The Sins of Judah, Message to the Hebrew Israelites, Judah

The Most High gave me a dream and told me that I needed to go on a spiritual diet. I said to him, “what is a spiritual diet, a fast?” and he said, “yes, a fast”. So I went on a fast for 7 days with no water or food. Then the Most High spoke to me again and said, “Go and speak to the house of Judah, tell them that i sent the wicked to be a punishment for them because of the filthiness of their heart is manifested to me daily.”

I was really shocked to hear the following as it began to flood my mind. The rest of the message can be heard in this video.

Watchman Yahu Yisrael-Banks,

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  1. Spiritual Locations:
    Mt. Tsiyon(Zion) = Yahuah's refuge/tent for His People.
    Yisrael(Israel) = 2 Houses Yoseph & Yahudim + folded in Gentiles.
    Yerushalayim(Jerusalem) = Qodesh(h-o-l-y) city where the Hekal(Temple) resides.
    Hekal(Temple) = Resides inside a person, then wherein the Qodesh Spirit lives, guides & reproves a People of sin.
    NOTE: There’s no more Hekal(Temples) being built on earth, land, that is Yerushalayim, except only the one inside of us. 
    Then the Qodesh Spirit given to us as a gift by The Saviour Yahusha after His ascension into Heaven.
    AGAIN NOTE:  3rd Temple built on earth, land, that is Yerushalayim, this is another invention of the Apostate Assembly, She is the Whore who rides the Beast, and this also includes Her Harlot girls.

    Yahuah, not G-o-d = title & pagan elohim (deity).
    Yahusha, not J-e-s-u-s Christ; Jes = ies = when capped IHS.
    Yahu = Yahuah; sha = salvation, hence Yahuah is Salvation.
    As in Yeshayahu (Isaiah); Ye = I; sha = salvation; yahu = Yahuah, hence Salvation is Yahuah.
    Qodesh or Set-apart Spirit, not h-o-l-y (pagan name) spirit.
    El, Elohim, Adoni, Adonai & Adonis are pseudo & pagan names for The Father Abba, Yahuah.
    Yeshua verb meaning Ye = I; shua = salvation.
    Truth = Torah = 1st five books of Mosheh (Moses).
    Religious Paganism + True Faith = Christianity, established at “Edict of Milan” by Constantine in the 4th Century.
    Religion = cult = man’s traditions.
    True Faith = that of the Word, Father Yahuah & Son Yahusha Ha Mashiach.
    PLEASE NOTE: Paleo-Hebrew Yahuah & Yahudah are written the same, only that Yahudah has the Hebrew alphabet “D – Daleth” in it, whereas Yahuah doesn’t have it. And that is where Yahuah is derived from, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls to back that information up, along with other resources.

    Father & Son are One, not trinity, originated from pagan Babylonian religion.
    TaNaKh & Messianic Writings, not Bible = Lady of B-y-b-l-o-s.
    The sequential letter order Y = I = J.
    Alleluia, Hallelujah, Halleluyah Praise Yahuah, not L-o-r-d = B-a-a-l = “spirit of” Satan.
    Amen = Amen-Ra  or  Amun-Ra = pagan deity — it is pronounced Amein.

    WiFi free downloads: “The Besorah of Yahusha” note: disregard the elohim in the Scriptures, which is a pseudo false & pagan name for The Most High.
    “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop.
    Reference: The Dead Sea Scrolls

    — Yahuah Bless You on Your Journey to Truth, guided by The Qodesh Spirit unharden your Heart. 
    The Truth which is the Torah (1st Five Books of Mosheh, thus Moses).

    Tumblr: Bread & Wine Basket

  2. TRUTH
    "The Truth will set you free…" spoken of in Scripture, is not man's truth. It is the TRUTH of The Father Abba The Creator Yahuah, which is His "WORD", His Only Begotten Son Yahusha Ha Mashiach. The Truth is the Torah [1st five books of Mosheh(Moses)], obeying the 10 Commandments & Right-rulings of The Most High Yahuah.
    The Babel Churches tell you the "Old Testament — 10 Commandments & Right-rulings" were nailed to the stake (cross pagan name), this is a LIE! 
    For all religions are cults, Satan's little gems. 
    It goes all the way back to "The Tower of Babel". 
    Nimrod  =  B-a-a-l   =  L-o-r-d   =  Satan.

