The Stentrode Story – Breakthrough in Brain-Machine Interfaces

Presentation by Dr Nicholas Opie to Convergence Science Network, 26 April 2017 at the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Melbourne.

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  1. Its time honest drs
    Help us
    And speak up

    Attn patriots
    Drs are you willing to finally speak up
    Help us end this silent genocide
    More domestic terrorism programs
    Being funded with your tax dollars
    Human experimentation against
    And abroad

    Mike coppedge

    Ptsd implants
    This is what is being done
    2 vets and people on disabilty
    W/o our knowledge
    Or consent

    Also 4 fibromyalgia


    Are you a vet
    Are you on disability
    Do you suffer with
    Do you feel jolts of electricity from your head to your feet
    Especially tender spots

    The results blew me away. I have never seen an effect as powerful as this.”

    Many of the participants in that study no longer met the criteria for FM after it: that’s a criteria for success that few FM studies are willing to even contemplate using.

    C2 area neurostimulation: a surgical treatment for fibromyalgia. – PubMed – NCBI

    Blind study using permanent nerve zapping
    Our government is investing billions of dollars in the research of fibromyalgia
    Just not how you were hoping

    Ssd fibromyalgia Tender points in at least 11 of 18 tender point areas
    of the body, with tender points occurring on both sides of the body
    and both above and below the waist. 
    You can see a list of the tender points in the  SSA's recent ruling on fibromyalgia.

    They are hoping to cause enough nerve damage
    Or whatever 
    To do enough damage to your nerves and nerve endings
    Where you no longer have pain

    So they can secretly screw you out of fibromyalgia diagnosis and disability

    The torture,they do with
    The implants

    (1) Monitor my movements.

    (2) Hear and record my conversations along with those with whom I talked. The harassers occasionally played back to me through the inner ear excerpts of some of those conversations.

    (3) See my body during those movements and also when I was immobile (especially when I slept) in 3-D. They can zoom in on any part of the body and see that part much like a cat scan views the body. I do not yet know whether they view my body in true color or black and white. Nor do I know whether the device allows them to see my front and back simultaneously.

    (4) Apply a variety of torture techniques to my body. Those include: (a) sending pain and a sensation of pin pricks in my shoulders, face, elbows, and other areas, (b) bombarding my body with electrical jolts and tremors, (c) zapping my brain with laser-like rays that make a clicking/crackling sound, attemp ting to destroy brain cells (d) causing severe cramping, mainly in my legs, and numbness in my limbs from the base of the spinal column to my toes, (e) making me cough through pinpricking the inside of my throat and causing a partial erection by touching the inside of the urethra, and (f) causing headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness.

    (5) Transmit voices either into my brain or into my inner ear and also project voices and other sounds through objects near me, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near me. Sounds may take the form of knocking on your door (when there is nobody there), dogs barking (when there are no dogs around), and birds cooing or singing (when there are no birds).

    (6) READ MY THOUGHTS. Several manufacturers have developed microchip programs with that capability. At first, the program picked up only a few one and two syllable words. Now, however, those thoughts appear on their computer monitor in their entirety, probably somewhat like automated, computerized captions for the hearing impaired on TV. I know this because I often heard the terrorists repeating my thoughts, almost as fast as I developed them. They often used to repeat my silent prayers, with the reader’s voice only a word or so behind my words.

    Magnus olsson
    Also on facebook

    Active denial system
    Type of energy being used on U.S Citizens
    See my mobile uploads

    They are also attacking me relentlessly with directed energy, trying to murder me for trying to expose these murderers and their crimes.

    I have my pictures uploaded to facebook showing how bad they have burned my legs
    Now they are attacking my vital organs relentlessly
    Every where
    Trying to murder me

    I have,severe hearing loss
    Please,contact me
    Thru email or text me


    Also since going on disability
    Im bombarded w
    Noises 24/7

    Unexplained noises
    Sounds like someome hitting a bongo
    At different decibal level

    Also from day 1
    Followed everywhere


    Covert harassment
    Organized stalking

    These secret programs
    Human experimentation
    against citizens
    Has to be exposed
    Made public

    I underwent an alleged
    Colonoscopy procedure
    In the hospital where i was put to sleep

    All seemed ok
    The night i got released started to get jolts of electricity
    All over my body

    But while i was in the hospital 4 days after the procedure no jolts of electricity

    Thru 3 years of heavy researching above is the information i found
    This is what is being done to vets and people on disability

    Will you honest drs contact me

    No states secrets
    National security
    Gag orders
    Are,supposed to be placed to hide and conceal crimes but its being done

    Also no states secrets
    National security
    Gag orders
    Human and civil rights
    Mental and physical health

  2. Did they use labrats to test it …Not possible so they used unwitting humans and injected RFIDs, implants. They are called Targeted Individuals, TIs and are in every country worldwide. It is a total loss of freedom. 100s of YouTube videos explaining TI torture, also many groups on FB and Twitter. Your mind can be read and repeated back in a nanosecond via V2K, Voice to skull. Microwaves are sent to the implants causing multi sounds called Microwave hearing. You need to read as much as possible. Dozens of books. Mind Control is another title to search.
    It is cruel, immoral, inhuman, illegal.
    I have to say the tech is awesome if used for those who cannot communicate just hell for those secretly put in The Programme. Look up NSA and CIA whistleblowers, also TIs.

  3. Intrusion upon the brain and trespass on the person. For the finite group of paraplegia this may be fine but the military may want to expand this to get more compliant killers without consciences. This would take moral decision making away from individual soldiers.


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