. As a former SDA I was taught even to even using the feast day sabbath text. I came across the sunrise to sunrise teaching about a month ago and I'm leaning that way. I'm really questioning everything I was taught in christianity.
    Also when you look at creation week Yah work six DAYS and rest on the seventh DAY. The fourth commandment says six DAYS shall they labor and do all thy work but the seventh DAY you should rest. I stressed the word DAY because in John 11:9 Yahusha ask the question, Are there not twelve hours in a day?
    Also when we read about the crucifixion and it mentions the different hours of the day, I see those hours working only if a day started at sunrise. Peace and blessings family! Halleluyah!

  17. I would like to add in this day and age and time it’s not easy to get the sabbath off work
    That’s why when I get the sabbath day off I keep it holy.and when I can’t get the sabbath of I make sure I do not buy or sell. We’re all not in the same boat🙏🏿

  18. My own opinion not worried about others. I start my Shabbat on Friday's during sunset and follow though until Saturday's sunset thus only eating fruits and vegetables plus drinking water during the daylight hours. And, when I awake upon the Sunday give thanks in starting a new week with a very big meal with meat while spitting out the bones. APGTTMHY

  19. Yom tor, all shabbat keepers/followers of Yashuah. I have been prayin 2 Most High since 2016 on dis matter, 4 a revelation/more ground insight. It is delightful & a blessings u made di Shabbat law videos, l do really lv unna wok.

    On di other hand l do agree with alot of ya findings here, accept 4 Shabbat ends @ sunrise being a 24 hr process.
    Moreover, fr my vision & di ruach revealed 2 mi, it is only a 12 hr law accept for High Shabbath, such as Pesach (Passover).
    I must stated dis is not my flesh dat speaks regarding dis law, but a spiritual revelation as it is called Shabbat day. Many blessings & continue 2 b highly favored fr sis/Aunty A


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