The West Asia Post| Al-Aqsa emerges as a flashpoint| Tracking the Lebanon elections

The Al-Aqsa has emerged as a flashpoint in the Israel-Palestine conflict after Israeli forces stormed the compound.

On The West Asia Post, Ghadi Francis tells you how this latest escalation could lead to an all-out war.

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Comment (35)

  1. Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir. Demand plebiscite as per UN outstanding resolutions.Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in International  Disputed Territory Jammu Kashmir.

  2. the reporter talk about why there's no international sanction against Israel, what do you expect ?? USA sanctioning Israel for genocide ? are you mad ?
    they just sanction black, brown and yellow people 😉

  3. Al aqsa mosque must be demolished and a Hospital Must be made there for World Peace . We want Schools and Hospitals and Not anymore Churches and Mosques.

  4. I believe that were showing the Dome of The Rock when you meant to show Al-Aqsa Mosque which is south of the The Dome….
    BTW, love the presentation, keep it up.

  5. You learn more from what people do
     or don't do than from what they say

    "If Islam were truly against killing, one could hardly imagine a scenario more tailored to evoke Muslim outrage than unrepentant child killers literally receiving the royal treatment at Islam's holiest site…"
    -What Ahlam Tamimi did for Islam.

  6. When you burn the Tomb of Joseph during Passover maybe expect to be treated the way you treat others! – We stand with Israel! (Surah 41:11) – "Come forth both willingly or Perforce" (Perforce?) sounds like you all want to fight!

  7. God will bless Israel and He will by all means fight and take care of His people If the whole world comes against Israel which will ultimately win the Great Battle and then the 2end coming of Jesus Christ will take place and every one will see in the clouds
    Our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ will appear in the sky and He will come in Glory, power Majesty and arch- angels and with saints
    to Judge the world and establish His kingdom on earth and there will be no more evil and fighting and the world will be in peace

    under His Righteous Ruler. The very important thing is it does not matter weather you are a Jew or Palestine please make sure
    that by all means You must have Jesus Christ in your heart otherwise you will loose RIP-(Rest in peace) This is the Holy Bible
    End time Prophecy .O Lord please have mercy upon us.

  8. I think this site, is the Armageddon site of our present time. Putin and his allies will attack this site in the near future. Millions will be killed.😇

  9. Religous bullshittt killed hating each other guts inside out for religous CRAP!!Om ekam sat satiyameva jaiyate!!!

  10. Muslim victory will come, God willing. Hey Jewish people, if your religion is right, then come and sit at a table with our Muslims and see whose religion is right. There is no religion in this world except Islam

  11. I feel for innocent Palestinian citizen… But forces like hisbulla wont bring peace to Palestine… It just irks israel provoking them to bomb Palestinians……..i wish peace will prevail

  12. It's ok for muslims to ask for world condemnation for what is happening at the "3rd most significant mosque in Islam"; but they forget that not too long ago, the 1st most significant cultural symbol of christianity, the church of Ayia Sofia, was converted into a islamic mosque by Turkey.

  13. The classic behavior of peaceful and tolerant muslims towards non-muslims taught by their false prophet of their pisslamic cult. Good job Israel <3

  14. I'll celebrate for a week non-stop the day I see the Al-Aqsa terror nest flattened to the ground as a pile of rubble!

  15. Why hasn't Israel loudly condemned Russia. Very simple. Everything Israel builds a Jewish community on the west Bank, they are no different then the Russians invading Ukraine. Do I support Isreal right to exist Zelenski? Yes I do! But I also support the right of Palestinians to have their own country in the west Bank and Gaza. One of the great failures in American foreign policy, was its refusal to recognize the Palestinian state.


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