The threat of a nuclear war: Russia reasserts rights to use nukes | Latest World News | WION

As the conflict in Ukraine intensifies, Russian President Vladimir Putin has placed nuclear forces on high alert. Recently, NATO warned that Russia can’t win nuclear war.

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Comment (43)

  1. Yes Ukraine is not a country and just a non-nuclear US military outpost, but US as the backer of Zelensky regime is nuclear. This give Russia the right to use nuclear if US escalate the war.

  2. If there's no Putin, there's no war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian people don't want this, Ukrainians don't want this and neither does anybody else. Send somebody in before the wrong decision is made by a mad man.

  3. Warheads which they are probably itching to use somewhere to show how powerful they are regards if the consequences to humanity.

  4. "Ukraine" never had nukes. They were the USSR's, and when that dissolved, the weapons became the possession of Russia. The nation of Ukraine never owned or controlled or otherwise possessed nuclear weapons.

  5. Interesting…no nuclear weapons is the goal on Earth….we all agreed at the UN in January 2021 and NOW Vladimir Putin comes forth after an invasion of a sovereign neighboring nation and now claims the right to use nuclear weapons… very responsible FROM a permanent member of the UN security council … INSANE… WAR IS INSANE. I find this to be a personal threat on my life on EARTH… screw you Putin…take it easy…

  6. They was belong to Russia anyway, Ukraine wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t have comedian president

  7. Look 140 million Russian people majority live 8n just. 17 cities. Please America has 335. Million people in over 17000 cities Russia needs to wake up and smell the coffee and start looking for the. 15 TRIDENT SUBMARINES OFF THE COAST OF KALINGRAD

  8. Lol This channel is a Joke!! Russias Tanks are breaking down from lack of maintenance for all the years they been parked. I could only imagine their 6000k Nukes have not been maintained due to lack of funds. Their crap is ancient History and I doubt Putin would actually launch a single Nuke cuz he knows all of Nato would wipe him him off the planet in a Second.

  9. U people all respect Russia, Putin, India and indians, but disrespect american presidents, america, Chinese, xi jinping

  10. Pls. Pray the Rosary & Devine Mercy Chaplet to free all countries and nation from war, hunger & calamities..pls. pray for peace and joy on all families and home.. ..

  11. just like the USA did with two A bombs in Japan after they already had surrender, and it was never about crime against humanity

  12. Hi everyone, I'm from Ukraine and today bombs are falling but I find the time to write a short letter to you. For now, I have the time. Yet tomorrow is pretty uncertain for now… So here's what it's all about. It's clear that Putin lost the war against Ukraine. So what he will do in order to win the war? Starts a nuclear war with NATO? I don't think so. But I believe that this piece of shit can use the tactical nukes. Why? Let's see the facts. The tactical nukes will hurt the arm forces of Ukraine and civilians. Their purpose is to cut down the spirit of NATO and the government of Ukraine.

    I will tell you interesting facts about Putin, and you decide what kind of person he really is. Have you ever seen how Putin lives? He lives in the luxury in more than 24 residences. He has a minimum of 6 yachts. He wears a nearly "astronaut suit" in order to escape the disease, I'm not joking, you check how Putin wears the suit to escape COVID-19. He speaks with the audience, keeping them up to 50 meters remotely. He talks with the president of France, sitting on the opposite side of the 5m table. He keeps his minister of the defense "Shoygu", even further when he talks with him… He lived for two years in a remote location or "bunker" and the reason was he afraid for his life. He wears bulletproof jackets when he talks to the people of Russia each year, before the New Year.

    If you watch his public events, you'll see that it's almost special operations with so much precautious. So Putin loves to live and doesn't want to die in the nuclear war but can lure the world accidentally by his actions into the "inevitable situation". Until this day Putin has strong confidence that NATO and the US are not ready to directly confront him. For instance, NATO can do this and say: "We're closing the sky over Ukraine!" This will be the signal to Putin that tactical nuclear weapons will be even more disastrous! So again, Putin already lost this war on the field, and the only way to succeed is if he uses the tactical nukes!

    You know, I recently watch Michael Hodorkovsky, the Russian entrepreneur that worked with Putin, and consequently ended up in jail because Putin tricked him to achieve his business. Anyway, Hodorkovsky believes that tactical nukes are the only way to "win" this war. And I'm afraid I agree with him. Then what do we need to do? The only thing that can stop Putin is the clear fact that NATO will directly respond to any threat, including the threat of the usage of tactical nuclear weapons. And today, there's still time to do something. In the end.

