The Vatican calling for more Exorcist: Rise in Demon Possession

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  1. @ watchman
    Thank you because that was one of my questions that I had unanswered that I could not understand since I came into the truth. Because at first I thought that the Catholic Church was as evil as much to put these evil spirits into their bodies especially since they use the name of "G-D and J-C" instead of" Yahuwah and Yahusha". I am glad that I came across your channel many years ago I was looking for the truth and I found it and I'm staying and I am very grateful to you and your wife, shalom!

  2. The Roman catholic church the Priest Exorcize the demon put another demon in you that is higher then that demon.The priest Negotiates to a higher demon To help the person.

  3. Exorcist…really..that word is made up.. bs. It dont cast them out like the real christ did! That word is to work with dat entity..dats all! Not to remove it!

  4. 1st of all the priests are not true men of God they are not called they are not anointed to rebuke any demons PERIOD. With a Exorcisms clearly they only suppressed a demon and demand the demon to leave for a while that's why with most people the demon returns into them like in the book of Deuteronomy says they come back with 7 other demons and more demons and more demons. again these people are playing church they are playing God and basically when they do their chants if we really do your research they are helping to house the demon and calm the demon down they are making a pat with the devil and the demons and this is very satanic again these men are not called and if they are doing wickedness themselves they are not conjuring nothing out .what's happening with their race of people they are now realizing we have played church for so long and done so much wickedness that now like with the movies walking dead they're going to have cities of people literally walking dead zombie like people people breaking in houses killing people and it is crucial that you are prayed up because the demon in that person can kill you if you're not covered by Christ's AMEN . remember the story in the BIBLE with the man that had hundreds of demons and he said I KNOW YOU WHICH WAS LORD JESUS CHRIST, BUT WHO OR YOU AND almost killed the men who were trying to bind them out. . . . . . Again they were not covered , not living HOLY AND PLAYING LIKE THEY WERE SAVED AMEN. Thank you once again for your MINISTRY AMEN.


  6. Well the quote from the Acts defeats your argument. Vagabond exorcist it says. The spirits say we know Paul and Jesus. We don't know you.
    Now – there are many vagabond "exorcists". But You cannot say a catholic exorcist is a vagabond. Only the Pope and his Bishops (by the way by laying on hands – there is continuity from Jesus and the Apostles themselves) are exorcists by default. And priests who are given the authority by them. That erases the vagabond issue. This is the point. They stand firm – and we know where they are coming from for sure.
    Also – notice this my dear brother in Christ: Paul was an Apostle – the bishops are Apostles by the right of inheritance since the times of Jesus. So Paul "knows" them – there is this continuity of touch (remember – the body, the material is really important in our Christian faith -it is Manichean to say otherwise). The Word became Flesh!
    Off course – the power to cast out devils is the power of Jesus Christ. But the catholic Church is humble and knows how feeble a man is. He can be weak of faith, under attack from demons. And just as a roaring lion – the devil will instantly spot your weakness and attack. But this firm standing in tradition and a specific Rite – gives them the grounding.
    What I am trying to say: Please I beg of You – do not be so dismissive of my Mother – The Holy Catholic Church. Please brothers – there is corruption as well… But is there not among yourselves?

  7. The Anti-Christ Is Being Reared In Rome & Reason For The Increased Demonic Activity.

  8. This is very real and with this their is no such thing as free will. Demon can make you forget how to read I mean if "Apple" was on the paper you would look up and say I can't read ☹ it can even keep your eye lids open like you wouldn't be able to close it. This is true I have witness this. The sad part is Jesus Christ and the bible partake in demonic activities not entirely but with the stuff that happen it made me suspicious of God and the bible. I seen a demon READ THE BIBLE FROM BEGINING TO END yep no lie and you guys are unaware of that too and Demons even shout out Holy spirit and they worship God. I seen wicked people that will do the most evil torture stuff to thier children and next minute go to church and praise as if nothing is going on. I found from seeing God myself that he is a catfish and regular person like us who does research to say stuff about s without even knowing us just as someone who never met us does research and know stuff about us without meeting us. God or Jesus whoever he is isn't all the powerful nor all that good. Here a big proof. God tells lies,,, he promises he promised you now look and realise did God kept his promises ???? Something fishy with the world but we can't exclude the religion, God and his bible. He didn't even cast out demons he just transfer the demon into a pig and sacrificed it's life. Now go and just toss a simple "praise Yahway or Jesus saves" sentence at me like that sums everything and ignore the solid words I just told you

  9. Well the majority of them are wicked, history doesn't lie. We are gonna keep seeing more of this. Did you know that the Vatican has a room underneath it dedicated to Satan? Even in their religions, they want to pay homage to their god, Satan.

  10. Did You Know Judges are Low-Level Magicians?

    When you walk into a courtroom, you are actually walking into a game arena to play legal and magic games. This is why the judge is sometimes called the magistrate and
    the letter that the court used to notify you
    to appear in court is called a summons. What do
    witches do when they want to call spirits to appear in front of them?
    They summon them using the power of words! They did not
    call it a summons letter by accident.

    In legal terms, the word magistrate is defined as “any individual who has the power
    of a public civil officer or inferior judicial officer, such as a Justice of
    the Peace”. Magistrate can also be defined as “a civil officer charged with the
    administration of the law”. To find the occult
    definition of the word magistrate, you
    need to split it into two words (magi-strate).
    The word you need to pay attention to
    is magi. One of the origins of the
    word magi is the Latin word magi (plural
    of magus), meaning “magician, learned magician”. Hence, the words magistrate, magician,
    magic, and magistery.

