The Tower is still being built, when it is finished the end shall come; Shepherd of Hermas Pt 2

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    90:1 Then I saw after that how thirty seven shepherds were pasturing the sheep; all of them completed their duties in their own respective periods, like the former ones; and aliens took the sheep into their hands in order to pasture them in their own respective periods -each shepherd in his own period.
    90:2 After that I saw with my own eyes all the birds of heaven -eagles, vultures, kites, and ravens -coming; the eagles were the ones who were leading all the birds; and they began to eat those sheep, to dig out their eyes, and to eat their flesh.
    90:3 Then the sheep cried aloud, for their flesh was being eaten by the birds. I, too, cried aloud and lamented in my sleep on account of that shepherd who was grazing the sheep.
    90:4 I kept seeing till those sheep were eaten by the dogs, the eagles, and the kites; and they left neither flesh, nor skin, nor sinew on them absolutely, until their bones stood there bare; then their bones fell to the ground, and the sheep became few.
    90:5 I kept seeing till twenty three shepherds pastured the sheep, and all of them completed fifty eight seasons in their own respective periods.
    From the righteous Maccabean to the Establishment of the Messianic Kingdom
    90:6 Then, behold lambs were born from those snow-white sheep; and they began to open their eyes and see, and cried aloud to the sheep.
    90:7 But as for the sheep, they the lambs cried aloud to them, yet they the sheep did not listen to what they the lambs were telling them but became exceedingly deafened, and their eyes became exceedingly dim-sighted.
    90:8 Then I saw in a vision ravens flying above those lambs, and they seized one of those lambs; and then smashing the sheep, they ate them.
    90:9 I kept seeing till those lambs grew horns; but the ravens crushed their horns. Then I kept seeing till one great horn sprouted on one of those sheep, and he opened their eyes; and they had vision in them; and their eyes were opened.
    90:10 He cried aloud to the sheep, and all the rams saw him and ran unto him.
    90:11 In spite of this, all those eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites until now continue to rip the sheep, swooping down upon them and eating them. As for the sheep, they remain silent; but the rams are lamenting and crying aloud.
    90:12 Those ravens gather and battle with him the horned ram and seek to remove his horn, but without any success.
    90:13 I saw thereafter the shepherds coming; and those vultures and kites cried aloud to the ravens so that they should smash the horn of that ram. But he battled with them, and they fought each other; and he cried aloud, while battling with them, so that YAHWEH's help should come.
    90:14 I kept seeing till that man, who writes down the names of the shepherds and elevates them before the Master of the sheep, came; it is he who helped him and revealed to him everything; thus help came down for that ram.
    90:15 And I kept seeing till the Master of the sheep came upon them in wrath, and all who saw him fled and fell all into darkness, from before his face.
    90:16 All the eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites gathered, with all the sheep of the field lining up with them; and having thus come together in unity, all of them cooperated in order to smash the horn of the ram.
    90:17 I saw that man who was writing a book by the command of the Master, for he opened that book of the destruction which those twelve last shepherds caused; and he revealed before the Master of the sheep that they had much greater destruction than their predecessors.
    90:18 I kept seeing till the Master of the sheep came unto them and took in his hand the rod of his wrath and smote the earth; and all the beasts and all the birds of the heaven fell down from the midst of those sheep and were swallowed up in the earth, and it was covered upon them.
    90:19 Then I saw that a great sword was given to the sheep; and the sheep proceeded against all the beasts of the field in order to kill them; and all the beasts and birds of heaven fled from before their face.
    90:20 Then I kept seeing till a throne was erected in a pleasant land; and he sat upon it for the Master of the sheep; and he took all the sealed books and opened those very books in the presence of the Master of the sheep.
    90:21 Then the Master called those people, the seven first snow -white ones, and ordered them to bring before him some from among the first stars that arose, and from among those stars whose sexual organs were like those of the horses, as well as that first star which had fallen down earlier. And they brought them all before him.
    90:22 He spoke to the man who was writing in his presence -that man being one of those seven snow -white ones – saying, “Take those seven shepherds to whom I had handed over the sheep, but who decided to kill many more than they were ordered.”
    90:23 Behold, I saw all of them bound; and they all stood before him.
    90:24 Then his judgment took place. First among the stars, they received their judgment and were found guilty, and they went to the place of condemnation; and they were thrown into an abyss, full of fire and flame and full of the pillar of fire.
    90:25 Then those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty; and they were cast into that fiery abyss.
    90:26 In the meantime I saw how another abyss like it, full of fire, was opened wide in the middle of the ground; and they brought those blinded sheep, all of which were judged, found guilty, and cast into this fiery abyss, and they were burned -the abyss is to the right of that house;
    90:27 And thus I saw those sheep while they were burning -their bones also were burning.
    90:28 Then stood still, looking at that ancient house being transformed: All the pillars and all the columns were pulled out; and the ornaments of that house were packed and taken out together with them and abandoned in a certain place in the South of the land.

