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Comment (29)

  1. Funny, the people most destroying this planet think they can block out the sun. I don't trust any religion, being our people still being jailed, beaten or killed, and many gave their hard earned money to these religions that have gods who love blood, or the smell of burnt (Entrails) or need Circumcision or other BS. Giving thanks to creation that grows your food is not worship by the way. Glad nature is turning it up , these greedy racist devils, killing our people and kidnapping our young need to go, and be sure not just white folks, China, is lawless over in Africa. Arabs, Israel and all the greedy enslavers need to get off this planet. Lol I gotta go too but I hope I see their evil asses go first!

  2. I get the fact that the sun is object but God hasn't spoke to man literally since when? He is also silent my brother as evil prevail

  3. Hi thank you for teaching YAH’s truth can you give us the real name of de apostles and where we can find the information

  4. The World is coming to an end because of what is happening, now look no pastor that is preaching repentance again all they preach is wealth and prosperity they have turned the Bible upside down using churches for business and get rich while the poor are paying offerings and tithes


  6. So the east…is the 🌞..but the temple is in the west? Please explain. Does this implies that the temple is not in Israel? But in the Ahmarakas? Shalauuam

  7. Am learning alot from what am learnt from the Watchman and Well redirecting I always had a mindset to learn the real artifacts on history aswell religious I prayed to the most high to guide me to the truth from all these pagen delusions from being taught to me in falsehood to follow the truth were i can be set free through spiritual and soul…Shalom

  8. I’m sorry Watchman, but as you were giving this report, I was really distracted by the painting/artwork directly behind you. It really looks like the shape of an eye with small pyramids inside it with the small top pyramid looking to contain an eye inside it as well. And as you were discussing the fires & sun worship the lamp-like structure in the painting/artwork constantly flickered. What is the name of the painting or artwork and where did you get it?

  9. Yah is showing us what is to come.forgive us heavenly father fore we know we have sinned and are deserving to be punished

  10. Hello Sir, by chance did you do any videos when it was colder than a witches tit this past winter, or the winter before that? just wondering, for a friend.

  11. Well, a large amount of those suspicious fires are intentionally set, by the powers that be…their agenda.

    esp., in CA

  12. πŸ”₯ them father All praise yahshua .His word is bond . please yahshua keep them off me All praise Father Mercy continue Carry me in these dangerous times πŸ™πŸ’ͺ IAM strong πŸ’ͺ IAM strong πŸ‘Š and very courageous All praise Yahshua


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