The Wicked rules and destroys the Earth, Scene from Whited Out 3

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  1. JOB 21:30

  2. Make the connection. The Watchman asked "Who is this wicked man that the Scriptures talk about? Go ask the Native Americans, the Arabs, the people of South Africa, the Aborigines". Then he declares it's Rome. A lot of people have no idea that they are the descendants of Rome.

  3. The video is good but I dont like that you are using the ANONYMOUS logo mask instead of a generic white face. I must remind you of false flags that are in the media. the illuminati hit signs. Some black families sell their children for death money. Watch THE BLACK CHILD videos on YouTube.

  4. I watched the videos and I'm convinced about them, I'm happy that I am a Hebrew studying both Hebrew and Kemet. AWESOME.

  5. So true! The wicked don't care about God's true people! The rich and corrupt don't care about the poor!! That's the truth!! They want to kill us who are evil!! Psalm 10!! But My God will punish them all! God sees all and knows all!- they won't get away with it! Not with the Lord!!- justice will be done against them!! Psalm 37!- says so!! And revelation 16!-20-22! And Hebrews 10:31!

  6. Ok so in the first church in Paul's day didn't Romans convert and repent paul went to places where roman empire was prevalent to preach Jesus to them god so loved the world he punished Israel for not believing that Jesus is the messiah Jesus wept for Jerusalem and doesn't say in the bible not quarrel and get into politics and Geneology it's not about the kingdom's of men but the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ not race for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life a new earth and new heaven a new Jerusalem not a all black one I'm aboriginal Australia aborigine and i don't believe In this message the wicked are people in General before white man came to Australia my people had and still do practice culture and lores and believe and still do in spirits and beings that created this land even creation stories of how we are made and there are no reference to the true God until white man came but they didn't show godly loving living to us but genocide my people aren't Israel we are not we are created buy the God of the bible as just a creation like any other human race But the enemy took hold of people hearts get back to what u know black people we need to stop living in the kingdom of this world but in the kingdom of Jesus Christ to many people get to g wrapped in colour Geneology that's earthly not biblical I love all races and want all people to be saved for Jesus black people we get to cultural and historical when it comes to the Lord Jesus we are in the world but not of it…..


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