The Truth is VERY Important in These Last Days

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  1. Shalom Watchman and Wife! Thanks for sharing this video, it was a Blessing to me and my family. Yes, Deception is everywhere, but we hunger for The Truth of Father Yah Word. Keep us in your prayers and we shall do the same for your family. All Praises Unto The Most High Father Yah!!!

  2. Beautiful lesson, and I come humbly when I say this, concerning TRUTH I strongly believe we all should revisit our appointed times for our high holy days and shabbats Yashra’al is all over the place and it’s sad and embarrassing, these current calendars are a STRONG DELUSION, I been in truth a little while and haven’t fellowshipped with anyone really besides friends who’s Yashra’al who’s lukewarm by blood 😂😂 but help me keep feast days, the Enoch calendar is it tho!!! It’s a perfect calendar, A brother did a in depth breakdown on the calendar using all scriptures including the Book of Enoch his info is TobiYahu on YouTube titles “Day start at evening” “Real New Year” “Lunar Gregorian calendar” “when is the Shabbat” (3 part video) please just check it out, study for yourself and pray to TMH YAH for wisdom knowledge and understanding, again I come humbly with all this Shabbat Shalom 🙌🏿🙌🏿 Matt 7:13

  3. Is this why according to your understanding the congregants at the South Carolina Baptist church were killed in 2016? They prayed together with the killer unbeknownst to them and celebrated in the name of JC. Even the pastor was killed.

  4. I asked david wood how the name can be jesus when the leter j is rough 500 years old his answer this ist the most idiotic question i heard in months smh. Greetings from germany keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Greetings in the name of Yah!!!

    I just wanted to say that I really love you all’s Spirit in all that I see. Sis. Deborah you have a Beautiful family. I must also add, you have a great eye for fashion and color coordination.
    Having said that, I’ll now move To my purpose.

    I’d LOVE to see a Prt 2 on this Topic of Deception. Too much can’t be said about its running Rampant in the hearts and minds of our people.

    I believe, a SEMI-in-depth SERIES breaking this “Mammoth” of a Topic down into bite -sized pieces, is what we can all stand to hear In this Most Urgent time!!!

    I actually missed you all on last Shabbat. However, what Is interesting, I heard this word on deception, Earlier during my devotional time and again later in the day; I received confirmation about the Enormous destruction of this demonic spirit.

    Yah is wanting and calling OUT As many as are WILLING to COME OUT!
    Soooo…much more could be said. I would love to sit across from “ break bread” and talk to you about This…gardening, cooking, etc…Drawing wisdom!
    However, wisdom/temperance prevails here; I must release you to your day : )

    Thank you both, Sis. Deborah & Watchman, for ALL that you do, for Loving your (EXTENDED Spiritual) Family the beautiful way that you do.

    May Yah continue to pour out & make manifest His Blessing, Shalom, strength & Love upon you and your Family/household!

    Your sis-in-Yah,
    Carolyn W.

  6. Well spoken you two, you need to have the truth in your heart and the truth will set you free, I love you both prise the most high shalom.

  7. This was more than just a lesson ..I thank the MOST HIGH for pulling me out of deception. When I started coming into the truth It was driving me mad , my head was all over the place .I listened to teaching after teaching .Then I started to filter out the deceptions by unsubscribing to many channels through the leading of THE HOLY SPIRIT .. It is the Watchman Channel that THE MOST HIGH used to lead me Into this truth and I've never stopped.. I thank you for your love and fairness in bringing truth to all .Shalom to you and your family. One day we will meet each other.

  8. Be careful how you comentate topics. We all know we are in an age of deception. But there are workers of iniquity who set up and stage certain perceptions to appear as if those things are true. Question everything. Someone tell a lie on you of something and 2 or three more say the same lie. Or give you wrong instructions. That dont make it true. Question everything.

  9. I commend and thank you both in His true name… Yah bless you both with the love of Christ…

  10. WATCHMEN Family please help me with my unlearning what I've been taught I want to be Baptized again. I have not found a Pastor yet. Reach out to me please. See YAH has never LEFT me nor FORSAKEN me.

  11. Sister Debrah and Watchmen where is the scripture that says I no longer wish to be called by the names of Balaam? I cant seem to find it as you quoated it. Thanks in Advance.

  12. Please please may I have the passage of scripture where you spoke at around 56:26 saying Yah said no longer do I wish to be called that name but my name?? Thank you thank you, I need this to help my child accept THE TRUTH and I loved when sis Deborah Yah said around 55:00 not soooooo much focus on the name but FAITH like the woman with the issue of blood…Shalom 💜

  13. Hellaluyah family for us unmarried sister's and brother's we need to start a dating service for Hebrews to help us who are out in the rural area's get and hold a partner in the truth it's so many fake people running around here………

  14. I’ve had this conversation with many so called Christian about Yah name, until it’s disappointing. Ppl I know from Apostlic churches refuse to even talk about. Had one tell me she knows Yahweh is his name but she still going to call on JC, had another one say, well that’s just the translation it doesn’t matter. Had one ask me to never bring up this topic again because she didn’t want to hear it. SMH. My heart feels heavy because their are so many ppl I know who will be lost, ppl who loves the lord but refuses to hear. Thank you for allowing Yah to use you to spread his truth.

