The Trump Admin Is Trying to Kick Millions Off of Food Stamps

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  1. Keep in mind those churches are of the nicolaitans. They follow Caeser Borgia, and other false gods.An abomination to the Most High YAH! Yes their wrong but their heathens!

  2. Now single men without a job won't have even food stamps to contribute to whoever is housing them. Just because you have a job does not mean that you can afford to feed and house yourself by yourself. These jobs are becoming no dignity allowed, draconian slavery without enough hours to support oneself. Now that they have alienated men from women and made the women dependent on the government they want to further destroy. This is just another incremental aspect of the genocidal process.

  3. We need to go back to growing our own food. There are many working people who qualify for food stamps. Also elderly people are hungry too many of whom were very hard working and put money away for their old age. They play with people retirement money on wall street. People better get well acquainted with the Most High if they want to survive whats coming.

  4. I took up gardening as well. Families will probably have to stay together again with grandma. Men have to go back to working trades like electrician plumbling etc. Women can do a lot of work from home such as child care and customer service with their own computers. Health care is always a good option to fall back on because there will always be sick people. The Most High feeds the birds but he doesnt put the worms in their nest. We got to get out and get it.

  5. I'm 53 year old caucasian Male, laid off and on food stamps(EBT). I am poor because I chose not to follow tradition by chasing money, and racist views and that makes me the "black" sheep of my family. I know the Shabbot, who the true Hebrew Israelites are and that Yah, Yahawashi is of color and lots more truth. I have studied with a brother and group for over 10 years now. I am isolated at the moment because I choose not to follow the world. It is sad that, I have known some truth since 1986 and other truth in the last decade and, there are few that want the actual Truth…because they can't handle the true Truth. Shabbat Shalom

  6. FACT: The cutbacks are for able bodied adults 18-49 who do not have dependents and who can get out in the community and WORK!
    The cuts do not include children, disabled, or the elderly people need to stop putting out lies and read for themselves before jumping on the bandwagon
    The watchman and Deborah pride themselves on speaking truth🤔
    I really enjoy their ministry and it is disappointing to see them using the platform YAH has blessed them with for political persuasion…

  7. I was very disappointed to see you two godly individuals participating in an antiTrump video regarding food stamps. The information that was given by both of you is misleading. The Trump administration is streamlining the food stamp program for able bodied people 18 – 49 years old and can find jobs and work. He is not removing food stamps from people with minor children, disabled, and elderly. Stop putting out information without having the accurate facts because that put you both in the same category with the heathen, AOC, the wicked Democrate representative from New York who also put out the same lie against Trump. We all have our rights to support whomever we want in regards to politics but it behooves us as people representing the Messiah to be truthful and factual. According to Eloyhim' word, we must speak truth and not be led by opinions and lies. I enjoy being one of you all follower and disappoint with the food stamp video.

  8. Farming and gardening requires a lot of knowledge, time, skill, and sometimes money. I want to do it full-time when I retire.

  9. The church depend on the government themselves. The government has taken over the responsibility of church and neighbors but with strings attached. Trump made jobs and this cut is only referring to those who are able to work. It does not affect children, elderly or disabled.

  10. Income tax return is for stocking up on food/emergency supplies..plain and simple. So when hard times come you are prepared.

  11. Smoke and Fire, I agree with fasting; Yah told be I need to be able to fast a week or two at a time because of what is coming.

  12. For those like myself who can't grow a significant garden, Learn how to cook and brown bag not only your lunch but food for travel or your day out as well. That's a starting point for saving money. Cut the fast food and expensive convenience food. Skip the expensive cuts of meat or lessen your consumption of it as well.
    Do one or two things at a time and it'll be less frustrating than changing all habits at once.

  13. It actually breaks my heart to watch The Watchman and Sister Deborah work so hard to advise, encourage, and instruct our hard-headed people. That's some hard work.

  14. U cant even get assistance without having a job nobody needs to worry about other peoples assistance from the government especially when you very fortunate sounds like hatin

  15. This is going on now. It's implemented in my state. It's called the able body act or something. But, for now they will allow you to reapply. Shalowm family.❤

  16. Give to the poor and needy not take away from them. Trump only apeals to the people that are profiting from his presidency in other words getting a fatter wallet. And governments gotta pull resources for their new world order and their army Satan gots a war to fight all money will be pulled into his hands anyway. Sooner the better lets get this over with life here on earth is sad and suffering illness all sorts of pain. Where is the hurry up and return Jesus spirt. Has our long wait worn us out and now where fighting to just survive lets be honest how many have stoped living a long time ago and are now just in survivle mode. This earth is forfite we need to learn to let it go cause the new heaven and the new earth is where its all at.

  17. Shalom everyone its been a minute, here in New York I can dig it the hasidics hide under the church act collect billions from my slave taxes they own property they pull there money And I understand there are real people who are in true needs for these funds and there to many bad apples the system needs to weeded out on the proper manner All power all gory to father yah Watch man thank you for always staying on the Tropics

  18. It's 700,000 people that will be put off of foodstamps. There is a brother who has a channel called Issachar, he just made a video called The real story of Jersey City (or something like that) anyway, he talks about the "jewish" people in N.Y. and N.J. who have been on section 8 housing and how they have hounded, bullied and threatened our people about selling their houses or raising the rent so high to get them out to get the houses and housing for their people and it's been questionable that they are not following the rules for section 8 housing.

