The Sins of Judah: The way back to Jerusalem revealed!

The way back to Jerusalem revealed!

Israel in the land of their captivity Ezra 9:1-5

Ezra Prays….Ezra 9:6-15

The Solution…Ezra 10 put away the strange wives

Judah and Jerusalem unto all the children of the captivity Ezra 10:7

Jerusalem is in a mess and the people in great distress…Nehemiah 1:1-4

Nehemiah Prays…Nehemiah 1:5-11

The King sees Nehemiah’s sadness and sends him to Jerusalem…Neh 2

The other nations despises, laughs and scorns Yah’s people
Neh 2:19 (KJV)
Nehemiah prays again…Neh 4:1-6
They rebuilt the wall ready to fight…Nehemiah 4:7-23
The leaders of Israel learned wicked ways from the heathen Nehemiah 5:1-13
The work is finished …Neh 6:15 (KJV)

Nehemiah 7:1 The wall is built….world war Z

Yah’s army Joel 2:1-11

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  1. Rental agreements work in reverse the Landlord so called is responsible for the up keep of the property that is being provided as a SERVICE and that his licences and fees to the municipality are up to date and in effect. The Rental property is typically seen as 'Essential Housing' particularly at a time where land is not being released and banks are not lending to developers, in climates such as this which is representative of the English speaking countries, that Rental Properties are becoming more essential than at any other time in history.   As a side issue the TERM should be made a mandatory 3 years for families in any Rental agreement in any language or Jurisdiction as a minimum 🙂

  2. shalom brother and sister love the teaching and the way open prayer you and your wife magnify understanding in his word all praise to the most high

  3. Judah has always been weak in the loins. Hasatan knows this and it is an effective weapon against the men of the Most High who is purging out the rebels:Ezekiel 20:38 And I will purge out from among you the rebels and them that transgress against me. THUS SAITH THE MOST HIGH. smh. I thank TMH for not being in this situation. sad.

  4. YAH is all knowing. HIS WILL BE DONE, in all things. Claud Black, I guess that's your name. Each race of people you listed have some mixing in their population. If YAH be with me are you with his blessing. I'm the head, not tail in my house. YAH is the head of my life period.

  5. I think their son is annoying and a bit disrespectful. I've heard him on plenty of videos and his haughty attitude reeks out, even in how he emphasizes his words. I'm glad they are teaching him right and correct in truth. But he needs to put the breaks on and LISTEN and allow others to listen. You can hear in his tone that he thinks people are stupid. I come to get truth, not to hear judgmental statements that start out with, 'That's like….". JMO

  6. It was only seven nations the Israelites were forbidden to intermarry with outlined in Deuteronomy 7:1 which were the nations living in Canaan which the Israelites were commanded to completely destroy.

  7. just to confirm your point about not marrying outside our race. I'm originally from Nigeria, western part of Africa and its forbidden in our ancestral culture of the Yoruba's to marry a white person. Parents strongly oppose it and are ready to disown their kids that go against the traditions. I strongly advise you research the origins and culture of the yoruba people and you will be amazed when you compare it with the words of Adonai in the book of Deuteronomy. Shalom

  8. i want to ask a question and that question is in reference to you Mr Yahu and Mrs Deborah Yah Israel on how the blessing God blessed you with materialized into a physical payment for your house so you didn't have to pay mortgage, i seem to see how most people who preach seem to dodge the question of the blessing of God when it comes to money, You said in your this video the sins of judah: the way back to jerusalem, that when you did what God told you to do , that God blessed you so you wouldn't have to pay for your mortgage but you seem to skip, did someone give you the house, did you pay for it, if you did so how did you do it, what business did you do, we are all trying to find our way and believe in this yah you preach, but are you not going about it the same way the fake preachers preach about how God blessed them to be able to pay for certain things without sharing how you got the money to do so or the source of the money, knowing money comes from human hands?, or is it as we know from the offerings in cash that you receive from those who believe wholeheartedly that support your work of preaching this Yah? and please if you will not give a an honest and sincere answer, that says i got it through money that someone paid for or my business grew so i i could pay for it, or you had an idea on what to do and where the money came from, please do not bother to respond at all. i am really tired of those who cannot be honest in preaching the truth of their many blessings

  9. Can you clarify Genesis 9:3 that was stated from God who told Noah all foods are considered clean after the flood, which pork, beef, or other meats were not specified? I heard about the Isaiah 66:17, but confused in contrary to Genesis.

  10. I actually enjoy hearing the perspective of their son. He is not a little boy, but a young man growing in the knowledge of The Most High. He needs to have an understanding of and voice for The Word. It will be most beneficial if he uses that voice now and have it trained, then to sit back closed-mouthed and have to figure it out later at an age where he should be ready to lead. He is being mentored, as he should, in his home with his parents. Let's be thankful we are being allowed to "sit-in" and partake in the lessons the Watchman could keep to his immediate family only, and not say disrespectful things about their family. If they want their son to speak then so be it.

  11. I asked the elder about that chapter in Joel 2 and he gave a different answer in front of the whole assembly. This was over a year ago when I was attending fellowship here in Atlanta. I wash I could remember his answer. I was just starting to come out of chastisment my thoughts were clear and I was able to hold on to info again. Yea! It's so deep when you going through that you could lose your keys after you just placed them down right besides you. No one can tell me about a small punishment the Most High would allow due to your sins. I'm thankful because this ain't no movie it's all real and it still has me stuck at times what I been through. Shalom

  12. Judah was devil worshippers in South America druids there in America controlled by druids my pope banned from Rome

  13. Judah made Jerusalem hate kill me and kept names then my brother prophet Muhammad punish those people tricked by Judah

  14. I actually stumbled and I even shouldn't use the word stumbled across this video early this morning and I have been trying to watch it all day long and unfortunately I have been interrupted all day long so I had to wait until that part of the day when there was complete silence in the house for me to hear this message.

    I have been in this walk for about 2 years but for the past 6 years I was engaged to a heathen and it really pains me to say that but the truth is the truth

    I was in such a terrible relationship with a Hebrew Israelite until my heart was just turned against all of them until I stumbled across the truth

    I went to one of the pastors in the church that I used to fellowship at because she is married to a heathen and I went to her to be counseled and my question to her was are we supposed to be marrying outside of the race because I keep running across scriptures that says that we're not supposed to and basically she said to me that was in the Old Testament and all that was done away with she said God judged them differently than He will us and I remember as she said that I had such a confusion that came over me

    I have since called off the engagement because I know we are not supposed to do it
    Even though you did this video back in 2015 I am so glad that today I was able to hear it. I spoke to Seed of Israel and The North Gate when I first was seeking for the truth about this two years ago and they gave me a lot of scriptures as well to reference this to

    Just want yo say thank you Father for being patient with me while I learned the truth and He provided an escape for me in Your Son most precious and holy name

    Sorry so long winded


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