The US to unveil 'counter China strategy' as it plans to open an embassy in the Solomon Islands

Amid the ongoing tensions due to China making its mark in the Pacific, the US is all set to unveil a ‘counter China strategy’. It also plans to open an embassy in the Solomon Islands.

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Comment (31)

  1. Sir please say the right think . you mean the global white men order . u guys are killers and anyone will try to protect themselves.

  2. To counter china any politicans and its
    Familes involved in business investment
    Discontinue and invest in democratic

  3. NATO bases 2km from Russia borders surrounding Russia from all directions is OK,
    But China base 2000 km from Australia is a threat to NATO security, realy? 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Imperialists are imperialists. They never changed. From the days of Spanish Empire, British empire and the American Empire. China never sends out bombers to bomb other countries. The US started all kind sof wars in the last 50 years killing millions and millions of people. Ridiculous white men's philosophy and superiority complex.

  5. We must agree that countries can only have defence capability with only limits of 1% military budget or $20 bil max with no military base abroad and sign no alliance treaty. The only treaty is a global one that says if a country breaks this rule they will all unite and stop this country.

  6. Counter the belt road initiative.. no one can know what china does once it completes it.. stop playing weapons game and please work on countering China's debt borrow diplomacy trap..

  7. Five thousand years ago, we faced the flood like the Egyptians;
    Four thousand years ago, we cast bronze like the ancient Babylonians;
    Three thousand years ago, we thought about philosophy like the Greeks;
    Two thousand years ago, we were as brave and good at fighting as the ancient Romans;
    A thousand years ago, we were as rich as Arabs;
    And now we're competing with the Americans,
    For five thousand years, we have been standing on the card table of the world, watching the rise and fall of one opponent after another.
    This is China !

  8. Anyone with common sense 🤔 can conclude what Ukraine conflict is all about not about sovereign of nation more like USA assertion of his failed dominant on others 🤔


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