The True Boundaries of Israel as Promised to Abraham Explained

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  1. Do you know sudan has more pyramids than Egypt…..the ancient Egypt was huge..sudan may have been part of the ancient Egypt……am glad your showing what is written….if africa was our home why is the most high saying he will gather judah from where he is scattered and the exile of israel back to their land……Am from Kenya 🇰🇪 and i love kenya but when the most high return and say we have to get out am out….YAH PEACE

  2. That land ain’t the true land. Sub Saharan Africa is where the true land is. That land was set up to distract while the nations robbed the true land where all the riches are, sub Saharan Africa. We have to stop hanging on to this fake land. It was made up. Sub Saharan Africa is the true land.

  3. 29:54 You guys make good points, but remember the Bible had been corrupted, it's loaded with stumbling blocks and outright lies. All we are left with, is the mercy of the Holy Spirit, to help us pick thru the mysteries, the riddles, and hidden secrets, in a book that is hard to understand.

    It's too bad the land over there is desolate. With it being that way, you can not verify its authenticity with the vegetation mention in the scriptures, but you can identify America cost to cost with scriptural named vegetation.

    One good example is the corn mentioned in Exodus. According to world history books, that desolate area you think is Jerusalem, never heard of corn, seen corn, or even eaten corn until 1504. The natives of this fourth part of the world, ( we call America, ) harvested the corn crop, so it could be taken back to Europe, after 1492. That is a Red Flag that some of scriptures occurred here in the Americas.

  4. I have a question, and would like a short explanation on what’s the meaning of until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled. I’m hearing some explanations that don’t sit well in my soul. Thanks in advance. Shalom!

  5. Gentiles own the majority of the land and wealth of South Africa continue to oppress the Bantu people of South Africa

  6. its no way this area is the land that was promise to el avraham none of it fits the word first of all its no where near what the lot of shem would be(jubilees 8:12) n its not the land of plenty n lets discuss zion it is a place of good height n surround by moutains n this very day zion n the cities of yahudah is suppose to be desolate(yirmeyahu :jeremiah 9:11-12) n its no way this place can hold up to 1 billion of yisreal n another 300-400 million yahudam just cant see it correct me if im wrong….

  7. The desolate ones (habitual trod downers) fight over the desolate land. We will wait for that heavenly escort

  8. We really have fallen from a great way. We are living much lower than I thought we need to get our selves together and receive our blessings again Amen

  9. Jubilees chapter 8 gives us the boarders and territories promise to Abraham who is the seed of Shem. It is a spacious and good land. The capital Jerusalem is desolate. The Kalahari dessert is full of natural resources. Also in the 1800s a explorer found a city. In 1885, a hugely popular acrobatic daredevil and circus pioneer named G.A Farini undertakes a daring expedition into the vast dunes of Africa's Kalahari desert. When he returns to civilisation, Farini makes a remarkable claim, that he came across the ruins of a lost city, half-buried in scorching sands.

    Jubilees 8: 12-16
     there came forth on the writing as Shem's lot the middle of the earth which he should take as an inheritance for himself and for his sons for the generations of eternity, from the middle of the mountain range of Rafa, from the mouth of the water from the river Tina, and his portion goes towards the west through the midst of this river, and it extends till it reaches the water of the abysses, out of which this river goes forth and pours its waters into the sea Me'at, and this river flows into the great sea. And all that is towards the north is Japheth's, and all that is towards the south belongs to Shem.

    And it extends till it reaches Karaso: this is in the bosom of the tongue which looks towards the south.

    And his portion extends along the great sea, and it extends in a straight line till it reaches the west of the tongue which looks towards the south: for this sea is named the tongue of the Egyptian Sea.

    And it turns from here towards the south towards the mouth of the great sea on the shore of (its) waters, and it extends to the west to 'Afra, and it extends till it reaches the waters of the river Gihon, and to the south of the waters of Gihon, to the banks of this river.

    And it extends towards the east, till it reaches the Garden of Eden, to the south thereof, [to the south] and from the east of the whole land of Eden and of the whole east, it turns to the east and proceeds till it reaches the east of the mountain named Rafa, and it descends to the bank of the mouth of the river Tina.

    This portion came forth by lot for Shem and his sons, that they should possess it for ever unto his generations for evermore.

    And Noah rejoiced that this portion came forth for Shem and for his sons, and he remembered all that he had spoken with his mouth in prophecy; for he had said: 'Blessed be the Lord God of Shem And may the Lord dwell in the dwelling of Shem.'

    And he knew that the Garden of Eden is the holy of holies, and the dwelling of the Lord, and Mount Sinai the centre of the desert, and Mount Zion -the centre of the navel of the earth: these three were created as holy places facing each other.

    And he blessed the God of gods, who had put the word of the Lord into his mouth, and the Lord for evermore.

    And he knew that a blessed portion and a blessing had come to Shem and his sons unto the generations for ever -the whole land of Eden and the whole land of the Red Sea, and the whole land of the east and India, and on the Red Sea and the mountains thereof, and all the land of Bashan, and all the land of Lebanon and the islands of Kaftur, and all the mountains of Sanir and 'Amana, and the mountains of Asshur in the north, and all the land of Elam, Asshur, and Babel, and Susan and Ma'edai, and all the mountains of Ararat, and all the region beyond the sea, which is beyond the mountains of Asshur towards the north, a blessed and spacious land, and all that is in it is very good.

