The spirit of Narcissism prophesied in the Bible

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Comment (27)

  1. I was married to a narcissist for so long but didnt realized it until i started researching it, im greatful for your teachings because now i know its a spirit on a person.

  2. Wow! This was a very powerful teaching and very revelant for this present time 12/19. I have struggled with separating from family members and my husband has struggled with people in this awakening. I was NEVER much of a Christian, but the Ruach will tell you the truth about a person, family, or brethren in this walk. And you'll NEVER have Shalom around them. Even on a pleasant day🤔 We must be bold, remain prayerful and search ourselves too. But I stand on the side of TRUTH! (Hence the name) and have NEVER cared how others feel. I don't wanna get caught standing with the wicked or unjust when YAHUAH judges… Serious times indeed

  3. This is just in time for me. Yah truly takes care of us and HE does give us a chance, but when we chose not to discern and use wisdom, he will bring what you thought about someone right to your, face, doorstep.
    That's the ONLY way we will learn!!! Get away from them! Run!
    Then Thank the Most High for protecting you.

  4. Had to listen to this music again. We worship in the morning with these wonderful songs, so my baby son started lip singing and stompin' his feet. Bless Yahuah

  5. Praise Yah!! grandson who is 25 yrs old just got married in June 2020. She seems to be narrsiciat. How do we pray?? I have noticed in just 6 months my grandson getting very discouraged. He has always been very happy. He is born again.

  6. Shalom I'm soooo glad I didn't go university and join sorority I been humbled thru my life since a child and Yah has made me strong and humbled! I can give up the world material things! I know I'm nothing and can't do nothing without Yah

  7. My ex was a narcissist always bragging about his degree, his fraternity, cold hearted man, always comparing his self with others, just truly demon possessed

  8. Thank you SO much 4 addressing this problem!! I didn't know there was a whole community for narc survivors til I got hit rapid-fire 👉🏾💥 by a slew of narcs in the last few years — INCLUDING my parents!! And anytime I confront people on their narcissism — they tell me I'M being 2 sensitive!! And when I've talked to so-called friends about it — as you've said — they tell ME to get w/ ✌🏾the Program✌🏾 & that these are just the times we live in & me as 1 person ain't gon' be able the change anything anyway!! About 2mos. ago, I ran across a sista's channel 📺 who is dedicated solely to helping people survive narcissistic abuse & it I wish I could remember the name of the channel & video, but SHE was the 1 who mentioned the Bible 📖 verse that spoke about "Men becoming lovers of themselves" referring to narcissism!! I had always heard it used it reference to homosexuality, but when this sista used it in the context she used it in, I KNEW in my Spirit that the true meaning of that verse refers 2 narcissism!!. She gave examples of the ratchet things people do on social media, i.e., IG & all these other social media 📲 platforms for clout, & the fact nobody takes accountability 4 their actions & acting as if they can do no wrong — YET THEY can immediately notice the negative qualities in others that they vehemently deny R present in themselves🙄. And the verse has come to pass & THEN some.
    I'm SO ready to leave this 🌎!!

  9. I just want to thank and praise The Most High for using you guys to explain the True Words and Ways of The Kingdom. Glory HalleluYah!!! Shalom Family.

  10. Narcissists come with such a spirit of humility, it can side swipe you before you realize it. Remember in Corinthians it says that the original deceiver shows himself as an 'angel of light"! That was how Eve was so easily seduced!

  11. These people are different. Narcissistic people are different. Cruel and they have absolutely no conscience. Selfish and evil. The numbers are increasing

  12. Spiritual narcissist are very dangerous as well
    They will pretend to take ownership of their wrong actions but they‘ll say they’ve repented which takes away they’re own guilt in their head and end up doing the same things again.

    They also have a dislike towards women and want to dominate them in a very unhealthy ungodly manner.

    They portray the Lord in a way that women only have certain significance in this world.
    That are supposed to benefit men and children
    They are mean. The twist truth in a very smart way
    very wise where many things they say is true but it’s hard to follow them as leaders because they hurt and speak truth and confuse the scriptures at the same time .

    Smh it’s a crazy mind manipulative life.

  13. Hi… I've stumbled upon you guys a few weeks ago. Hope you get this message… looking for the truth… was a SDA. Are we supposed to have jobs, education etc… like the people of the world…

  14. Grown boys and grown girls are acting like children in 🍬 store. I love listen to the truth and apply it in my life👑📖🙏🏾


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