The Whole World is worshiping the Image of the Beast

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Comment (25)

  1. Dear bro and sis. It will xome to life as it speaks through a computer screen. The image is a virtual idol. When will you progress spiritually? The statue of molech was taken to vatican in sept 2019 by pope Francis. This is an abomination standing in a holy place. You are not watching dear watchman.

  2. The name of the beast is Jesus Christ and the image is picture of that Jesus and his religion. Christianity is a demonic religion.

  3. It's the symbol of the mark of the beast…
    Hebrew letters Greek letters. That satanic cross put on the heads of many…

  4. They can force the mark into or onto you even if you refuse. But you are held accountable for whether you chose to accept it or not. No man can force your soul to hell.

  5. For people living in America/ Europe it will be hard to refuse babylon because most people here can't live of the land or have access. Africa and the Caribbean is looking good right now they will have more chance to resist because they have direct access to farms.

  6. I am 69 years old this 24th of Dec 2020; I birth 3 sons alive 1 daughter; passed at birth; my support the eldest passed as result of a car wreck 2018; the youngest is incarcerated since 2014,thinks to know YAH'S Son as jesus; the middle son a functioning alcoholic I just dont know how to tell him anything; for my grandchildren and all of them; I just don't know how to began to make ready to get victory over the beast, and ,sing the song of the LAMB!!! I THANK FATHER YAH for you; and all you do Family;

  7. I think people already have the mark. When Adam was made he was whole 3 thirds of a man having spirit, Most high's spirit in him where he's able to operate in both realms, he had a soul and flesh that was only for this physical realm,but when Adam fall Gods spirit left him so he became 2 thirds of a man that makes a man number .666 the image we all have taken it, it is that jesus christ image and all systems that come out of it. I also think the buy and sell thing is behind the word. You want be able to teach the real truth unless you teach it their way ( mark in your forhead) and do it their way getting up going to thier sunday church serving how they serve(mark in your hand). You want be able to buy and sell. Didnt the wise virgins say go buy from those who sell. Knowledge of the word will be the stubility of that time. So Deborah and watchmen i thank The Most high for you dont stop teaching the family needs this.

  8. The world is worshipping the vaccine. They are glorifying it. It has become a savior. The image of this vaccine is in the form of a serpent. The needle is the fang. Two shots of the vaccine are the two serpent fangs. The world is in love with the beast system and its mechanisms. Never have I seen such love for venom. Such a desire to be engaged with such poison. They are taking photo shoots of the vials and videos of those receiving the serpents bite. The world is willfully trusting the beast right now and many will willfully take a mark upon themselves to continue to live a lie of freedom, peace and safety. We are moving in this direction quickly. Stand now and prepare now. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Let you that are just remain so. Yah is our refuge and strength. Bless all who love, follow and believe our Father Yah!

  9. Your miinistry is a blessing ahch/elder and if I had a daughter, I’d make her listen To your our wife’s words

  10. Rome & its belief system: W.S system : Universal I.D only 1.1 billion left without it : Albino beauty images ;hair ,eye color, fashion, wealth & weapons of war. Let them with wisdom understand and research . Praise be to the Creator

  11. iraqsmansor
    i feel like the beast is christianity and more specifically the roman catholic church and rome. the image is this jesus christ character the christian church has come up with using cesare borgia’s face. and his mark is the eucharist, the baptism and the cross that a priest draws on your forehead after dipping his hand in “holy” water. i’m sure you guys know what i’m talking about.


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