The US sanctions Putin's adult children amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine | English News

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West is imposing sanctions on Russia. Now, US sanctioned Putin’s adult children.

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Comment (45)

  1. US like rats big cowardness figthing behind for those peoples not involment shame on you NATO 🇺🇲🇪🇺👎👎 those nation are fighting individuals of cowardness😛🤪🖕🤭🤣do you think that sanction effect for those peoples war is not over wait for big one!!! 🇷🇺👍💪❣️🇷🇺👏

  2. I guess Everybody is doing that Ol' Mafia gangs move. Going after each others family now.. lmfao 🤣🤣😂😂 Us puts Russians dirt on air and Russians does that to US as well publicly. Soon the Whole public will know..😂😂😂😂

  3. Sheet cowardice from Biden………this is like hitting below the belt….Biden is pulling down the reputation of US with these shamefull steps …Biden shud be brave and wage a direct war if he has guts..

  4. Russia provides cheaper energy for the Europeans, so people could live better and spend less. The EU leaders say they can't allow that so they sanction Russia and their own citizens as well.

  5. People with that kind of wealth power and disregard for everyday people will only be hardened in there vengance from such a personal afront towards them.. its ignorant to call these type of sanctions as a de escalting tactic there most definatly an agressive attack upon those people by naive people who are experimenting with non violent forms of modern warfare at the expense of peoples lives. They can claim they are trying to prevent violence but there not they are commiting acts of war and then claiming this moral high ground in regards to there acts of war due to the non violent nature of them

  6. In indian movies it is tradition that villans always goes for the hero's family. And hell break lose and villain die at last. My mind voice?

  7. America attacked Ukraine they caused the fire and now they supporting Ukraine who is doing their dirty work. America is responsible for all the lives lost in the war they should be charged with war crimes my name is Clinton from south africa

  8. "They enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian people." Just like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others enrich themselves at the expense of the American people.

  9. US is acting like a stubborn child, nobody has any interest to work towards making situations better…

  10. No effect on President Putin soon Billions will Perish then Ask You’re self USA 🇺🇸 and EU how much Help was the Sanctions Help this World 🌎 Haa Fools

  11. As if Europe and America have not invaded other countries in the past. Disgusting bunch of snobby Hypocrits.

  12. In ancient Times God used king Nebuchadnezzar to invade Jerusalem when the kings of Judah came under GOD'S Judgement.
    Another example:
    God used king Cyrus of Persia to invade Babylon when king Belshazzar came under His Judgements. In fact, Belshazzar got "The Writting On The Wall."

  13. i live in canada and i hope and wish russia nukes the US cant be bullies forever someone will fight back in time….GO RUSSIA

  14. Time to BOMB MOSCOW — PAYBACK.!
    An Eye for an Eye its WAR and Moscow will pay!

  15. lol, what's next, they sanction his dogs? And dog species would be hated by the west because they are quiet about Ukraine?

  16. I guess Putin is smirking thinking ok Joe tomorrow is your sons and close allies turn to obey my sanctions.

  17. im gonna applaud for the patience russian prez putin have. like seriously. not a single day has passed without insulting him as person his people culture family for past many years. 🥊

  18. very good move……let PUTIN feel this for him self with his family to see if it hurts or not to loos your family to an unjustified killings?


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