The Struggle between the Spirit and Flesh

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Comment (46)

  1. This Truly Blessed Me Elder Watchman!! Thank You for bringing this out!! Praise YAH for the understanding of it! Continue Your Good Work in YAH!! Much Love!! YAH Sent No Doubt! Shalom!!!

  2. Salaamah family. This video is truly a great blessing! Thank YOU HEAVENLY FATHER YAH! HALLELUYAH!! We must become spiritual and cease from carnality! Why? Because we love HIM! We love YAH!. Matondo Watchman! He who has ears, let him hear what the Rua, Ruwa, SPIRIT is saying! Halleluyah! Salaamah!

  3. I truly appreciate your taking the time to elaborate on the importance of walking and living in the spirit. I know I needed this. I hear so much about being lead by the Ruach but get very little practical application on how to do it. It's as if most spiritual leaders expect it to come "naturally ". All my life before I gave my life to Yahushua, I just did my own thing. Learning to be lead by the Ruach requires discipline and intentionality. I would love to hear more teaching on this. Thank you for what you have shared so far.

  4. Heavenly to hear The Word speak what THE SPIRIT has already taught. HALLELUYAH.!!!…..
    Bless the heart and soul of your unity as one, your growth and TMH’s use of your genuine continual search to identify, share and get to the CRUX/MEAT/SUBSTANCE/ROOT/FOUNDATION of TRUTH as it actually is……..
    Those that have ears let them hear the revelation of ones heart…….

    Thank and bless you for your precious time and effort……..
    I’m so grateful for your company in The Walk and to see others of us on the same page……..
    This reasoning was a “yearning of the spirit light” to my heart and soul in a moment of needing the solidarity of THE WORD to describe THE SPIRIT……….
    Humbly thank you Father for always providing the exact spiritual food at the exact moment needed …….
    A message above messages……..
    We will speak with one voice accordingly to Romans 15:5.
    1 John 2:27

  5. Thank you for this lesson i gained so much understanding of what it means to be spiritually minded POWERFUL!


  7. I keep seeing sinning. I'm a woman who just wants to get loved kissed and wanted to a point I. It happened today… 😐 I I'm alone and the feeling is just too much. 😢

  8. I'm still struggling but my walk is still very strong and I'm overcoming day by day. Ach thank you for your words

  9. I have learned so much, I started watching last month and I have been feeling like God is talking to me and getting my attention. To walk in the spirit has truly been my desire. It has also been a struggle to stay focused & be consistent but I noticed when I'm focused I can hear. I am really excited about learning and ready to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. I've had so many questions and You and your wife have been a blessing. Pls keep me in prayer I really need it, thank you and God bless you and your family over and over.

  10. HalleluYAH. Thank you brother for this video. It has blessed and will bless me and other men as well. Peace, love and blessings to you and your family.

  11. HALALUYAHUAH BARUK YAHUAH EVERYTHING IN THE NATURAL IS IN THE PHYSICAL IS SPIRITUAL HALALUYAHUAH YES YAHUAH SHOWED AND REVEALED This is where you put your time on your knees being on your knees is spiritual keys you remove the spiritual blinders off your eyes and off your ears and to decree and declare and as you do this it shall be established AND TO ANOINT All of that stuff is of the natural this is where it starts HAVE EAR HEAR Reverence YAHUAH STARTS IN THE HEART BY HEARING YAHUAH He pulls you out of all these things of the world and removes all of these filthy things from us and purifies edifies and sanctifies us for instance I used to have a sticker on the back of my vehicle that said high maintenance and YAHUAH Said daughter you are no longer high maintenance you’re under my maintenance and did he ever put me through his maintenance 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰HALALUYAHUAH BARUK YAHUAH We must have the right balance YAHUAH Showed me in the RUACH The game topple I asked the father why am I seeing this he said because most of us do not have the correct balance just like if we have pains in our feet that is showing an indication that we are off balance and our soul so having the balance is crucial IF NOT ITS AN ABOMINATION TO YAHUAH SHALUM

  12. I REALLY needed this. This has been my toughest battle. YAHUAH gave us a simple solution. Our flesh just makes it difficult. Every day that we're not eating spiritual food is a wasted day and keeps us open for attack. And in these last days we can't afford anymore wasted days.
    YAHUAH Baruk family.

  13. Yes! I have been on the same journey as you. I am chosen and living for my Father is the only way. Thank you

  14. Don't hold back in the deep spiritual teachings. Most may not get it but there are some who will. I would love to hear.

  15. When you get that wrapped up in desires where is THE MOST HIGH YAH in all of this. You begin to put your desires before THE MOST HIGH YAH.

  16. This video is so on time just last night I suffered through some personal things carnally of course and when I woke up this morning to start devotions this was the first video that popped up and as I watched it I felt this message was personally directed to me even though it premiered December 31st 2019. Yah"s Word will never go out null and void. It goes directly to whom it is intended and for that I want to say thank you so much for the spiritual chastisement through TMH Word.

