The trying of your faith is more precious than gold – Re-upload

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  1. Hi sister Deborah, I hope for what I'm about to write, you will not take offense.

    During the video, I noticed you seemed not like your bright and motivated self, you looked a little distracted or maybe a little tired?

    I then began to hear Elijah coughing in the background, like he was coming down with something. It was good to hear him give his opinion about the video (as he usuall does), but in the beginning he seemed a little quiet and as well as you, you begin to perk up, but still you were not your usual energetic self.

    I'll be praying that if the two of you are under the weather, that you'll be doing better soon with staying warm and getting plenty of sleep….Not just rest, but sleep!

    I heard Watchman clearing his throat a lot…..Try doing some research about what causes too much mucous and how to eliminate the exces (we need mucous, but when there is too much production of it, it can be a very bad thing for us).

    Shalom and enjoy the night.

  2. I am so amazed by Yah's timing. My Grandmother passed on. I allowed the depression to control me, mentally and physically. I became obese then lost weight, but been catching hell ever since. Some days are better than others. Today was rough. You two came out with a another great message. May Yah bless you and keep you always.

  3. This is so timely…I was at the end of my student teaching in graduate school, but I made the decision to leave the program two days ago…and I am under tremendous pressure to finish the program,but I know that public education is not education but indoctrination…these teachers are true, undercover witches…it is the same thing as the plantation. Most teachers are married to police officers, just like the mistresses were joined to the overseers. Homeschool your children….Get them out of public schools. My follow educator is so right…and it is going to get worse as the opioid babies hit the classrooms more and more. I started homeschooling my own children this year….and I am starting a Messianic Israelite homeschool curriculum and homeschool cooperative. I am also an Ohio Certified Urban Master Farm, so my curriculum is applied, blended learning. In our first thematic unit we focused on agriculture and in this second thematic unit we are focusing on home economics, construction and defense. We are a nation within nation, are mentality, education and money must reflect that…it is time Israel

  4. I can’t explain how much my heart needed this message right now. Broke down in tears. It actually seems like things have been getting progressively worse since I came back to God, and I just couldn’t it figure out.

  5. Thank you Watchman and Sister Deborah! Such a great, encouraging teaching! May TMH continue to bless you and your family

  6. Hi family my wife of 18 year's with 3 kids wants a divorce. I love my wife and kids and still want to be married I believe that my marriage is under a heavy spiritual attack please pray for us family love you all.

  7. Are you aware that there are 2 different messiahs written in the new testament?
    Most are following the Human Blood Sacrifice, who is Believed to be THE CREATOR in the Flesh, born as Himself the son of Himself who came to die for the sins of the world, later Crucified.
    Only a few are following the Messiah prophesied in Genesis 3:15. This Messiah born of flesh born with the spirit of THE CREATOR COMMANDNENTS ON HIS HEART. He taught us to pray OUR FATHER he never added his own name. Over and over he insisted we Worship THE CREATOR ONLY. He never took glory for himself and understood the 1st commandment. Anyway you guys a too smart, unfortunately, it won't be your faith being tested but what you held back from your followers that has bought Judgement. You left the church but you didn't change your course to follow the prophesied Messiah that only a few will fine. Hopefully, after you suffer THE CREATOR'S JUDGEMENT you then teach the proper messiah to your family…

  8. Wow,this is my life right now .Yahuahs time is prefect .Thank you. Trails and tribulations are to prefect us so we will be lacking nothing.Everything was on point!SHALOM Yah bless you both and keep you both:)

  9. You are trying to hide your Judgement for Tribulations. What you don't realize THE CREATOR is allowing others to hear all your hypocrisy. This punishment is Great from THE CREATOR and you will know it's not about your faith but your refusal to teach the differences of the 2 Messiahs. But it shows in your faces and heard in your voices you are aware you are Devine Judgment. It is held against you, til you teach how to pray ONLY TO THE CREATOR W/O adding the Messiah name for he serves THE CREATOR THE SAME AS ALL CREATION. Do the right thing or suffer greatly. Yall no different then the churches therefore as leaders u will suffer the curses of not keeping it 100. Fight all u want, theirs plenty of footage that shows your hypocrisy. This is your judgment for all to see. Pride is before a Crash and you rather Crash. May you really repent!

  10. MY FAMILY AND I WERE BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JC August 12, 2018 I prayed so hard and with everything in me for the most high to reveal his truth to me and my family 2 months later Oct 2018 the truth of the most high just started falling from everywhere we were out the church by Oct 2018… all this took place right before the holidays… All praises to the most high .. when he move he move like the speed of lighting…PEGAN holidays for us!!! So greatful .. my family definitely want to be RE BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH SON YASHUA!!!

