The Terminator Robots are actually computer generated images

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  1. That may have been a pretty convincing CGI of a military combat AI/Robot, but if you visit Boston Dynamics and see the development their doing with autonomous AI/ Robotics, you will be shocked at how much their research and development approximates the CGI production…

  2. You were not wrong watchmen you just received more information. Shalawam and may the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob continue to bless you and your family and with his knowledge wisdom and understanding.

  3. They created Sophia, the female Humanoid. For sure, they have the masculine form. Believe it or not.🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Thanks for making a follow up on this. Even though that particular video was CGI, they’re putting it in videos for predictive programming. They’re trying to make us think it’s not real, so when it’s revealed people will still think it’s fake. Yah come soon!

  5. Such a humble Elder and Teacher. Your wife and children are blessed.

    Thank you for clearing that up, Elder.

    ~Shabbat Shalom~

  6. That video did catch my eye too but like I said I can see that being the idea they are shooting for. It's all good they have video where they can use your image and someone else can manipulate your voice and just say anything. That's scary…


  8. Knew that already ahch, even in that movie chappie. Them machines are already being made. Don't sleep.

  9. shalom family. All the Praise worship and esteem to our Most High. YAH Bless you and your family in abondance Brother Watchman and sister Deborah. the two of you keep making a profound impact on my life as well as my wife. Thank you so much. thank you Brother Watchman for coming back and making this video. I Spent 10 plus years as combat soldier. my MOS was a 19D (Cavalry trooper) only we don't ride horses anymore. lol I served two tours in Iraq. 2003 and again in 2005. If there is every any way i may lend help like that of a sort of military liaison. It would be an honor and a pleasure to assist you. I wanted to let you know that the video was indeed a deep fake. it is amazing what humans are doing with tech. This stuff could easily be mistaken to the untrained eye. Thus possibly planting a false. All Praises to YAH. When i came over to try and figure out how i was gonna send you the message but YAH saw fit to get that info to you in great time. HalleluYAH Your work and and Channel have been a blessing too my and my family! I pray YAH Continues to keep you and your family Blessed in abundance and highly favored.

  10. I feel grateful that you posted it anyways because I know technology isn't everything. Doing what Yah wants is enough.
    But it's insane how it's a like a tease to our near futures. Even if art with technology can crazy, it's not surprising that predictive programing is a thing. It reminds me of The Simpsons show. It will eventually become a norm. My guess It could of been Hologram who knows?! Or… A Green Screen Affect! As for Me, I wouldof been duped too. No Hard feelings man. Do your best. I appreciate it.

    Dear Sir,
    In NY while we sleep robots cut yr eye brows & eye lashes, finger nails, and stick needles in you and pump fat into yr bodies. Their are square panels in the floor and the robots come up through the floor. They also use RADIATION to cause burns in yr face. Stick needles in yr face to make bumps in yr face and a double Chin. It's a real Ci-Fi movie. Be Careful & stay prayed up.


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