The Truth About Moses Marrying An Ethiopian

In Numbers 12, we have the account of Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses because he married an Ethiopian woman. This video gives essential details of Moses’ marriage to the Ethiopian in light of it being used to legitimize the mixing of the seed of Yasharal.

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  1. Awesome teaching! Very well explained. So many don't understand that the law wasn't established during Moses's time and they always try to use Moses as an excuse to sin. You will think when you give someone the scripture Ezra 10:3 which says it was a covenant made, it's a commandment and it's the law to put away those strange wives and their children that…that would be enough for many to understand but they don't want to understand because they want to continue lusting in their flesh after strange and unclean people.

    Some are so stuck in just the 66 books of the Bible that they don't even read the Apocrypha. I read the KJV, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and the Lost Books because there are precepts in those books that line up with scriptures. Even in the books The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs Judah tells his children not to get drunk because it will cause them to transgress the commandment as it did with Judah who got drunk with wine and it caused him to lust and lay with a Canaanite woman (and he transgresses the commandments) whom he had two sons with.

  2. Great teaching I would like to add that Mosheh did not go into Adoniah the Kushite Queen, because of the command, Amraham gave to Eliy'ezer " to not take a women from the daughters of Kena'an as a wife for Yitschaq, also what Yitschaq told Ya'aqov to not take from the Daughters of Kena'an or make alliance with the children of Ham. And he remembered what Noach prophesied that The seed of Kanan as slaves to the seed of Shem and Yapheth. Mosheh feared the most high and walked as Avraham, Yitschaq, and Yaaqov walked. Jasher 73: 31-38
    the children of Yashar'el understood they were not to mix seed with the children of Kena'an from the time Noach gave that prophecy.


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