    They're basically trying to gentrify….What else is new? But the brother is indicating, there are far more of their people on public housing than our people are, just like they accuse us of being the main ones on food stamps.

    Donald Trump wants to push those food stamp boxes…Deborah, remember you did a story about that with a sister who was one of the first to get a food stamp box and she was holding a biscuit that was in the box and it was crumbly and falling apart and you muted the audio because sister was talking cash smack about that food box?LOL.

    I saw the same video on another channel and sister was cussing up a storm talking about that biscuit!LOL.

    Donald Trump probably has a lot of those food boxes in storage, because his idea didn't go anywhere at first. I guess Mr. Trump and Sonny PARDUE…..HOWDY are determined to make good use of those food boxes before they expire?LOL.

    They could have given to the detainees at the border.

    The jobs that Mr. Trump touts he has created are probably at best earning low to mid ball 30K annually, all of the good paying jobs are gone to cheap labor countries like China.

    With the econonmy practically on it's way to being flushed down the toilet it's been sitting in for quite awhile now, the trade war tarriff's plus this economical disaster is world wide, no one is going to be able to run anywhere and hide for long.

    This is Yah's time…..Welcome to his judgment!

  19. Shalom Watchman.

    I wanted to ask you since you're talented with a l of things. Do you know or are you able to build large plastic gardening boxes?

    I'm talking big like "82" L x "30" W x "36" H. It's fine if the length is divided in half so there are 4 boxes instead of 2 without changing the width and height.

    Much appreciation for any help or suggestion's!


  20. Congratulation's on the birth of your new kids!LOL. They're beautiful, they wag their tail's like little puppies.

    Goat's are very social with people, I can't ever recall a goat being afraid of people to the point of running from them without a reason.

    I had looked into owning a pygmy goat awhle back.  

    I heard goats can be really loud and be a nuisance in the city limits, perhaps if I'm blessed to own some land in the country I would seriously consider owning a couple of them and some other livestock.


  21. I feel Yah gave me a message through the Holy Spirit, not long ago, that I need to do something to help some of our people out who live in food desert's.

    I need some help from seasoned farmer's/grower's (whatever you all would like to consider yourselves in what you do).

    I don't know exactly when, as soon as Yah blesses me to move to the next step.  

    I think the area I have been guided to is not too far from you all (no I'm not a stalker, this is based on information in the past) and I would never ask anyone to assist me without financial compensation for your time.


  22. When ever you go grocery shopping, grab a bag of beans or rice and put it away somewhere, 1-2 bags every month or every other week, before you know it, you'll have a good stash to get you and your family through when times hit you hard.

    There were times after I moved back home as an adult, living with my parent's and one sister and my nephew (RIP Curt), there were times that the money we had as a family didn't always allow us to eat dinner everyday with meat, to stretch the food, my mommy would bake sweet potatoes, cook a pot of pinto beans and bake corn bread muffins…….It would be the best meal, we'd be like some hungry, begging greedy cats hanging out in the kitchen waiting for the cornbread to be done so we could chow down!

    My sister used to say …That's some good eatin'! I know, it was a lot of starch, but we would eat that once a week or every other week, but beans, sweet potatoes and corn bread are all great sources of fiber….Especially eaten together!LOL. TMI ya'll?LOL.

  23. Little Mama, I think if you find farmer's who are selling watermelon's on the side of the road, you will probably find they are seeded.

    Don't let seedless anything fool you, they grow things seedless to keep us from having seeds to grow anything of our own.

    The first time I understood this is when I talked with someone about them growing marijuana to help some sick friends.  

    The person told me, if a person gets a license to smoke and they of course buy their pot from a licensed clinic, the pot NEVER HAS ANY SEEDS..Why do you think that is?

    So the smoker's can't grow their own, taking the control away from the government.

    In some cases, the government will allow licensed pot smoker's to grow their own but they have to live in certain area's and it has to be so far from a clinic where the smoker can buy it, like if they are some where way out in the country. If they live in city limit's, they better not get caught growing pot.

    Also, Little Mama, if you go to a health food store, you can usually find both seeded and seedless watermelon's and even in most grocery stores, if you pay attention to the grown season of the watermelon's, seeded watermelon's will be sold, but don't last long, most people want seeded watermelon's, seedless watermelon's always are never as sweet (how could they be?, they're harvested before they're fully ripe).

    If you notice, the seedless is the fact that the watermelon's are harvested before they're fully ripe (you can see the seeds are very small, white and look deflated, like typical seeds that haven't finished growing).

    Last summer, I was buying 2-3 big seeded watermelon's every other week and ran into a sister in the store who said she bought 6 watermelon's every week!

    You'll find some seeded watermelon's if you check into the sources I listed and once you get them, save your seeds sister! As a matter of fact, whenever you're blessed to eat some really good tasting fruit, save the seeds!

  24. U should know the wild plants u can eat In your neighborhood, when i walk through i see a lot that is edible even fruit trees


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