The spirit of Judas: spiritual wickedness in low places

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  1. I just want to strengthen my walk. And prove to the Most High my loyality yet the wicked plays hard. I see i should not tried to do that side job because all it did was cause problems

  2. shalom my brother and sister in YAHUSHA once again another wonderful spirit filled lesson . YAH bless the both of you and your family💃

  3. That is what that Jedi guy did to you both, Understand you open your door to him, sat at your table then went off on you Deborah like a mad man yes be careful whom you trust one brother whom I see in your Shabbat chat he gone make his own videos condemning you and then said he hoped his video played right along side yours for ratings down right childish
    and wicked. Our people is sick and Isreal is a hot mess.

  4. Too late…I have been like this for SO long, I really believe things happen for a reason. I have tried many times and find that I keep falling into the same addiction which is entertaining negeative thoughts!!!!! How do you come from this kind of thinking when you have been in it for SO long? I have so many questions…could Judas have changed? Or was it his purpose? I am starting to believe that it was his purpose because prophecy had to be fulfilled…thanks.

  5. That same spirit back in the days of The Most High's Son is still here today (Good and bad). They are teaching the truth.

  6. I watch some of your videos , most I do not watch, I am about to stop watch any of your videos, God is not about confusion , you two confuse people that do not know the word, when you first came on you seem to know what you believed, you have led people to so called water, yet when they get to the water there is none. you said you were no dam Christian, I did not like that or agree with what you said, you talked against being a Christian, now you are saying you are no dam Hebrew, this is very confusing to young Christians , just what are you and your husband up to. anyone can say they are a Christian , a Hebrew, or Jesus, that does not make it true, just because people say they are Christian , and kill and murder, that makes them a liar , that does not mean the word Christian is wrong , or dishonest, same as the word Hebrew any black man or women can say they are an Israelite, or Hebrew, and do all kinds or terrible things, that does not mean that the word Hebrew, or Israelite  are sinful , evil or anything like that. you are putting the wrong message, you are confusing people, and this war you have with this other dude with 2or 3 wives, you guys need to stop, in America bigomy is against the law and they will find t out, I did not look at this video at all, I have a feeling you all are about to expose some tthing to confuse the people further, whats up with the left eye, if you guys are showing videos in the left eye, you are definitely not of GOD, God is going to expose you if you are ou  out to confuse the flock, its hard enough for HEBREWS TO FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE AND LEARN TO LIVE THE WAY GOD WANTS.    PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THE SHEEP, GOD HAS MADE SALVATION EASY, PASSOVER IT SELF IS NOT AN EASY THING , ALL THE FEAST THAT GOD SAY TO DO FOREVER THROUGH OUT YOUR GENERATIONS , HE MEANT JUST THAT , FOREVER MEANS FOR EVER , THERE IS SO MUCH I HAVE TO SAY , IT WILL BE TOO MUCH, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SELF  OR GOD WILL, THERE ARE NO THREATS OF ANY KIND IN THIS COMMENT IN THE BEGINNING YOU TWO SEEM LIKE A NICE HEBREW COUPLE     YOU HAVE TURNED AGAINST HEBREW, YOU SEEMED LIKE A DECENT ISRAELITE COUPLE, NOW YOU ARE COMING UP WITH A LOT OF STRANGE THINGS, YOU SEEM TO BELIEVE IN BIGOMY, THATS WHAT IT IS, YOU'LL NOT PUSHING FOR IT, YET YOU ARE KINDA LEAVING IT OPEN, HAVING MORE THAN ONE WIFE IS AGAINST THE LAW, THE PROBLEM WITH SOME HEBREWS IS THEY WANT TO LIVE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, WE ARE LIVING IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, SURE KEEP GODS LAWS BUT DONT FORGET WE ARE IN TE NEW TESTAMENT, I WOULD LIKE TO GO INTO IT FURTHER, I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME, SALVATION, EVERY ONE HAS TO BE SAVED, HEBREW ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM IT. GOT TO GO   PEACE AND LOVE

  7. Im dealing with alot of evil people being in my circle right now. Im not understanding if its me or are other people going through this. Its people ive been dealing with my whole life. Whats going on???? And im good to these people.