  15. Was an Adventist for 20 years . I remember the first deceptions I learned of was the food . The GMO, the MSG , the many names msg comes in (Torula yeast etc). Even organic stuff just means it was grown without pesticides but it still is gmo mostly . Even the seeds . Everything has been crossbred . Sad shame . Next , I was learning of the true color of Christ . But I wrote it off to it being middle eastern . Then I was learning of the government and the Bohemian grove (even though Alex Jones may be a plant – I still thank him for just opening my mind to thinking ). I mean I see why YAH has completely made me forget the history I was taught in the University . I mean I have a bachelors in CRJ. A MASTERS in Social science minor GLOBAL studies ie., history – I can’t remember anything . I always knew not to vote , but if I ever would’ve it would’ve been republican because their values fit most with TMH . And now I have just learned that we are Israelites . Praise YAH I made it through especially in these times!

  16. Hello I have a question. How is it that there are so many renditions of the name YAH? With the changing of the name it was and is uniformed. All bibles say GOD, LORD and/or JEHOVAH what I don’t understand is what is the accurate account of His name in Hebrew and how is it pronounced?

  17. Excellent Minister Watchman and Mrs. Deborah! Praise Yahuah Elohim! He is the Most High. I just love hearing His messengers teach His set apart Scriptures! Thank you Yahushua HaMashiach! He is the King of Yashar’el!

  18. Can I ask why dont you share in oblations. Since we are now the temple then we should be oblating our trespassing and sins under David's covenant

  19. The holy or holi spirit is A Kandalini Hindu Spirit That Dwells in the temple of Yahuah , which is the body ! The Ruach Ha Qudash is the Called Out Spirit Of Yahuah That Dwells Within The Temple Of The True Believer's Of Yahuah Yahusha ! That's why 2 Thessalonians 2 chapter talks about the strong delusion and the working of miracle's to deceive ! Because of their unbelief in Doing Unrighteousness ! The abomination that causes desolation that sits in the Qudash place , is the holi Kandalini spirit dwelling within the temple of man ! It's a deceiving spirit ! Hasatan imitates Yahuah in Every way ! HaSatan Replaced Yahuah's name in scriptures ! He also inserted his many names and attributes into scripture to deceive the masses ! The Ruach Ha Qudash Will Bring You Into All Truth ! The Holy Spirit will deceive you into believing the lie ! The Ruach Ha Qudash will reveal the deception and give you Discernment

  20. This teaching is so good it feeded me this morning!! That strong delusion is so strong throughout the world as you stated! Everywhere you look people are walking around under a spell! Thats how I see it. Sometimes I have pointed out obvious things, but people like being deceived! Thank the Most High for waking me up all praises to Him!! I truly appreciate all the time, and work you all have done to help others. I feel like I'm supposed to learn from you all! There are many voices out here, but many are not speaking the truth!! I saw this in a dream this morning! Watchman and Sister Deborah the anointing is on you all for what you do! I know you already know that, but I just wanted to tell you that! Thanks again blessings to you all 💞❤💯

  21. I'm going to try my best to make this as short as possible but I live about an hour away from Charlotte NC and I'm always seeing this camp on TV and I thought because I really don't have anybody to fellowship with maybe I should go down there and just hear them out today while they do their Street Ministry. I stood to the side and I just listened to them and then I started asking questions like what is their basis or where did they get their facts from to justify that chart. I said how can the first three brothers be all black and the rest of them are of different races and I was giving them scriptures and no matter what scripture I gave them they came back with something to justify why that Blasphemous chart is the way that it is. They also said to me something that was mind-blowing they were talking about when the donkey was talking to Balaam (Numbers 22) how that was not literal, that was his slave talking, they were like there is no way animals can talk and I said through TMH everything is possible and they were like really no sister that's not the truth (about the animal talking). And the last thing that really blew my mind was when I asked them about the two witnesses in which I brought up I said the two witnesses are Enoch and Elijah and they said those two witnesses are a nation of people … so I was really trying to take everything that they were saying with a grain of salt I was just not trying to take it literally and this morning when I woke up this is the first video that popped up own YouTube. They begged me to come back and fellowship with them and I told them no I will not do that I said I live too far away I said I'm fine and they use that scripture against me about Thou shalt not forsake the Assembly of the Gathering Together. But I just want to say thank you all so much for what you say and what you do and how you allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you because it's videos like this that help me to stay put and stop going out looking for something that I already know is correct. Abundant blessings to you and your family.


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