  2. I don't eat it because it's in their book.. truth is all good they have contaminated to cause one to received their diagnosis and then give you pills to make you sick for real physically… however, I find a little problem with that… if this was a food thrown to our ancestors and they we forced to eat or die from starvation, isn't that suicide? Why are we here if it killed them all? What you are unknowingly doing or purposely doing is serving the same idols of Muslim..
    The first book written was the "Koran" then "Quran"(609-632) 1000's years before Mohammad.. they lied and time was changed… How can you "Come Out of Her" if you still push her indoctrination? Mecca means: "Mother of all false religion, mother of all settlements(religion)…you clearly are following the evil forces that be in this belly of the beast, because anything of the world… comes not by the evil forces and the access in this Hades, they changed and named it world… they said this, you were not here and you believe what they have pushed on our people.. What if I told you that a "Black Asiatic Gypsy" out of West so-called African named Thutmosis I… II.. and… III was Moses/Musa….and the (40) days they claim that he was on the Mount getting "Ten Commandments" was the (40) years Thutmosis was missing.. (according to the principal of the book) the son of Ramesis(a tampon)ruled for (67)years and Thutmosis III ruled over the 18th dynasty… Moses did not write the book, there was no book in (700) they were and oral people.. you are in error my brotha and sista… you are not leaning on the Spirit of the Most High Power Creator of all creation and all existence, because His kingdom first of all, in hell… and you teach their kingdom and Not the True Kingdom of our people, how could you say, " I know who I am or who somewhere else is.. when you teach false doctrine…truth must be told, and on my part for the righteous Kingdom of Our Creator.. I will continue to shout His Truths to anyone, place or thing… You need to pray to the Most High Power Creator alone.. because no matter what picture they have conjured up to fit their agenda or use to cause us to fall in the way of our ancestors.. Correct! Lucipher was "Black" and "JEsus(homosexual, morphidite) or many of his other disguises.. IS SATAN!
    Direct the prophets… then disect The NT.. homes telling their story about Sodom and Gomorrah, see who always stand out the remotely fit the character.. The Most High Power Creator speaks things into existence before creation, so why did JEsus park behind The Creator.. in adding the letter "J"? Our Most High Creator of all creation didn't and don't make No Mistake! You got it all twisted.. who do you serve?? You can't keep running from questions you know.. the True Warriors of the Most High Power Creator are positioning themselves.. expect them.. they were awakened to tear down all the altars of Baal!
    Both Houses of Judah(Jews, Yehudi, Judas, Juda) is the Houses of demons and they will be destroyed… inducing spirits?…Ahab thought so too… let the people return to the Most High Creator of all creation & Existence… don't allow pride get you too, we all make mistakes.
    Thank you

  3. As usual I have enjoyed this wonderful lesson. I would like to see a list of any literature or all literature you have mentioned or referred including DVD's. I have developed a hunger and a mighty thirst for the truth. I appreciate your encouragement of researching,.

  4. as much as I loved when she said "no man has a hell or heaven to put u in" I also disagree with it wholeheartedly because when things are going right and I'm happy I'm in heaven. when things are not perfect and I'm struggling and feel the world is against me, I'm in hell, for heaven and hell FOR ME is an emotional state of mind.

  5. Thanks! for this lesson,l can see it bearing witness to truth,what had been spoken through Yah's word,so powerful.

  6. There are a lot of "other" Hebrew Israelites out here that are very prideful. All they do is argue and fuss about who is wrong or right! They are running off our brother and sisters whom are searching for truth. Thank you so much for being the people you are! You teach harmony, love, respect, and most of all, TRUTH! I am so thankful to Abba Yah for sending you to preach and teach His Word!

  7. Pride is the opposite of humility. Its being defensive when being corrected. Not surrendering to the Most Highs Will. Thinking highly of ones self. Thinking you are better, higher, mightier, superior than others. Not having a child- like- open- teachable heart…………Yah OPPOSES THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE!!!!!

  8. Please if your could show me the book of Hermas that y'all have,there are so many,l want to order the right one,l don't know how to down load from your sight.

  9. Shalom and halleluyah.  Complete learning is never without learning from each other.  Some teachers enjoy teaching, but they have a high resistance to learning from others.  To simply part as friends is a cop-out and an easy way not to learn from each other. Hermas, the brother of Pope Pius 1, was a gentile Christian.  He was not a follower of Yahushua Messiah.  He worshipped Serapis, an engraved image of Ptolemy 1.  Shalom.

  10. This was so Good, can't wait until next week, Also I use to be very prideful thought I was never wrong about anything, but I have learned that it does Not Sit well with TMH and I always had a Finger pointing Back at Me, I'm Not into horoscope but I have heard All Aries are like that, Father help the ones that Don't Realize it in Themselves, glad I Did; and working on it Everyday. when you can acknowledge it in yourself, that's Change.

  11. Shalom. good morning. I was wanting to know hen your live broadcasts are. I would like to join the conversation. I am very new to the truth. I'm unclear with what reference books to use while I'm trying to get clear understanding. if you would respond that would be a blessing to me. praise be to the Most High Yah.

  12. shalom. Watchman and Sis. Deborah will you do a video on how Grace under Messiah is properly interpreted? I'm asking this specifically in reference to the grace teachings of Joseph Prince.

  13. Shalom All! Thank You, Thank You; and to the the Most High. I really enjoy your class but mostly i'm hearing……

  14. All those who are down with Egypt , I could care less about your fake so called gods and your Pharaohs. I'm a Hebrew from the tribe of YAHUDAH

  15. I was going through it when I seen this last year. Ahhh! Didn't even know what this message was about. Wow! I have peace of mind today Praise YAH because I have seen the dark side of my heart. I'm thankful for that. Shalom

  16. You Two are
    "Wonderful Sheppards"!!!
    Because you've been Blessed to understand (accessed) the "Lost Books" and "Their" importance on the Path of Righteousness,
    You Guys "Teach" in the
    Spirit of Truth! I've only been following Y'all for a year an a half or so, but because of Y'all, I've grown So Much!!! Thank You Both!!!


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