The State of Brain-Machine Interfaces – Prof. Maryam Shanechi

Maryam Shanechi, University of Southern California

With recent technological advances, we can now record neural activity from the brain, and manipulate this activity with electrical or optogenetic stimulation in real time. These capabilities have brought the concept of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) closer to clinical viability than ever before. BMIs are systems that monitor and interact with the brain to restore lost function, treat neurological disorders, or enhance human performance.

February 2018

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  1. I'm always impressed when a talker on highly complex scientific topics manages to make a concise summary like this. It's not easy, there's so much to talk about, but she managed to create a high-level picture that delivered exactly on what was promised. Extremely impressive and got me interested in learning more about the topic.

  2. Need to scale down to Nano technology for interfacing, imagine swallowing a pill and 24 hours later… I can hardly wait till you post Edward Chang's and Aaron Batista's talks.

  3. I think a way can not be known,

    But we can do it.

    Brainwave acquisition of normal people first

    And then this is the training that generates large data

    Then, when collecting brainwaves, this data is querying the existing big data.

    Finding the brainwaves is automatically supplemented.

    It means that human actions are limited before doing these movements.

    Tired of modern AI, but play games like control

  4. US Army uses a form of Neural Disruption to real brainwaves, then applies their Automated Synthesized version that Imitates/Mimics the real… in ALL it's glory… using the Human….. as the interface FOR the computer program. Allows the Computer and it's Front End Users to Command & Control real Human Beings using their Biometrics for Targeting – Autonomously, in Real Time, where ever they are Geolocated (use National Security defense Systems). The Forced Covert Human to Computer Interface is called NeuroCognitive Warfare.

  5. Look up Bio Ethics Committee, a US Army Colonel is on a board Researching Synthetic Neurology & Biology. Also if you Google NeuroCognitive warfare, all Armed Forces are mentioning the brain as the new frontier "against" the enemy.Using the Human as the Interface with the computer – let's someone else decide.
    And NOT in completely natural ways either.
    aka Mastering the Human Domain & Terrain

  6. Sorry, one more post. Look up Maryland's Georgetown University Professor James Giordano. He's a Neuroethicist whose been outspoken concerning the Military/ National Defense abuses and misuses with new technologies. The Military is ruining it for everybody by what they are up to, unless someone gets them in control and makes them accountable.


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