The Story of Aladdin and it's origins with King Solomon: 2019 Movie Aladdin

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Comment (48)

  1. Vishnu is blue. Not sure what the color signifies. The Smurfs were blue and supposedly the hat they wore is a hat that Hebrew Israelites wore. I've forgotten what the hat is called.

  2. The same mind trick in a different package each time. Fame, fortune beyond your imagination is given to you for the selling of your soul. Heed the warning ⚠️

  3. Shalom you guys should do story time I love the graphics and the way you guys put it all together. Maybe you guys can get the other stories of other movies and books that should be revealed for what it is select the people know where the origin come from so they won't be misled

  4. I remember when I was like maybe 6/7 around 1992/93 my mom's bought me this giant fairytale book taller than I was with that original Aladdin story in it.

    When my grandmoms came over and seen the book for the first time she made moms get rid of it. I was so pissed.

    Now I understand

  5. Thank You For this Info Family! I was just watching Aladdin & decided to some research and found this same King Solomon Story .. I never would’ve guessed this where they got the inspiration for that movie .. Glad We All on the Same Page !! Praise Father Yah 🙏🏾💯

  6. Eve was ill.
    She became evil.
    If we keep disrespecting our creator and his commands we will enable Evolution.
    Dev's are Gin.
    When people act dev'ill they are devil.


    All truths are self evident.

    One Team

  7. You the woman literally think and say repeatedly that all whitey is the devil. You're an BIBLICALLY
    uneducated dumbass!!! – That's my conclusion.of you.

    Your man should know better and check your bitter misguided pridefueledself. You stopped where you were comfortable with a perception that is unbiblical and feels good to your racist flesh. Correct yourselves. Its embarrassing and disappointing. You do good work other than that dumbass conclusion.

  8. Alladin two depicts the children of Isreal as the chosen seed. when you watch it, the movie shows the slave ships, America( red, white, blue tie) the sharks that followed it, DNA, They sing a song about us being in the wilderness AGAIN. The bride and her SAVIOR. It's talking about us. It opens up with a greeting….Moses, the sand it's every were, get use to it, we're the only ones called the sand of the sea. I don't know about all this demons stuff your talking about!… I'm sure it started out with this, it's always about SATAN tricks…and the falling angels… That's how we know it's about us, the CHOSEN.

  9. Is it possible that some people will go watch the movie for entertainment purposes only, having no evil intent, and walk away from the movie in no worse a sinful state than thet were prior to watching the move??????

  10. Also, I would state that youtube itself is a tool that satan uses in his rebellion against the MOST HIGH, and I would wager that it has done far more damage than the Aladdin story has done entirely…

  11. It made me think of the personalities of Israeli culture and it bought mordecai to mind. How honourable they must have been. It made me tear up. It’s the way you perceive it I guess.

  12. How many people out there would like to have a genie grant you 3 wishes ?

  13. I'm tired of the evil in this world all fairytale are nasty. I can't wait to see Jesus come back I was watching it. but mightest will just ask Jesus for a dream or vision God ya lest pray together 🌈

  14. "A Muslim sleeping with a Jinn….now that was the sin that did Jezebel in. Who you gone tell when the repercussions spin". -Lauryn Hill
    Jinn are still here still "granting wishes" in Hollywood still causing chaos on this earth. These are the fallen demons here on earth turn away from your wicked ways and seek the most high we are going to need him.

  15. Jinn or ginie are demonic entity….distortion of truth is at its best again. Ok their next move is to release the jinn across the world now.

  16. Why does your voice sound wierd? So Solomon brought a demon in the holiest of holys for help? What kind of blasphemy is this?

  17. Will Smith plays the demon Jinn (Genie). The demon had been trapped for hundreds or thousands of years, normally it would not want to be set free to leave, but to inhabit Alladin himself.

  18. Will Smith plays the demon Jinn (Genie). The demon had been trapped for hundreds or thousands of years, normally it would not want to be set free to leave, but to inhabit Alladin himself. And how would the sorcerer have known about the existence of this buried or hidden lamp? Probably from another demon.

    Why did we have to create a new word for the Arabic word Jinn. The real translation is demon. When did the word Genie enter the English language?

  19. King Solomon was building the Temple , The Temple Yah approved of… with the help of a demon??? And an archangel gave it to him?? Means that… Yah ordered an angel to give so to Solomon??? Pfff!


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