  8. So, since Judas repented then kilt hiself for betraying the messiah did he still make it into the kingdom of yah

  9. 5 people can see. Narrow is the road that leads to ever lasting life. Only the chosen will see in these evil times. If you people knew how evil these 2 people were you would say they need to be under the prison. Tell them to explain their symbolism and messages on the third eye and horn signs and pyramids what does that have to do with Christ? Like Christmas and easter, what does that have to do with Christ? It's paganism and a high level of satanism and they will burn for it because they are evil devils. Open your eyes people and ask them why they are doing these things? That's Israel's problem always want to fight and kill and stone those who bring forth truth but want to defend the devils. If you follow these 2 I promise it will cost you your lives. They are paid to keep you still so that you will be killed in America some of you will be tempted to get the chip and will because of the amount of pain you will suffer in that place and that will cost you eternity. They know all of this and that is their plan, murdering evil wicked satanists. They know they're going to hell and that's why theyre all too happy to sell you people out and scarifice you to their god lucifer. What you didn't know, you will be their sacrifice, why do you think they haven't scarificed any of their children yet? They have about 10, no you will be their scarifice because you blindly followed them and loved them and they didn't love you they are satanists. Open your eyes people! Open your eyes!!

  10. All praise to the most High for allowing me to be here before you on this Shabbat. continue to pray for me that I can continue to keep the faith. praying for you watchman reports and your wife. Barak Ahthah!

  11. Baptizing people??? I TOLD u THIS ALREADY…….! ONLY THE HOLY SPIRIT THE MOST HIGH YAH HIMSELF THROUGH HIS SON YAHUSHA CAN DO THAT, U ARE NEITHER YAH NOR YAHUSHA, IF u Hungrily Seek HIM… HE WILL PUT HIS SPIRIT UPON u!!!…BUT NOT TO BAPTIZE people, AS SOON AS U people STARTS SHARING WITH A worldwide AUDIENCE OR EVEN people who Will Listen…. u all get Carried away BUT HUMBLE yourselves!! u ARE ONE of them that is full of pride,! JOHN THE BAPTIST CAME BAPTIZING WITH WATER AND THERE WAS ONE COMING GREATER THAN HE… This Is WHAT HE SAYS… THAT WOULD BAPTIZE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND FIRE!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!! THE FIRE BAPTISM IS FOR THE unbelievers!!! BELIEVE IN HIM AND you ARE SAVED!!! Not go Baptize In Water, YAHUSHA SAYS……. Of All Men Born Of Women None Has RISEN Or Has BornThat Is GREATER Than JOHN The BAPTIST!!!… who Are you??? The ALMIGHTY Says HE BAPTIZES No MORE With Water After JOHN!!!!!!! YAH LOVES The World So MUCH That HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON That Whosever………………….Finish That Part!!! Practice Some Of What you Preach Until MORE SHALL BE GIVEN you!!! ,. Shalom

  12. giving all praises to Yahusha!! first I said I was not a Christian because Christian means poor fella and I also said I was not a Hebrew because the more you study you find out these were by words, they called our ancestors and even us to this day. You can't get angry with people who study the word. and because some people don't take time to study ( seek, you shall find knock and the door shall be open. so I appreciate them for bringing forth the word with revelation as well as understanding although I still must study for my own knowing. Halal u Yahusha To Yahusha be the glory !

  13. and once again we are not in our land. so we need to be ye careful and remember Yahusha don't give it all to us. to my sister and Brother please be careful it's the little foxes that destroy the vine. I don't know many people getting revelations. you can read the Bible many times and not have one revelation. I am crying out on their behalf. be very aware that Yah is not usin you to be destroyed, pay attention.. go in peace our Father is watching us👀

  14. I cannot believe that was Judas destiny rather YASHUA came to die for our sins how he had to die was not preordained.
    Judas was just injenuine and sinful I pray for strength from most righteous YAH

  15. I needed to learn this message, thank u , yes I feel the most high wanted me to watch this because earlier I was thinking about a few people that did me wrong ,really wrong I was wondering how they are ok with being like that then smearing your nae on top of it and the only thing u showed them was real loyalty , that k u for the teaching , yah bless 🙏🙏😊😊


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