    Do you remember 1938 year when the world wanted to chill down the Hitler by non-aggressive behavior? Is it worked? No. And now, sadly Putin took his place, what will be tomorrow you decide! But quickly, until there is still time!

    P.S. Hitler hadn't a nuclear weapon back in 1945… But if he had, you know that nukes would fall.

    P.S.S. Again, the clear position of NATO, of the world community, without any second thoughts about the "closing of the sky", "nuclear weapon" is the only way to prevent the "tactical nuclear strikes" that can give victory to Putin and failure to the world… And consequently…

    P.S.S.S. Lastly, Putin is afraid to use "tactical nukes" but he accidentally can lure the world to the "possibility of nuclear war". Do you want the start of the nuclear war from the usage of the "tactical nukes"? Or to allow him to demonstrate to the whole world, to the Middle East, etc., that "tactical nukes" are not NATO's worsts scenario when the direct response is inevitable? Don't allow it to him. Make your statement clear today and stop him until there's still a time!

    If he is afraid the NATO and Ukraine, so be it. Ukraine can survive without NATO and disturbing Russia's defense policy. But the tactical nuclear weapon is "crossing the line" for humanity and we mustn't ever cross this line, at any cost! Don't you think?

  13. In a joint statement of the summit meeting between Chinese President Xi and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in December 2013, it was clearly stated that China will provide Ukraine with a reasonable security guarantee if Ukraine is invaded or threatened with nuclear weapons. ★★★ Hey, President Xi, what happened to this promise??

  14. If the west only had a leader to tell Putin "Fu*ck around and find out with your nuclear sabre rattling, but the west has a senile president who wants every American to buy an electric car.

  15. Yeah, Russia has 6000 nuclear arsenals – let see if the West has the guts to shock and awe Russia and its weapons of mass destruction.

  16. For Russia Ukraine is not a big threats. So news reporting n expecting Russia to use nuke is unrealistic reporters

  17. Hopefully all countries in the world can realize, to disarm and not enforce the use of weapons of mass destruction or nuclear. I hope that Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be the last to experience the disaster of war by the use of nuclear bombs . After all, why are the countries of the world proud to make nuclear bombs? Are the countries of this world competing with each other to be the strongest and become the ruler of the world? Can we try to imagine about what if there was a nuclear war between the countries of the world? That's the same as destroying and destroying all humans on earth, for what? Let us learn to do good things and be grateful for what we can experience every day so that until now we can still be breathed to live in this world. Let God alone determine what He wants to happen in the world until the end of this world ️♥️😌 Greetings from Indonesia. 🙏

  18. I honestly don't think NATO or American/the west would do anything if Russia decided to nuke Ukraine. I really do think Russia could get away with it. Because America and NATO would know Russia would retaliate and nobody would live. It would be an easy submission for Russia.

  19. The ukraine attack on a russian oil centre has pushed this into a new level of conflict. It was overdue that ukranian forces would strike somewhere in russia but this madness has gone out of control. I just hope & pray that none r mad enuf to use nukes.that radiation fallout carried by weather currents will make the whole planet suffer. Russians need to replace putin with someone not so hellbent on war.the world needs peace after the most devastating pandemic in a century. This is like a madness snowballing out of control. Each side points the finger to the other yet neither r prepared ti find common ground.peace may be uneasy but it will be a start for ppl to rebuild their lives. Cold war era is over – the global village has made it such that a butterfly flaps its wings in japan causes a hurricane on the other side of the world. Give peace a chance – for all our sakes.

  20. And just when i was thinking that Serbia is the root of all evil and

    injustice,i did learn the REAL bully and coward IS the AMERICAN

    government,respect for the good Americans,and def American girls(mmmmm)

    but we did not forget that our women and young girls were stretched out

    in the aggression on Bosnia(FORCED) so we would like some payback for

    just that and Srebrenica genocide.Kosovo is NOT Serbia.

  21. People should ask this Actor Zelenskyy about the kickbacks he received from the West re the secret hidding place of the biolabs conspiracy he has with the West…as these biolabs are hidden in Ukraine…
    aah ha…receiving all the kickbacks .. many not aware of the history of such….


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