The Terminator Robots is now a reality: Artificial Intelligence has evolved

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Comment (41)

  1. Imagine them enacting marshall law using something of this nature. I most specifically see it being used in the inner-cities, against Israel. Most specifically, to hunt and bring down those who refuse to take the chip. The servants of Almighty YAH will definitely need His whole armour. My prayers to you all and may The Most High continue to grant us His mercy and grace.

  2. Looks like the robots from the movie (Chappie). They are definitely putting this stuff in the movies, predictive programming.

  3. Rabba Watchman And Sister Deborah, I'm afraid that this was a CGI film that you saw. I have the same program that they used to make this film. I know you didn't intend to deceive anyone so I had to make sure and tell you about this before someone uses this to say you're spreading fear. Shalom and Blessings.

  4. I swing the sword daily and have not fail to lift you guys up in my conversation with YAHUWAH.
    Literally before Sun at mid-Day if I take lunch break and before Sun down but now the sun be down before I get home .
    Just got home and Am going to the father
    " La p猫 YAHUWAH r茅t茅 av猫k Nou"
    The peace of YAHUWAH stay with you "

  5. Why you think this has to do with bible? I don鈥檛 see the correlation. You must be using faith. Well artificial intelligence is helping people in the medical field.

  6. Well we are coming with computer chips called neuromorphic based off the brain. Thats going to be a game changer so in a couple of years computers will have Intel neuromorphic chips which will make the computer have emotional artificial intelligence that means you can talk to it and interact with it Web 4.0! This is not the end times these are the beginning times towards strong artificial intelligence. Elon Musk is coming out with Neuralink! I鈥檓 going to get BCI wearables that you can move things with your mind! That is dope from ctrl-labs!

  7. The demons kept this video in bad functions with the picture but I still was able to hear you. YAHUSHA SAVES

  8. Elon Musk. He wants to build a colony on Mars. He is helping to summon demons. These alien demons are going to help, because the Age of Aquarius is here, and they want to dominate man.

  9. Not real!! They did CGI over motion capture for this video. However the real thing is at Boston Dynamics and other robots at DARPA are very close to this level. But not quite there yet… but in 10 to 15yrs they will be for sure maybe even beyond it.

  10. That video you showed is old! I saw that video years ago. Technology has progressed since then. However I am not too worried about machines yet!

  11. The Economist magazine and wall calendar 2020 ! thank you and the God of Abraham bless you. The darkness, the coldness and nausea in 2019 . No job for followers of Jesus. trust him Psalm 30, 130 and psalms 34 in song. Tell satan the Lord is against you.

  12. The thing to remember about the Terminator and the Matrix is that the Machines lose. YAH is SOVEREIGN. The Maker created Man in His own image. Machines do not even closely resemble the MOST HIGH. In the end, ZION wins.

  13. This one is fake ! But the real one is much much better ! But thats top secret ! But the numbers are low because of the cost of making them and the bugs ! Still better tech needecd ! But its coming !

  14. You remember the movie with Will Smith I Robot and also they are working on having robot dogs to work along with the police officers I'm also wondering if the most high will have to call some of his children's home when the world start getting really bad just like he did in the days of Noah because he did not want them to go through what was about to happen

  15. A phone online is the new home detention monitoring ankle bracelet device: probation or not a person is not hard to reach brother; Peace and Blessings to you

  16. I had a horrible dream one night. I saw a "Humanoid Robot," it was tracking down people and incinerating them, literally turning them into a pile of dust with a beam of light. It looked like a laser beam coming from the head of the Robot. This will be the warfare of the future. There will be no more ground troops. These creatures will seek and destroy. They will not miss their targets. We need to seek the Almighty while we can. This dream was horrifying.

  17. CGI: computer-generated imagery (special visual effects created using computer software).
    "fewer real stunts are performed because filmmakers can just use CGI" Shalom

  18. I hope you are kidding. You do know that video was 100% CGI. The robot is literally just a guy with a suit on. If you watched the whole video by BossTown, you will see the guy in the suit acting as the robot.


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