The Second Punic War – History of the Roman Empire – Part 4

The Second Punic War – History of the Roman Empire – Part 4

By the second half of the 3rd century BC, relations between Rome and Carthage were subpar to put it lightly. The First Punic War had severed the friendship they once shared and the damage seemed permanent; even though the first clash between these former allies wasn’t initially about either of them. In fact, it began after a dispute between Messina and Syracuse that pulled Rome in on the side of Messina and Carthage on the side of Syracuse.

This eventually led to the all-out war that occurred between the two growing regional powers, and it ended with a decisive but hard-earned victory for Rome; and the island of Sicily becoming a province of the victors’, having up until that point belonged to Carthage.

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  1. So basically the European leaders copied the Romans, because during the Napoleonic wars their strategy was to not fight Napoleon just as Rome's strategy was to not fight Hannibal

  2. I give Hannibal props for really trying his best to defeat Rome. But in the end he just couldn't. Oh well.

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  4. Hannibal's greatest enemy wasn't Rome, but Carthage itself. The senate never supported him in his campaign, and they paid the ultimate price for it.

  5. Lol racist this vidoe missed battle of canae where Hannibal defeated the Romans two to one😅fr thoe

  6. Bro this war is has been covered so many times by so many people. Gets kinda boring you know… 😪. Not hating just wish for novelty.

    Can literally sum this up in two sentences: Carthage won battle after battle against Rome and pillaged the Italy country side but could not break into any city. Rome send one army on some boats, and Hannibal lost his only battle outside his city and lost the war. A victory so decisive that Rome became the undisputed power of the Mediterranean… Wait that was three sentences 🤭

  7. If you don't mind the manga medium I highly recommend Ad Astra. It covers the whole campaign of Hannibal and his battles with Scipion the African. Very well researched and enjoyable.

  8. The biggest part of the cavalry of Scipio was composed by the army of Massinissa the numidian , the rival of syfax


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