    And for Ham came forth the second portion, beyond the Gihon towards the south to the right of the Garden, and it extends towards the south and it extends to all the mountains of fire, and it extends towards the west to the sea of 'Atel and it extends towards the west till it reaches the sea of Ma'uk -that (sea) into which everything which is not destroyed descends.

    And it goes forth towards the north to the limits of Gadir, and it goes forth to the coast of the waters of the sea to the waters of the great sea till it draws near to the river Gihon, and goes along the river Gihon till it reaches the right of the Garden of Eden.

  10. Shalawam my soul brother of the remnant of the nation of yashallah the contemporary apocalyptic revelation that father Adam made in the garden of Eden the first prophecy proclamation and vow found in Genesis chapter 2 verses 23 and 24 that began the theatrical matrix of reality the Earth is the center stage and Abba YAH is the creator producer and director and the Messiah is the star alleluia humanity has the empirical and historical evidence of this negative paradigm narrative of this theatrical matrix of reality from the almighty most high Abba YAH that was needed for all of ABBA YAH creations celestial and terrestrial the overwhelming and exciting manifestation of Deuteronomy chapter 30 specifically versus 19 and 20 Abba YAH turned his face back toward his children other nation of yasha Allah and restored the biblical calendar as it is written in Leviticus chapter 23 the first harvest in the land of yashallah is in November beginning of Summer the Passover as it is written in Leviticus chapter 23 through much prayer and supplication with humility through Abba YAH breath of Life and breath of Truth this is the second contemporary apocalyptic revelation of July the 24th inessent in scholarship divulge the celestial revelation with humility and love I am able now to be explicit and expound on the manifestation of the conjunction of haggi chapter 2 and the 2-year anniversary 400 year prophecy Genesis chapter 15 verses 12 through 14 August 20th 2019 is the 2-year mark according to haggi chapter one verse 14 and chapter 2 verses one through eight these events must manifest between August and February Abba YAH has given us a focus point that is written in the believers instructions before leaving Earth the Bible we must focused on the book of haggi is only two chapters according to the words of ABBA YAH the children of the nation of yasha Allah she'll witness the Nations bringing their wealth to the almighty most high Abba YAH that is why ABBA YAH restored the biblical calendar for his appointed feast days with the land of yasha Allah in November the Passover and unleavened bread Abba YAH appointed King of Kings over yasha Allah the Messiah commanded the children of the nation of yesha'allah to watch let us watch Abba YAH in the book of haggi shalawam with much love to my soul brothers and sisters of the remnant of the nation of yashallah on The road to redemption alleluyah


  12. This has been truly a blessing. I've always wanted to know the boundaries of Israel and in Yah's timing he has shown me through your ministry. It is so much knowledge and truth that I have gained through this ministry and I know without a doubt that it was Yah's direction. You;re so on target. I've was thirsting for "The Truth" and Yah has led me to it. I definitely revisit all that is said and it all makes sense. I am an avid patron of your videos. So educational. I truly thank Yah for you all, it is a blessing. An eye opener. If I never knew, I do know now. Best History I have ever known. Thank You Yah for your Teachers. Bless Yah.

  13. Malachi 3:16 Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.

    If you want to know the history of the
    Northern Kingdom,
    Please checkout these books of remberance, there’s three so far. Achee 1 and 2, Grandmothers and Enoch

  14. The land of Canaan stretched from Jerusalem, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Nilotic territories all in Africa. The land of JUDEA and Jerusalem became desolate places due to the curses. "Chittum," from my understanding would be Chittim, which is the landmark of Europe between Spain, Rome, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria.

  15. U guys going too far! When it wasnt GIVEN TO U! Peru is where Yaraah-shalama; city of Reverence and Peace( Jerusalem) stood! Peru is a great part of Yadaha land! U have no idea the penalty for misleading Yashaiya's PEOPLE! Debora u r a HAMITE from a cursed house or tribe and ur husband is from one of the 12 TRIBES! U guys got children mixed between the 2 of U and the term DOG means mixed in the ancient Holy tongues! Dogs will NOT enter into Yashaiya's KINGDOM! EVERY SEED after its kind according to Ahba Ahhaya! U guys wasnt called to teach but u ended up with a ministry! U BOTH will be weighed out and u Will seperate! Yahu u have a Kingdom spouse u betrayed with Deborah! U r going to deal with this in the WILDERNESS very very very SOON

  16. Do you know how it felt to be insulted and ridiculed by our very own children Who awoke in America . They call us their own mothers and father dusty hamites who sold them. I thank the Most High who is waking up his people the Bantu . The wisdom of the MOST HIGH way above all human wisdom combined.
    I totally agree with you that Egypt is our anchor but genesis 13 : 1 will change everything . You will have to humble enough and take a second look at your theology . Zephaniah 3:10 was not enough to convince most of our American children that the holy land is in sub sub Saharan Africa . Genesis 3:1 confirmations it.