  17. These videos have been a blessing to my life! I’m thinking I want to learn Hebrew language! Have any of you all learned it? Shalom family✨🙏🏾

  18. Thanks for caring, puff up by fleshy mind, 1pet 2:11 obtain from fleshy lust, which war against the soul,
    The flesh lead man to carnality, if a person is driven by carnality, righteousness is throw through the window, John 2:15-16 says love not the word nor the things in it, love this teachings.

  19. When Jesus said we don't wrestle with flesh and blood is because it is ALL about the spirit of the man

    Either we are alive IN Christ
    We are d-e-a-d TO Christ

    There is NO going to heaven when we die like people profess about going – to church on a Saturday OR Sunday

    The Kingdom of God is a way of being- we MUST be- born again spiritually – this IS the translation IN TO the Kingdom of God it has nothing to do with being a member of ANY church on this earth

    Membership is by the REbirth only and gives us the fellowship ANY thing less is not of God and is simply socializing which is what the world does – one challenges us to grow UP! in Christ and all those things that are to be a part of it- the other talks about those things that are but temporary and have NO bearing to eternity

    We own nothing NOR anyone- God owns ALL!!!

    Our lives prove whom stewards us and we are also to be sober in all things- sober meaning with the right state of mind and no!one is in their right mind UNless he/she has the mind of Christ

    We are saved- we are being saved and we will be completely saved upon the 1st resurrection
    Sanctification is UNlearning the wayS of man/SELF to learn the Way of God- Jesus NOW the Christ by the working of the Holy spirit ANY thing else is the familiar spiritS of man- common to man- the d-e-a-d one!!!

  20. When we are born again according to Gods standard- singular- we are the Church!!!
    We are the Tabernacle- Temple and the Tent of Meeting moving around and have our being read by ALL!men whether dead OR alive for BOTH will create t r o u b l e!!! It will stir the religious who are found in those places who profess Christ YET! come in their own name OR that of another when in- fact Christ came in His Fathers name- since He was sent BY Him – I have just recently learnt that it is one thing to be called it is quite another to be co missioned!!!

    There is but One church and NOT the many!!!
    The Only church Christ is returning for is the One He found and established
    Found- the people by going TO the people
    Establishing the Church by way of choosing specific men – setting aside these same men- teaching to train these men so AS to do as He DID!

    No ministry gift to the Church – chosen by God- for the church is commissioned to go ANY where except he/she is called and whose life resembles that of Christ

    The gifts of the spirit are the tools used to maneuver thru the preparation

    No one is commissioned without proper supervision by God Himself

    No man of ANY sort has any authority in this matter- ALL movements of the Church collective/individual is to be sanctioned/sanctified only by the Holy spirit who is the ONLY Teacher OF spiritual matters

    Social media has done a good job in bringing out the false right to our door step – don't even need to leave ANY house

    Only '8' was saved on the ark Noe built UNDER the directives OF God- from the building materials– foundation AND the tools to use FOR building- gifts of the spirit

    No person can have ANY understanding of spiritual matters UNless the spirit of God resides withIN- Gods omni- present is a totally different matter

    It would be well to also know that the guard has been changed- it looked like it was the pastor who leads the house- NOT true- it is the prophet/ess one of the foundations of the Church with which Jesus is the Chief Administrator

    God has always had prophets and since we are NO longer in the foreshadowing of the Church the prophetess is also included for God respected the Jewish customs and now He made the BETTER way- there is NO gender in Christ – even males who are born again spiritually are part of the Bride/feminine- in the carnal this would equate to men marrying men where one is the femminate- God is not a spiritual homosexual ANY more than a spiritual paedophile- He is returning for a virtuous woman NOT a child AND God has one Bride and NOT the many He is NOT a spiritual bigamist neither!

    Wake Up!
    Get UP!
    Grow – UP!!!

  21. God creates disciples who are disciplined by the Holy spirit in order- Gods order to burn the hell!out of us here by WAY of Holy spirit who is the refining- fire to create gold which is a metaphor FOR purity!!!

    We will not walk on streets of gold it is just to say that the directions of the man will only have godly intentions

    We literally sleep IN Christ- in- waiting to HEAR the SOUND of the Trumpet OF God to wake us up for those who are IN Christ recognize THOSE things OF God!!!

    I am a living witness to this the Holy spirit being my witness – I have died and He used this to teach me to tell others and there is sooo much of the More!!!

    He proves US to prove Himself TO us FOR His Name- Sake – we have NONE until HE gives us ONE!!!

    We are to live in both Kingdoms AS God sees and hears fit!

    We control NO ministry position NOR any spiritual gift/S it is the Holy spirit who over- sees the Church collective and sees- over the Bride/individual like a loving husband does- putting Her back in to Her rightful position when she does not reverence Him like He is teaching Her to- this is the finger print of ANY godly marriage on this earth!

    What a picture!
    What a comparison!!
    The Godhead is most romantic either way!

    This is the love!!!
    God is love
    With this
    Righteous judgment

    O' magnify the Lord with me and let US exalt Him together!!!

    God is good!!!
    Reference Romans CH 8 v 28 ❤❤❤


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