  11. Sister Achelelly 😊 if was not botn as avzwins my name also called Achelelly 😊 my twins sister Ashoko. Because we came as Ga Ghana twin, our name also called
    Akweley andakwo…
    Our baby sister surprised to continue the name Achelelly 😊 but different she named Obyedie…. Hallelujah
    Sharon Family…..

  12. Really good explanation of predestination. This is how I see it .If Yah can make someone sole purposely for destruction ,then why can't Yah create someone purposely to br set apart unto Him.?Yahuah can do whatever He wants .

  13. A lot of truth in these teachings (especially concerning the personal walk of faith and predestination).

    Unsure about the difference between Messiah and Christ – or if there is any difference there.

    I'm with the latter but I appreciate the good advice I got from this.

  14. She's not talk about can't afford homeschool due to being expensive. She's talking about rent, phone, lights, food, wash, necessities by herself that's a must to do maybe daycare or after school fees. Single mom have to do it all so that's what she meant she can't afford it. I can't afford it. I'm also a single mom. There's free resources online to homeschool with and buy a white board your done. But it's to say oh just homeschool.

  15. Please please please Father Yah!!!!! Have Mercy on me!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΎ yes in the Name of Yahshua. So be it. HalleluYAH

  16. Shalom family. Something in one of sister Deborah’s messages reached me the other day. It continued unfolding in about week and I continued to awaken as I heard other messages and read. When we are physically attracted by Esau we should keep our faith in YAH and make a joyful noise unto him. Cry out to him, praise him, pray to him and sing him gleefully. Think out what joy this would bring to YAH! Think how angry YAH would be with Esau if he continued to physically attack. Think of the effect this would have if it were captured on video. It help other Hebrews see the power of YAH and the power of having faith in making a noise unto him. I was reluctant in sharing this. Be this and more have been on my mind.
    Shalom all praises due to the most high ABBA YAH YAHUAH ELOHIYM YAHHUSHA HA’MASHIACH

  17. not all of the Jews in Israel are rich and not all of the Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi I have a friend is Ashkenazi and he says admittingly that most of the Jews in Israel are not are what you would call European or white says most of them are the brown some people are very dark say most of the ones you see on TV live in New York who are Ashkenazi

  18. he says many of them look light brown Middle Eastern to dark African he says the original Jews mixed with japheth children which created the Ashkenazi what you see today

  19. Amen, it all comes down to the Word of the Messiah, who said:

    But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
    Matthew 23:11‭-‬12 NKJV

    This applies also to Nations, so when your people are beat down, hated, and oppressed NOW, know that SOON you will be a Royal Priesthood.

  20. Halleluyah…this was a glorious lesson…I always learn something when I attend your lessons…thank you so much for making your lessons available….halleluyah!

  21. This lesson really spoke to me at this moment in my life. Thank you for being obedient to bringing Yah's Word. I also know of the example you gave of that pastor, I attended that church in the beginning of their ministry. Satan can even fool the elect. This walk is not a game. Yah led me to this lesson. Todah! Shalom

  22. Hard to believe and you remember being happy when praying remember crying and being patient with god..but something went wrong..he didnt make you stop made you pray harder so harder until you became disoriented in the spirit but nothing..nothing happens it seem like it work before..bless youπŸ™πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘’

  23. They are telling the truth, about the schools. It happened to me with my son. It started in elementary, labeled him messed up his whole life and I loss him at 24 yrs old, in 2015 in a tragic way in Prison, he was abused etc. I know they killed him and said he took his life. We pleaded in court case, when he was really the victim. He was suppose to be out of there and was writing the judge , who was replying to help him and the prison said my son took his life, when he was planning to come home. My son left home in 2012, I never saw him again, until he came home deceased, 2015. They didn't want him telling us all of the stuff that happened to him in there.

    They kept him in solitary the whole time, never let us see him or talk to him. Me and his grandmother tried our best to stay in constant touch, with these people , to let them know how loved he was, hoping for him to come home. It didn't work. The inmates tried to tell of the RACIST officers, they felt were involved with his death, but they closed his case , even though suspicious. My family has never got any justice. This devastated me and my family. I am a Veteran and served this country and my child was done worse than a prisoner of war. He was writing of all the abuse he was going through in there..😒 This happened in Florida prison.


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