  17. 2 Kings 17: 20And יהוה rejected all the seed of Yisra’ĕl, and afflicted them, and gave them into the hand of plunderers, until He had cast them out from His presence.

    21For He tore Yisra’ĕl from the house of Dawiḏ, and they made Yaroḇ‛am son of Neḇat sovereign. And Yaroḇ‛am drove Yisra’ĕl from following יהוה, and made them commit a great sin.

    22And the children of Yisra’ĕl walked in all the sins of Yaroḇ‛am which he did. They did not turn away from them,

    23until יהוה removed Yisra’ĕl from His presence, as He spoke by all His servants the prophets. So Yisra’ĕl was exiled from their land to Ashshur, as it is to this day.

    24And the sovereign of Ashshur brought people from Baḇel, and from Kuthah, and from Awwa, and from Ḥamath, and Sepharwayim, and placed them in the cities of Shomeron instead of the children of Yisra’ĕl. And they took possession of Shomeron and dwelt in its cities.

  18. Beware of freemasons, they will send you to a wrong land refer to: Ps. of Solomon 11, Enoch 77.1 & Gen 13:1 gives u the land!

  19. I disagree with you. The Bible says New Jerusalem and USA is in the word. I do believe that their is a kingdom yet revealed to us.

  20. Hi am Nashon living in Kenya land of Yahuada..I'm sorry but I don't agree with your finding of Babylon being in iraq or iran..for simple reason..Babel was a brainchild of Nimrod Son of kush(ethiopia) brother of phut(somalia) and misra( Egypt)and kanaan..according to genesis 10:6_10…if you Google pyramids of Sudan and also temples of Sudan you'll see today the that the statue they show you in Iraq or iran to prove that it's babel is only one..however just google what I asked you to see and you will see si many in Sudan..because it's the real Babylon..again in wikipedia they say that Sudan was kingdom of kush and then quote genesis 10..but in truth kush never had a was his son Nimrod..

  21. again it's not convincing enough dear friends that the only place you are trying to avoid is not israel, for these reasons…to say jerusalem what it means is flow of peace…as in yaru shalaam…everybody knows salaam is to say peace…this is our bantu languages…interestingly enough for me there're so many places in namibia which actually have peace in them…you know that the children of israel were picked from their land into slavery, well namibia happens to be one of those places..the trick is in understanding for instance that vrede is german for peaceful/ peace…if you look at those maps of africa by the people who supposedly discorvered our land, you will see vredefort, vredeberg, vredendal and so many places that attribute those places in africa…did you know to say daresalaam in tanzania for example is to say peaceful city in arabic? but above all why would a people who's protector is YAHUA need nuclear weapons? do you know that there are no nuclear weapons in africa because the leaders signed a ratification not to have them, forcing south africa who were the only country with nuclear weapons to destroy them?

  22. also, remember EN GEDI that place that daud ran to when he was being pursued by Shaul the king? please google now GEDI RUINS and see if they do not take you to the Kenyan coast with shrouded history coz no one can tell you who built it…and then finally to maps going back over many years ago…they actually place EZION GEBER IN THE coast of Kenya and Tanzania to-date…in fact, it used to be called zan gueber..but today it's called Zanzibar…my point is, the scriptures says there's land of YAHUDA which was really expansive and then the land of must have been a ver huge land that considering the blessings of YAHUA and love which endures forever, surely there's still signs of these blessings in africa…also check the world's most populous birds, the quails and you'll see they are still there in tanzania oh and the army locusts..still causing havoc in kenya today..i mean i dont understand why its so hard that the land in question has always been beyond the rivers of ethiopia…plus the the people of KANAAN spelled with a k by the way, were they not black and doesnt scripture say that they are still in israel todate? coz If misra was black were his brothers not like him? namely KUSH, KANAAN AND PHUT, and have i not shown that kush didnt have kingdoms according to genesis 10? biut his son nimrod had, which were babylon and akkad which is agadez in niger?

  23. The land our people were REMOVED from BY SHIPS; is the KEY to understanding this Truth (revealed also in Trans Atlantic maps. THE ONLY LAND OUR PEOPLE WERE REMOVED FROM IS SOUTH AFRICA DOWN TO GAMBIA. Anything else is LYING WONDERS II Thess 2: 9 ((2Th 2:9)  Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,)

  24. Within that land that you are saying is desolate , there is a City of jerusalem standing. according to prophecy jerusalem was leveled down. This cant be the holy land.
    No matter what argument you bring, genesis 13;1 says abraham went south from egypt. That means the land of canaan is in the south of egypt deep in africa. We have all been deceived. Dear watchman Yahu and Deborah thanks for all you done for this awakening we have learned so much from you guys, but abraham never went to the levant, he went south of egypt.
    Genesis 46;3 – I AM God theGod of thy father. Fear not to go down to egypt; for I will there make thee great nation. Genesis 46;4 I will go down with thee into egypt; and I will surely bring thee up again. and Joseph shall put his hand upon thine eyes. In those two verses even the MOST HIGH has confirmed that His holy land is in the south of egypt and the prove of that is the river nile itself.


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