The Sins of Judah: Increasing The transgression of Israel

Jeremiah 3:6-11…Israel and Judah played the harlot

Younger brothers and sisters usually follow the older

Jeremiah 7:29-34 Judah Abominations

Jeremiah 4:3 Men of Judah

Jeremiah 11:1-10 Men of Judah broke the covenant

Tobit 4:12 Marrying only the daughters of Zion

Marrying Strange woman
Ezra 10:

Nehemiah 13:16-27

Malachi 2:11-17

1 Esdras 9:7, 36

1 Esdras 8:23, 69-77, 82-96

Joshua 23:12-13 Trap and snare

The stranger among us
Deuteronomy 23:7-8

Exodus 12:19, 48

Leviticus 19:34

Leviticus 24:16

Numbers 9:14

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  1. I know about the three generations if you stay in your black lineage you are blacked out. But how do you know whether you are grafted in. How do you go about finding out?

  2. well i don't know if i'm a Israelite or not but all i know is that the only people that can preach and teach is the Israelite and if my mother told me that YAHUAH TSEVOTH told her that I was going to be a preacher then that says something and i fit the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 which will be a sign of us being israelites because those curses fit one particular people i'm damn there homeless having to steal food to eat because it is hard for me to get a job i face racism everyday i'm cursed in the city hated by my family members i was once destroyed by Christianity my family and I depend on the government for food, clothes, shelter, and water, and etc.

  3. the head of Judah and Israel in the land of their captivity Are our enemies they own everything jobs, the money etc Judah and Israel are the tail begging for help begging to be one with their enemies

  4. we have to obey our enemies system set up in America but I choose to Provoke and Revolt until Yah remembered The covenant with Abraham, Issac, Jacob to bring us the Remnant back

  5. I listen to y’all vids for 6-9 hours a night while I work. And I know that yah sent me y’all way. I was so lost but now I’m gaining this truth and drawing closer to the spirit.

  6. By dating and marrying the strange women of other nations the men of Judah are taking care of the slave masters daughters just like he did when in slavery. His forced labor created a mansion for masters daughter and her family to live in while the daughters and children of Judah languished away in a shack! Now they do it voluntarily!!!

  7. He doesn't realize that change starts with the men of Judah!!! Don't forget that these women that you are talking about were never fathered by a man of Judah…so she often doesn't trust enough to submit..but if the man of Judah is submitted to Yah, righteous, prayful and persistent she will ultimately submit to Yah and his ways. .


  9. I wish I would marry one of our selfish ass women or anyone for that matter lol. Theyre too opportunistic, and theyll use this system against us for any reason they choose. No woman has proven to be worth the trouble. This system is too rigged against us and all women everywhere know it. I was a great father and husband and she listening to her friends and family stepped out on me and only wanted to party and hang out so of course I ended it. Now Im on child support and haven't seen my children in over 2 years. 12 years together she only worked a total of 3 jobs for 3 months apiece. (9 months). Yet I still had to come home and had to cook clean bathe children help with homework play with my children and teach them Torah. now all my work with them is lost while she moved away to another state and just had some white dudes baby while my kids cant even call to say hi…… Never again!!! Even the women Ive dated since then, none of them listen. They all just wait for a chance to tell me that they dont have to be obedient to Yahs word because grandma told them Jesus died for the sins of the world. Our women love being lost and Im tired of trying with them. Im better by myself. Im not attracted to foreign women in the least but our women are so disappointing. they love this world too much. Yet all the blame falls on me because Im the man ( head)? Smdh….. It takes 2

  10. Is there an age limitation on healing. The body can heal itself especially for young people; but older people 65+ the immune system is much weaker.

  11. the only scriptures men want to abide to is “I can have multiple wives” everything else is pride, self righteousness, and disobedience to Yah…. and even when they do have multiple wives they halfway do their job because all they want to do is stomp around with a ego bigger than their love fo Yah or the people in their home.

  12. WHAT IS A MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE SOMETHING, BUT IS NEVER TESTED? That's like going to school and never doing a test. HOW do you know if you truly "know" the work?


    That's what this man is like. He's never put his beliefs on the line to be scrutinized by a learned Christian … and nor will he. He enjoys the comforts of his lies as he hides behind the 'safety' of a mic and camera that do NOT talk back.

    … but he will not escape Judgment or the condemnation of Hell.

  13. Nephilim DNA is real!!!! Trust me. I was married to a Gentile and have half-gentile children. Truth is truth.😩


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