The Stumbling Stone Of The Proud (How Pride Endangers Our Salvation)

The Danger of Pride
This video looks at the stumbling stone of the proud, or more specifically, how pride endangers our salvation. We will look at what the stumbling stone actually is that prevents us from overcoming pride, so we know how to be triumphant over this roadblock to the kingdom of the Most High.

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These books have been preserved for the End Times for the wise to understand.
We continue to see the changes around the world and bringing in to see what Our Heavenly Father wants us to learn.

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  1. Shalom my brother, may I ask you please, do you pray before you start your teachings? I’m not sure if you’ll do so before coming on but you know it’s very important…. PROVERBS 3:5-6♥️.

  2. Shalom dear brother, can you turn on the subtitles of the different languages, that would be very nice. I understand English, but not everything so perfectly. Yahuah bless you and your families in the name of Yahusha HallaluYAH Greetings Sister Zobida from Germany

  3. Brother this was quite edifying. As you know already I am quite new to your teachings and I want to thank you for being a gentleman and very respectful to my comments when I was angry on another of your YouTube. Thank You for that. And my apologies to all. Do you have a email address?


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