    Judges are trained by the legal system to cast magic spells on you when you
    are in a courtroom. However, many judges may not be aware that they are casting
    magic spells. The hidden agenda of their magic spells is to trick you to give up your
    spiritual powers and natural rights. The good news is that when you learn how to rebut their claims using the
    right words, you can nullify their claims
    and put them in checkmate. Do you comprehend now why words rule the world?

    “People use words to trick other people, and that’s what I’ve
    seen through history. They’ve basically taken away the components of
    intellectual self-defense and compassionate communication, and that puts
    everyone at odds and starts the divide and conquer. And that’s their game.” So not only
    are we largely unaware of the system of
    control that takes our humanity away, but the very nature of that control has
    us thinking we are happy – in effect embracing our slavery. These sorcerers create an energy field, a vibrational

    frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to demonic
    energies and other consciousness of the lower dimensions. This is the dimensional field, also known as
    the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low
    vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, hate and so on. When a ritual focuses these emotions, as Demonism does, a
    powerful connection is made with the
    lower fourth dimension Archons. They summon these demonic entities in return
    for power, wealth and immortality. They often conduct these rituals on vortex points – the ancients recognized where
    these energy centres and ley-lines were and built megalithic monuments and temples at these places which were used for healing, advanced science and learning. The dark rulers took over these
    ancient sites and corrupted the energies there…and
    they built demonic churches where the temples had been. Rituals often take
    place here – so that the emotion harvested [fear, terror, anxiety etc] then enters
    the global energy grid. This keeps the
    frequency of the planet low, in an environment needed for the lower astral
    entities to survive. The rituals they conduct
    invariably involve [open] sacrifices, sometimes on a mass scale, such as a war
    and other times it might be individuals or specific groups so that the terror
    created in the public arena can be harvested in an energetic form, such as the
    Connecticut shooting – a lone gunman with no previous his-story which has all
    the hallmarks of ritual murder

    Hollywood is about reality manufacturing [not only with
    movies but with news items too…much of the news is literally fiction]. Hollywood literally
    means 'holly wood/holly tree'…holly wood was used by the Druids in fabrication of their magic wands. Holly was
    their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to mother Holle or Hel, the
    [Norse] goddess of the underworld…thus we have Holle, or Holly-wood [Hel-wood,
    the “place of magic] and home of the sorcerers mass propaganda and conditioning
    machine in California…it's all about
    the magick. There’s an old saying that, ‘all roads lead to Rome’ but they don’t,

    they lead to ancient Egypt, which is where Rome and their secret societies stole
    much of their knowledge.

  11. I heard on a secular show- cost to coast- an interviewer with an exorcist- THe host asked where were the most demons….the exorcist said " Rome" I think it is bc of the Vatican….sorry if i offend anyone… is just my opinion.
    I wa quicte shocked to hear "ROme." and never understood b/c i thought the Pope was the holiest man on earth….until i examined the Vatican further……also- have you noticed how the Catholics get beat up when exorcising. THere is no need for that. BUt if you practice both sides…..the demons don't really respect you. Remember that passage in the BIble….. "Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you…." If it was a Catholic who got thrown out the window in the movies "THe Exorcist."- that is why. That shold never have happened. You and Jesus have more power. Jesus has given you the authority over "all the powers of the enemies." SO there is no need for anyone to be killed, beaten up, etc. BUt you had better be a "good CHristian."

    I know plenty of Christian exorcists who are much better at it than Catholics. THey do not get beaten up. However- thery neither play both sides – THey only worship Jesus. We actually had one in our home whe i was little- it was NOT a Catholic who kicked it ( them) out. I also- have kicked them out of a house. ANd one that was either harassing a cat or possessing it- IDK. BUt it was gone. THe owner- could not believe it.
    He is an agnostic.
    He called me when he got home and asked what i did bc he cat was "normal.
    THe cat became normal in one second flat.
    I did have to pray about it bc i exorcised the house but the cat was still scared.
    I sat down and prayed and had given up.
    THen i heard "cast out the spirit of fear."
    I immediatly did that.
    I had no idea that could happen……but that IS what had happened. I did not question the thought…..

    THank you Jesus. Joey's life was changed forever.
    Poor baby- and evil demons attacking a helpless animal…..that is one of the only things that makes me angry.
    Taking advantage of kids, disabled, and animals. ( but how dare a demon do that to a cat." INSANE. I am glad i knew what to do- after praying and just about gave up. BUt Jesus gave me the answer quickly after asking him…..

    I knew that it was my only shot- but did not doubt it.
    ALso- i will say- before this happened, someone had come into his house and worked on his roof and the demons entered on Halloween. Guess it was brought in to the veil was thin- IDK. WHen my bf took up a floor i saw some glue in the shape of a pentagram. Very abnormal when putting down a floor. Most people do not make starts but use lines when gluing linolieum. SO not sure what brought it in.

    Only that ANIMALS can be posseed or Harassed and need help. Just as much as people do.
    THanks for the video. Weird how i added another scary incident with my own cat but it disappeared twice. I guess youtube has a word limit. That is the only explanation. I wrote it twice. oh well.

  12. A lot of people aren't also aware that lots of drugs leave you open to demonic possession. Yes, even marijuana can leave you open and if your spirit is not protected by the most high Yah, all kinds of demons can just jump right into you if they're not in you already and start wreaking havoc. Music, pornography and movies are their favorite avenue to use.

  13. It's what there reading and it's not the word of yah it's what your watching and reading those demons are not playing you have possesion,and ancestral curses!

  14. It seems that the Catholics are the masters of the art of exorcism. I guess they would know best!

  15. Question how can the Catholic Church have the power to cast anything out when they are the head of evil?? I’m confused ?? How are they able to do it?? Please explain.. thank you


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