    Get it? The Greatest Deception of ALL time!

  3. Thank you for sharing that message. I was in tears. 😥But thank Yah the most high Amen. 🙌🙌🙌☝


  5. Yahweh's House is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan's power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh. Romans 6:16

  6. even as a child I knew that there was something different about black people and why we have and still endure so much in this land. I would always question within myself the reasons why…why do they hate us so much??? why??? through reading the bible for deeper understanding and research and speaking with others who were awakened… I realized why. I thank you for you post. they are so informative and such a revelation into who I am and how the Word of God directly relates to me. I no longer feel like an outsider trying to learn the language and culture of another to be saved or to fit in. I now know that these words are about me and my family…my people.

  7. Truth of Yahweh Sharper than any 2 edged sword…..Really am Thankful for you" Brother Sister" for your labor of love , for Hebrew Israelites…..May Yah's Peace be upon you yours Eternally !!!

  8. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS SHALOM BE TO OUR PEOPLE!!!!! I thank THE MOST HIGH on this Shabbat day for his GRACE and MERCY and him allowing us to repent for things we know and things we don't know!!!!

    I also pray that we are strengthen each day as we purge out our imperfections and issues of years upon years of pain and mis-guidance.. As we all awake I'm praying that we stay woke and seek The Most High to the End and the endurance is humbling as we cry and pray for daily help as we are servants toThe Most High. May Yah HELP US ALL in this day and time and be of good courage and through Yahusha name HALLELUYAH! !!!

    Shalom brother Yahuda and Sister Deborah!! WE LOVE YOU and WE THANK YOU for ALL YOUR obedience and WORK that you do for US!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  9. I have one problem with this video, the white man you put as jesus, is really offensive cause that guy in the picture when you said listen to me that is Ceasar Borgia please take that white man out of that video, but besides that it's awesome

  10. Watchman Report May THE ALMIGHTY YAHAWAH Bless and guide you, your wife and your family. I have watching lot's of your documentaries on the books of Enoch and heard you and your wife read from other removed books that were supposed to be there which aren't. I was wondering if there's anyway I can get a copy of the 14 books that were removed please. I've to know the truth about me being a Hebrew Israelite this year I feel so embarrass of the fact I always known myself as a Haitian African, and thinking that my forefathers was from Africa, and that they were Africans sold into slavery that's all I've ever known until 3 months ago. Now living in the United States I came to know the truth and it seems very frustrating for the white people to hear or believe that the one they call jesus is a BLACK MAN, they laugh and scorn at me they want to keep their white jesus white. Now I know our true identity, though it has been hidden and it was hidden on purpose so that we wouldn't never find our sources of fuel. THE MOST HIGH HEAVENLY FATHER WILL bring back the fuel that was fueling us back in those days, THE ALMIGHTY YAHAWAH Has not forgotten About HIS People, HE Will Restore and Renew us again, if its not being done as we speak. now anyone who has the spirit of The MOST HIGH Knows exactly that The MOST HIGH Said do not add to this book and do not take away from this book for every word and every scripture is inspired by by The MOST HIGH So now I'm so glad that through prayer about 3 months ago I came to watch a video and so some black Hebrew Israelite people talking about this subject, I'm like what in the world are they talking about that they are Hebrew Israelite I said that's not true at all the Jewish are of a white race, I'm not white how can I be a Hebrew Israelite impossible. well I guess my eyes just opened to a whole different level of Truth which truly aggravate the white people around me in my hometown they don't even want to listen to me because they think that I'm believing a different gospel but that's okay.

  11. Shalom… Amazing video! I pray for the tribe of Judah, my tribe. I hear the knowledge that those young men possess, however I can to hear the pain and frustration in their voices too.

    I pray that they will come to realize that the most High God will take care of us all and Vengeance is HIS!
    Beautiful video.

  12. Why are we not preaching this to our youth. They are compleatly lost and need gidense and hoope. Right now they feel like they have non. That is why they make nothing of themselfs.

  13. Trying to understand all Judah will be punish for wrongfully treat women of Judah or just the ones who don't repent help me to understand


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