The spirit of betrayal in the Last Days

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Comment (25)

  1. There is a person i work with indirectly but I don't trust them. It seems like they are trying to get way to close to me way to fast. I avoid going anywhere with the like on vacations, outings. I don't want to be bothered with them like that.

  2. I was Devastated when my Oldest brother started dating the woman who stabbed me 4 No reason and we were next door neighbors!

  3. It’s not always jealousy sometimes it’s the fact that we have started walking a different walk. They can’t imagine you not being a “Christian”, no Pagan holidays anymore?! What? So slowly your family turns, here come the hate. “Welcome to my world”.

  4. The Truth Hurts but It Must be Told HalleluYah PRAISE Yahuah too much cuddling when Yahuah does NOT cuddle

  5. Family’s the worse! Great teaching, can’t thank Yahuah enough for you guys. Shabbat Shalom Y’Israel! May Yahuah continue to protect & bless us.

  6. Shabbat shalom fam! The administration at the fulfillment Center in Dupont Washington is a betraying administration. They pit the management and staff against one another creating a fear based workplace. Homosexuality appears to be there love. This new manager and fellow employee discriminated against me with the spirit of betrayal. Working in tandem they became a dual of prejudice, racism and bigotry. Observing them be so ugly I left that Department falls on it's face daily now and now the manager is threatening me with the administration in toe. I said if it's so bad fire me. I was just given the award of being one of the top employees with two other people. It's unfortunant but I will either sue them or leave to another work place. They're under pressure because I refuse to work in that area anylonger. I work hard and smart but the company supports hatred so I really don't care anylonger about it.

  7. Shabbat Shalom. I have a very serious and intimate question? As I decided to leave Christianity and usher myself into being just a child of Yah and accepting His ways. I noticed that the focus HAS shifted from the teachings of Yahshua to the focus of Yah or Elohim in terms of referencing the works. I really enjoy you both and how meekly you both teach the lessons, however I would like to get a level of understanding of where the focus is. Is it Yahawa or Yahshua? The reason being simply if we are following the Bible in it’s entirety then the focus should be both old and new covenant correct? Much so the new so we can carry on the commandments of Yahshua. Again, this is just a question to get a better perspective of what you both follow and believe. Todah Rabah, Shabbat Shalom.

  8. The devil only wars with those who are walking down the narrow lonely path, and if you are living a set apart life, the only way he can get you to fall off is by using people closest to you, having contact with you regularly. We are to be gentle as a dove and wise as a……. Blessings!


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